Shakti 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya worried about her Family

Shakti 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Surbhi to take everyone and leave from there. Surbhi asks what is the matter. Soumya is about to tell her when she sees Preeto there keeping eye on her. She makes an excuse and asks her to go with everyone. Surbhi says she is not worried and will not go anywhere. Soumya asks her to call her once she reaches home. Preeto comes to her and asks don’t you love Soumya and scolds her for trying to tell Surbhi about her. Soumya touches her feet.

Saya and Chameli see Soumya coming. They begin doing aarti. Soumya also does aarti. Bebe tells Maninder that she don’t trust Varun and asks him not to give money to him. Varun comes and says you said right that you don’t trust me after whatever I did. He says I am a changed man now, for the first time someone gave me

a teaching to stand on my feet. He says you are silent and goes. Maninder tells Bebe that Varun is changed. Bebe says we can’t upset him as he is related to Surbhi now.

Soumya calls Surbhi at night and asks if everyone is fine. Surbhi says yes. Soumya asks her to leave city with everyone. She sees Raveena keeping eye on her and ends the call. Rani comes to her and asks Soumya why she wanted to become Gurumaa and asks her to share her problems with Harman once, and says he will solve your problem. Saya asks Chameli to tell Rani to take Soumya to all kinnars so that she can make them understand and bring them back. Chameli tells that they are hurrying up for making Soumya as Gurumaa. Saya says it was her own decision as she wants to go away from Harman and we shall help her and will give Gurumaa’s position. Soumya thinks she wishes to meet Harman and want to tell him to make hers his, and thinks she is helpless and don’t want to become Gurumaa, but her family life is in trouble. She thinks what to do.

Harman is in the factory. Soumya comes there. Harman is surprised and asks Manager to go out for sometime. He asks her to tell what happened? Soumya tells him about Preeto blackmailing her. Raveena hears her and calls Preeto. Harman gets angry. Soumya also sees Raveena now. Preeto calls goon and asks to kill everyone. The goon comes to Maninder’s house and shoots Maninder, Bebe, Surbhi and Nani.

Soumya wakes up shockingly as it was her dream. Saya asks her to tell what happened and share the bad dream. Soumya thinks she can’t tell, and can’t tell the dream come true. Harman thinks since two days, he didn’t see Soumya or hear her. He thinks to go and talk to her. Raavi tells Shanno that Ashtami Prasad shall be ready soon. Shanno says why Soumya haven’t come till now. Preeto says I asked her not to come, and that’s why you will do all the work. Shanno asks what do you mean? Preeto asks her to make ginger tea in kitchen. She tells Harak Singh that for next two days too, Harman shall not see Soumya and then on Ashtami day, they will win. Harman comes home and says he forgot some file. He goes to room.

Preeto thinks if he searches Soumya. Shanno thinks it will be fun if he comes to know that Soumya is not at home. Harman takes out the teddy from the window and says he came to meet original, but since she is angry with him and might take any wrong step, he can’t meet her. He says he drinks and fights with only bad people. He tells that he hopes that Mata Rani gives his Gulabo to him.

Chintu wakes up and and comes downstairs. He asks where is Soumya? Preeto thinks he might alert Harman and asks him to check in room. Harman is leaving. Shanno stops him and asks if he got the file. Harak Singh scolds Shanno for stopping him when he is leaving. Harman leaves. Chintu again comes and asks where is Soumya. She is not in the house. Preeto asks him to be quiet. Harman says you made him quiet, but I need the answer, where is Soumya?

Soumya falls while getting something. Harman catches and holds her. Later Harman comes to house and calls Harak Singh. He threatens Balwinder to accept his crime. Balwinder accepts to had misbehaved with Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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