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Shakti 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi climbing on the tree. Bebe asks her to get down the tree. Nimmi and Mahinder come there. Nimmi tells her that it will be fun at Nani’s place. Surbhi refuses to go with her and asks why you are always stubborn and taking Bebe and Papa from here when they don’t want to leave. She says you are a bad mum who thinks about Soumya only. Nimmi slaps Surbhi and feels bad. Bebe says you have slapped Surbhi and asks Mahinder to take her inside. Nimmi cries hugging Soumya. While they are in the lorry..Surbhi cries looking at Nimmi. Nimmi feels bad and thinks she loves both her daughter equally. She thinks she is starting their life afresh away from that bad reflection, so that her daughters can live peacefully. Suddenly veiled woman comes infront of the truck/lorry. The driver lets her

sit in the front seat. Mahinder asks what happened? Truck driver says a passenger needs a lift. Veiled woman sits in the truck. They reach Nimmi’s mum place. Nimmi’s mum greets them and hugs her grand daughter. Neighbors ask if they have left their pind and came here with their stuff. Nimmi says we were missing mum. Neighbors taunts Mahinder saying he wants to become Jamai. Mahinder pays the money to truck driver. Truck driver argues with him to give 60 Rs. more. Mahinder asks him to take money from veiled lady. Veiled woman is seen standing far and looking at them.

Later in the night, Nimmi feels veiled woman’s presence and wakes up. She prays to God for her daughter’s safety. She sleeps again. Veiled woman keeps eye on Soumya.

Mahinder is angry and says there is no electricity and water here. Nimmi’s mum says she will get it repaired. Bebe taunts Nimmi’s mum and says we have left home because of your daughter’s superstition. Nimmi’s mum says home is made with family members. Mahinder tells Nimmi that he is going out to find work. Surbhi goes out to play. Soumya tells that she wants to play also. Bebe sends her out. Nimmi asks why did you let her go? Bebe says everyone will know that you differentiate between your daughters. Nimmi’s mum says she is right. She explains to Nimmi to take out fear from her heart and start a new life. Bebe taunts Nimmi’s mum saying a mum shouldn’t come to her daughter’s house often. Nimmi’s mum says I will visit my daughter’s house often and says time has changed. She goes. Bebe asks Nimmi to give her medicine. While Soumya and Surbhi are playing.

Veiled woman comes and gives a toy to Soumya. Soumya doesn’t take it. Veiled woman goes putting that toy on floor. Soumya picks it up and asks woman to take it. She asks Soumya to keep it. Soumya refuses and gives the toy in her hand. Veiled woman holds her hand and stops her. Nimmi waits for Soumya and Surbhi to return. Bebe says Chudail must have kidnapped her. Nimmi gets irritated and comes out of house. Soumya asks her to leave her hand and says her mum told everything about her. Nimmi asks Surbhi about Soumya. Surbhi says she is with the toy seller. Nimmi asks where? Soumya asks woman to leave her hand, and attacks her with kataar/knife. Veiled woman gets hurt and runs away Nimmi comes there and sees Soumya holding knife. She asks Soumya about it. Soumya tells her everything. Nimmi asks her to come home. She brings her home and asks her never to go out of house. Soumya says okay. Bebe asks what you are teaching her. Mahinder comes home and asks if electrician came. Nimmi tells him that veiled woman came here also. Soumya says chudail has come, I showed her knife and she ran away. Mahinder says if anyone sees her holding knife then our reputation will ruin. He asks Surbhi to come with him, says he will get her admitted in school. Surbhi is happy and goes. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to go to school.

Surbhi tells Nimmi that Soumya is missing,. Veiled woman kidnaps her. Nimmi cries. Mahinder sees veiled woman kidnapping Soumya and follows her car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    kinner is none other than rubina dilaik

    1. What is kinner girl?

      1. Transgender girl

    2. Thanks sne7

    3. Soumya is a transgender in tiz serial ????

    4. Mahinder tried to kill soumya wen she was baby so it’s not bout transgender matter !

  2. who is this veiled woman 🙁

  3. Any guess who is the veiled woman?? I like this serial.

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Who is that veiled lady??

  5. What is the secret? ??

  6. is it about transgender girl then? ?
    How will she fall in love with our hero n vice versa? ?

    1. Do u think it’s about transgender matter ???

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