Shakti 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Preeto not to say this and says Harman is really tensed. Harak Singh says when love is done by heart, it couldn’t be identified. He asks them to do love, eat, drink and do everything with love Preeto says we are your enemies, and this kinnar is your family. She asks him to leave. Soumya folds her hands and asks them not to do this, and tells that she will leave the house. Viren tries to talk to Preeto. Shanno stops him. Varun asks Harak Singh and Preeto not to kick Harman out. Harman goes to his room and brings his trolley asking Soumya to come. Harak Singh asks Varun to take car keys from him. Harman gives the car keys and is leaving. Preeto stops him and says you have no right on this house things and asks what is in the bag. Harman asks her not to worry and says there

is nothing in this bag which belongs to you, now you all can take a breath freely. He opens his trolley and shows photo frame of Soumya and Aditya with him. He tells that it is Gulabo and his love memories and a pillar to their love story. He says his love is everything to him, and says his love will become amar/immortal and says your each family member will become witness to my love. He holds Soumya hands and walks out. Soumya cries. Harak Singh and Preeto are shocked.

Chintu comes to harman’s room and calls Soumya asking her to make him sleep. He switches on lights and thinks where are they? He comes to Raavi and asks where is Mami and Mama. Raavi tells him that Harman went following Soumya. Chintu says even Papa came for you here leaving his house and roams after you. Preeto scolds him. Chintu cries and tells that you made me far from my Mami. Balwinder takes him.

Harman and Soumya are sitting somewhere. Soumya asks him to return. Harman says a house is the one where family resides, and says wherever she will live, he will stay and his family completes with her and they have to find Aditya. He gets emotional talking about his parents. Saya comes to Soumya and asks her to come with her. Nani comes and asks them to come with her. Harman requests them to let her stay with him and says time has come for him to fulfill responsibility as a husband and says he will make a better world for her. He promises to search Aditya. He asks them to take their money and return some money to Preeto as he sold some jewellery. Saya says she will go and return the money. Harman says now we will leave. Soumya hugs Nani and Surbhi.

Harman and Soumya sleep on side of road. Tu Hi Mera ishq plays….In the morning Soumya wakes up and sees Harman asking tea seller to give him tea, but he don’t have money. Tea seller refuses to give money. Harman gives his expensive watch and tells that he can give his life for his Gulabo, and says you must have felt love. Tea seller gives him two tea cups. Soumya is touched. Harman asks Tea seller to give some money for jalebis. He gives him money. Harman thanks him and buys jalebis for Soumya. He comes to her and asks her to have hot tea and jalebis. Soumya stares him. Harman asks why you are staring me like jailor. Soumya asks where is your watch. Harman says he will go and search watch. Soumya gives his watch.

Harman asks Preeto what does she wants? Preeto asks him to come home. Harman tells that he dismisses their rights as his parents. Preeto and Harak Singh are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again late update… Well Harman ‘s journey seems nice… Have hopes for the upcoming track….

  2. harman must be a big successful man with his beloved wife saumya & son aditya.
    harman must take shelter in the same house were he brought saumya from kinner world.that man had given the room on rent to harman and he was a sensible man who had humanity for them.
    infact he gave shelter to surbhi also.and why surbhi is still in between both of them.why she is still decked up with mangalsutra & sindoor.what rubbish.

  3. How sad episode. I really worry abuot harman.????????????He is a great & best husbund in the whole world. He is a real hero. plz writers change this topic and get happy sences our haya plz plz

  4. HI jessica why are you tell amit become friend us? He is a your friend not our. plz don’t add us for his nonsens. I don’t want to interfere both your relation.

    1. Relation??… There’s no relation happening with him ?. I just wanted to say there are more awesome people in this forum whom he can be friends with. Don’t mind, was just a suggestion.

  5. I agree with u San. HAYA r doing fantabulous job.OMG they both r nailed it.i have no words to express my feelings. Veryyyyyyyyyyyy happy .Now SHAKTI and our HAYA is on right track.hope it vl continue like this. To get rid of surbhi, pls make her marry to someone else nd freed her totally totally from our HAYA life.I want jiju- saali relation only.i can’t bear that surbhi is still calling harman as harmanji .pls makers do some favor to surbhi nd she vl never let have a chance to enter into haya life att any cost.SHAKTI is rockingggggggg.pls focus on HAYA journey only..

