Shakti 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeto’s big act again, asks Soumya to return Harman

Shakti 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking what is happening here. Harak singh says parlour is opened and asks her to come. Surbhi asks him to be hesitant with daughter and son in law’s presence. Maninder laughs and claps. He asks Harak Singh to have shame and asks if this is the age to have an affair. Surbhi asks him to be quiet. Maninder says when I was getting insulted, nobody said anything. Veeran asks him to stop it. Maninder asks him to do something toofani. Veeran asks him to stop it. Preeto says let him say, what we can do when our coin is rusted/useless. Varun asks Surbhi to take him. Maninder says harak singh is mad and laughs. Varun asks Harak Singh not to do wrong with Preeto. Harak Singh asks if he knows how it feels to marry a widow bhabhi. Preeto says she would have left home when her first

husband died.

Soumya is worried for Preeto and wants to go. Kinnars asks her not to go and says she has to be there. Harak Singh brings Preeto’s stuff and asks her to leave, says get out. Mohini says you are real hero and says look at everyone’s faces. Harak Singh declares that whoever is having objection with Mohini then…they can leave. Mohini asks him to come to room. Harak Singh says he is doing this for Harman. Mohini says he will come surely. Preeto picks her stuff. Varun stops her and asks how can you do this. Preeto says let me go, I have no husband or son here, what I will do by staying here. Varun says I will talk to Harman and asks her to come with him. Raavi says I went to Harman, but he didn’t come. Varun says he loves you a lot. Raavi says he don’t love you. Preeto thinks she will make her son realize his love for her.

Mohini asks Harak Singh if Preeto was his first wife. He says she is his first wife, but was previously married to his brother who died and then he got married to her. Mohini asks why? Harak Singh stares her angrily. Mohini says ok and asks what Preeto will do now. Harak Singh says Preeto will handle Harman now and praises her. He says he said all those things and it seems like drinking poison, and Preeto had drank it too. Mohini says the tea which he made was worst than a phenyl and tells that she drank it once angrily.

Surbhi tells Nani that Maninder did a drama at Harak Singh’s house. Maninder is happy and says he wants to see Soumya sad. Surbhi says she hates Preeto, but she don’t want Soumya to get sad because of her. Nani tells Surbhi that she is sensing Preeto’s conspiracy in this.
Harman tells Rani that he wants to meet Soumya before going to work. She asks him to meet her. Harman comes to Soumya and says until he sees her, his day don’t start nicely. Soumya prays for his work and gives her best wishes. She asks him to go and return fast. Harman says you are talking sweetly and says he will go and return soon.

Veeran asks Raavi if she is washing clothes. Raavi says she is mixing soap water with a motive and says once she sleeps, they will push her from terrace. Shanno asks Veeran to make Harak Singh busy till they do the work. Veeran asks them to be careful.

Varun brings Preeto to Harman and says Mama ji threw her out because of a woman. Harman says Preeto also broken the house and this has to happen. People gather there. Rani asks them to leave. Preeto says whatever I have done is for your betterment. She says she came on road today and have no strength or her ego is broken. Harman says we both are on road due to two different reasons. He says he can’t help her, as he don’t trust her. He asks kinnars to come. Preeto is tensed.

Preeto comes to kinnars’ home and tells Saya that she needs her son. Saya asks her to leave before Tarana comes. Chameli asks them to leave. Soumya comes there. Preeto again forwards her pallu infront of her and begs her to give Harman back, and says she needs her son. She tells that everything is snatched from her and asks her to give Harman. Varun says she is coming from temple and might have been prayed for everyone. Soumya looks on.

Harak Singh and Mohini dance in the house. Preeto calls Soumya and tells that she will commit suicide to prove her words. Soumya takes Harman there. They see Preeto jumping in pond. Harman shouts Preeto.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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