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Shakti 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi looking at Soumya. Soumya is about to fill her maang with sindoor, stops seeing Nimmi standing. Nimmi tells Soumya that she is her guilty, and says if I haven’t got you married to Harman then you wouldn’t have loved him. She cries. Soumya asks her not to cry, and says because of you, I have got immense happiness which I don’t deserve. She says now I can spend my entire life with those memories. Nimmi says that moments and memories were just a illusion and asks her to forget it sooner. She asks her to start her life afresh without sindoor, mangalsutra or inlaws house. Soumya tells her that she has accepted Harman as her husband and feels happiness living in this illusion. She says I have done puja with him too. Nimmi asks her to realize truth as soon as possible for her

betterment. Soumya says do you remember Maa? You had tried to wash off my sindoor from my maang, but it was not washed up. She says those kinnars snatched my mangalsutra from me, thinking I will stay there, but I came back. She says you might call it as my hope or destiny, I have accepted Harman as my husband and will live as his suhaagan/wife. Nimmi looks at her emotionally.

Shanno says we will give a party after marriage. Preeto agrees. Varun thinks Preeto will increase the troubles and he will wash his hands in the flowing river. Harak Singh asks Harman to go and buy clothes, and take Mahi with him. Harman asks them to go for shopping and says he can’t go. Preeto asks him to take care of this responsibility too, like he had taken care of his other responsibility (Soumya). Harman agrees listening this. Preeto asks Mahi to get ready. Harak Singh tells Pandit ji that he gave good news today and says he will feed him sweets.

Mahi comes to Harman’s house and hugs him from behind. Harman asks have you gone mad and asks her to stay far from him. Mahi says we will be getting married tomorrow. Shanno comes and sees Mahi flirting with Harman. She thinks it is good that Mahi is going steady and thinks they will get Harak Singh property once Harman gets busy with Mahi. She coughs. Mahi tells her that she came to give list to Harman, and asks him to come for shopping.

Kalsi shows saree to Surbhi and asks her to wear after mehendi. She asks Soumya, what she will wear? Soumya says I can wear anything. Surbhi says you are my sister and have to look best. Kalsi says this is the chance to get ready well. Beeji asks Soumya to select saree for her also. Soumya sees orange saree and recalls Harman asking her to wear orange color saree. She tells that she will wear orange color saree as it is Harman’s favorite color. Kalsi says Harman is very lucky and praises her. Nimmi and Surbhi looks on. Soumya goes.

Harman and Mahi are at the shop. Mahi asks shop keeper to show pretty sarees and says she is shopping for her marriage. She selects orange dress intentionally, and asks Harman how is it? Harman says it is not good. Mahi asks shop keeper about the trial room and goes to try it. She comes back and asks how she is looking? Harman is lost in Soumya’s thinking and imagines her. He thinks all colors look good on you…Soumya, but this color is specially made for you, you are looking very beautiful. Tu Hi Mera Khuda music plays…………….

Soumya admires the saree and says if you would have been here then have asked me to wear this color saree. Mahi asks Harman where he is lost and asks about the orange color saree. Harman says orange color is bad and it don’t suit anyone. Soumya says this color looks good on me, you said right. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…….Soumya hugs the saree.

Surbhi sits for her mehendi function. Kalsi says today Surbhi is having mehendi on her hand and says all Gurdaspur guys will miss you. Surbhi asks what about you all? Kalsi says we have spent our childhood together and says she won’t forget her. She asks Soumya to give her hand, and says she will see the color of her mehendi to know how much Harman loves her. She says I will write Harman’s name on your hand. Soumya says it’s okay. Nimmi tells Beeji that it is not right to write Harman’s name on her hand. Beeji says whatever happened with her was not right, and asks Nimmi to let Soumya have mehendi of Harman’s name for her happiness. She asks Soumya to give her hand to Kalsi. Soumya gives her hand. Kalsi writes Harman’s name.

Harman and Mahi are in the car. Mahi asks Harman why he is angry, and tells that she haven’t bought the saree disliked by him. She says once we get married, I will make you mind calm, it is my responsibility. Just then Harman sees Saya standing on the road and stops the car. He asks Mahi to sit in the car and gets down asking Saya why did she come infront of his car. Saya congratulates him for his wedding, and says she is surprised seeing him with his to be bride. He says you ran away with Soumya, and now going with someone else. Harman tells her that he has fulfilled the promise made to Nimmi and says Soumya is very happy at her mum’s house. Saya asks him to give 10-20 Rs to them, else what you will say to your to be wife. Harman gives her 500 Rs and goes in his car. Saya tells Kareena that Harman has decided about his life. Kareena says Soumya loves him, but Harman is remarrying. She asks why did he make Soumya elope? Saya tells her that Harman has rejected Soumya intentionally or unintentionally, and tells that she can’t see Soumya’s pain. She tells she can see Soumya sad for few days, but can’t see her rejected by anyone.