  6. Coming to Ruby nd Vivian performance they both ppl forgot that they r acting they totally involved nd behaved like real couples /partners in their real life. Really i never saw this type of cute,sweet,lovely pair.They really made for each other.what a chemistry bw them it really really really ausumn.god always bless u both of u.ur JODI makes me crazy. World best pair is our HAYA. Hello SHANANYA ii saw ur comment on 27 April thanks for your supporting.sorry i hv no time to reply on that day.little busy on DAT day that’s y only hope u vl understood.

  7. Hi Shanaya , yes yes yes , it’s good for you ,I am really enjoyed your comment to Jessica about Amit , l am with you , Harman is really a good man he is from wonderland , from where not exists , he takes a big move , he has to begin a new life with his love saumya and aditya , and has a job , why he didn’t work ? Surbhi ,what about her ? until now she ties manglsutra and puts sindoor , she wants divorce ,please frees her and our too

  8. Harman has always-always stood for Saumya now we want to see Saumya doing the same. When will Saumya stand for Harman? The subject of the story is something else and the story is something else. What the crap is going on? A standing ovation for harman by the way ?‍?‍?‍?☺️

    1. Yes Jessica, I agree with u, I want see the real motive behind story instead of this typical sas -bahu stupidity, I want to see soumya stand for Harman at least once in a lifetime, by the way, I appreciate kamya, Vivian on the faboulus acting, rubina please have some reality in ur expressions, I hope starting chemistry to be sarten between Harman -surbhis, its faboulus their fights and challenges

    2. your silver lining

      I too agree. The story has lost its essence. I remember Rubina said in the beginning that the entire plot is about the life of a Kinner but now it has nothing but just typical Saas Bahu masala where everybody except the protagonist is a vilian.
      And honestly Rubina’s expressions are so irritating. She needs to take some acting classes. I feel pity for Surbhi… nobody is thinking about her.. and like I always say Soumya is selfish, she proved it again.

      1. U are right soumya again proved herself selfish, nobody thinking about surbhis, she lost abhishek because of this stupid soumya, now she is still single being married to Harman, now what will she do after divorcing Harman, who will marry surbhis with her attitude towards her do,she will leave her husband if at all married to another person to this soumya again, y can’t surbhis have a peaceful and lovable life with her family, instead of running after her so called somu di

    3. Hi Sandy and Silver… How are you both? What you both say is so true…I’m finding this show very funny now a days. It’s only a normal saas bahu drama without any logic.

  9. Iis ok Bunny i can understand your situation. i agree your comments always and ever. ????????we are old friends in this show. Am i right? But where is the other friends karthika,Ammu,Kopz,Chaaya,Raji. I miss all of them.

  10. Thank you soooooo much dalia for your support. As a long time we got some funny.?????????

  11. The crime for which that preeto did to Aditya, she will be punished for it.

  12. Sad epi……….precap s gud …sure preeto r harak get heart attack hearing tis kind of words frm harman. …
    Y tis surbi still calling harman as harmanji????? And y she didnt rid of d mangalsutra. ……….
    Hi guys how r u alll????
    I missing all my tamil frnds…and North indian frnds too…………………..

  13. @Jessica I don’t remember promising you anything. But maybe I can think over it and can keep your last name our little secret if you behave nicely with your friends in this site. You should listen to your friends. What is your obsession with the female lead anyway. I think she’s cute. Not cuter than you though 😉

      1. I comment nicely only. I don’t fight with anyone or behave rudely. I was just saying…you don’t have to talk about this. Not that I’m questioning you or something but it’s just a request maybe.

  14. It is a blackmailing? Who is cute?

    1. Hi shanaya, It’s blackmailing in a good way. I respect a woman’s privacy and don’t intend give away jessica’s full name. The female lead in this serial is cute. I don’t know her real name as I don’t watch this kind of stuff. Jessica is cuter and prettier than the female lead in this soap. If you could see her pic, you would understand what I’m saying.

  15. Why can’t Soumya become successful in any career also Harman some small business r anything it will be good to watch

  16. vivi always good looking guz but some time his expression not enough plz make it correct

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