Rani and Raveena come to Preeto’s house and tells that they have a plan. Preeto asks them to go, and says she don’t want to listen to any of their plans….She says I had given you enough money already. Rani and Raveena leave from there, and see Harman with Mahi in the car. Rani says she is not Soumya’s sister and asks who is she? Mahi sees them and wonders why they are here.

Preeto comes to Raavi’s room and switches off light. Raavi asks her to go. Preeto asks her to come and help her in the arrangements of Harman’s marriage. Raavi says you always think about Harman, can’t you see your daughter in darkness. Preeto says I can see darkness in your room and life. She says she is trying to make everything fine, and says with Harman and Mahi’s marriage, Soumya’s reflection will go away. Raavi hugs her and cries.

Shanno likes the sarees. Mahi tells that Harman disliked it. Shanno asks her not to worry and says Harman will like her. Preeto tells Mahi that she has made them indebted to her and have done a big favor on them. Mahi says I have known you and loves Harman since childhood. If you think that I have done a big favor on you then I will ask you something one day. Preeto says everything is yours, and gives her saree. Shanno tells Mahi to trap Preeto and so that she can’t take breath too. Mahi calls her jiji and asks her not to ruin her marriage. She comes to Harman and shows the saree gifted by Preeto. Harman says it is good. Mahi asks him if Soumya looked good in orange color saree. Harman looks on. Mahi says I am not spying, but knows because of woman instinct. She asks if you have forgotten Soumya. Harman says no. Mahi says she is happy seeing his intensity of love and asks him to call Soumya. Harman says no, and says our togetherness was till here only. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……….Soumya looks at her mehendi and stands in the window. Mahi hugs Harman.

Soumya tells Kareena that they will keep Tarana happy this time and can’t see her eloping again and again. Rani and Raveena come to Soumya’s home and make her smell chloroform.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope again harman will save sowmya….
    rab ne bana di jodi… will see… 🙂 🙂

  2. I think this week trp will drop off this separation track continues. …

    What this saya is only after soumya.. There will be so many kinners but y only soumya?

  3. Now only Harman saved sowmya and again she is so easily Harman accepted to Mary mahi .one side Harman is ready for second marriage one side sowmya became mad on Harmans and she deeply love Harman .but why Harman is not feeling is love.Harman says that he did promise with nimmi and fulfilled is promise. and he did a promise with is mother preeto that he will come back as is son and he fulfilled and he also did a promise with sowmya that at any cost he will not live her in any situation why he is not thinking about that .the serial is very boring because Harman still now he don’t no about is mother preeto ?and if he marrys mahi than the story will be very rubbish .we fan hat the story what is the reason you brought mahi in between Harman and sowmya their is a patient for fans this is too much we fans hate the serial by seeing mahi with Harman don’t take the serial for your time pass .we fans give our comments what is the use of that we don’t like any one coming in between Harman and sowmya than also the director is taking the same story it very ugly to see the serial

  4. Harman should save sowmya and stand with her let he say is love with sowmya let he prove is love to sowmya this is love story

  5. Mahi needs to understand that Harman doesn’t feel for her… and when I saw the segment today shown on Abp it showed Surbhi getting up and leaving her marriage..and Harman also leaves the protect Soumya…Rashmi Sharma,it’s a request not to show that now people will badmouth about Surbhi and Then Harman will marry her to save her respect (voiceover of Sbs said something like that)Personally, I am only interested in watching Harman becoming Soumya Rakshak and Soumya becoming strong…Don’t know why makers are hellbent on giving so much importance to Surbhi…It’s clear from the trp of the last week that Haya rules the show

  6. surbhi n Harman’s wedding is only rumors. . It’s been making buzz just to irritate us… For sure surbhi will not marry harman as she believes harman is soumya’s….

    These spoilers tell wrong things lot of times. . so just go by episodes n not by spoilers. ..

  7. I hhat when mahi calls harman as harmanji.. She can’t call him by that name. .

  8. Y always this saya going behind sowmya. Irritating to see her and preeto wat a mother she is not taking care of her daughter .

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