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Shakti 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya making Chintu sleep. Surbhi smiles seeing her motherly love. She says you sings so well, why don’t you go to rising star. Soumya asks about the show rising star. Surbhi tells that participants from across the nation can take part and says all Indians will be the judges. She promotes the show. She asks her to download colors tv on her phone and says anyone can register..Chintu asks her to go and says why you are ruining my sleep. Surbhi says sorry and asks Soumya to think, goes. Raavi comes there and sees Soumya with Chintu. She asks if he slept? Soumya nods. Raavi says I will take him with him. Soumya says I need to talk to you about Chintu ji. Raavi asks her to tell. Soumya says I don’t know what is the problem between you and your sasural, but your and jija ji’s bad

relation is affecting Chintu ji.

Raavi says if a kinnar will tell me what are relations and how the kids will be affected. Soumya says you can curse me, but the matter is about Chintu’s life. She says he is small now, everyone forgives him for his mistakes, but when he will grown up then he will be called as mannerless. Raavi blames her husband for his bad upbringing and says else my son is a diamond. Soumya asks about Chintu’s Papa. Raavi says he is a nice guy and tried that I don’t get troubled, but he couldn’t change my destiny. She takes Chintu to her room. Soumya is about to close the room, but Harman keeps his foot in the door. Shakti music plays….

Soumya sees him and tries to go out. She says she have to boil milk for Chintu ji. Harman holds her hand and stops her. He says you find an excuse to keep far from me and says Chintu is sleeping, so you are bringing milk for whom? Preeto hears them. Harman says nobody shall wake up sleepy devil. Soumya says he slept just now, if he wakes up then he will feel hungry. I will make the milk and breakfast ready for him. Harman says I will also come with you, as you looks good while making breakfast. He holds her hand and is taking her out of room, but stops seeing Preeto standing on the door. Preeto says I have headache and asks her to make kada for her. Soumya says okay. Preeto says I am also coming with you. They leave. Harman goes to his room. Soumya comes back to her home seeing Harman left. She feels apologetic for lying to Harman and says whatever she is doing for Surbhi and his betterment.

Raavi thinks to make Chintu wake up and have his favorite halwa. She thinks everything will be fine if I make him have it with my hand.She comes to room and sees him missing. She gets worried and cries. Harman asks where your son went, he was in your room. Raavi says she went to make halwa for him and then……………………….Preeto says he must be near and will come.

Soumya is seen in the restaurant with Chintu and his father. She organizes their meeting. She tells his father that Chintu ji is staying with his mum and family, but he needs both parents’ love. She says your and Raavi’s difference is affecting his upbringing. Chintu’s dad tells that he understands, but neither Raavi nor his family understands this. He says I told Raavi so many times to keep quiet whenever Papa says something, but she being Harak Singh’s daughter left home. He says I can’t leave house, there is no problem inbetween Raavi and me.

Shanno tells Raavi that may be Soumya went to drop Chintu to his father. Raavi cries hearing this and says that kinnar couldn’t digest my happiness. She asks Harman to bring her son back. Harman looks on. He says I will call Soumya. He calls her, but she is not picking call. Surbhi gets tensed. Shanno taunts and says this will happen daily. Harman says Soumya cares for Chintu more than you people, why you people always blames her? Harak Singh says she said that she will take Chintu to his Papa and asks him to reply.

Soumya asks Raavi’s husband if he loves Raavi even now. He says yes, I do love her very much. Soumya says may be Raavi didn’t tell you, but she misses you very much. Raavi’s husband get happy hearing this. Soumya says whenever we talk about you, she gets tears in her eyes. She says a child gets best upbringing with her both parents. Chintu says what you both are talking? His dad asks him to eat food. Raavi’s husband tells that he wants his family to complete and wants to unite with Raavi. Soumya promises him that she will try to unite them. She folds her hands and asks Chintu to come. Chintu says I will go with Papa. Raavi’s husband says we will meet soon and thanks Soumya for making him meet his son, and says I am sure now that a human stays at Harak Singh’s house, I didn’t want to meet you knowing your truth, but wanted to meet Chintu and came, it was good to meet you, now I understood that I was very much wrong, you are really a good human being and there is nothing greater than humanity. Soumya thanks him.

Shanno continues to provoke Raavi against Soumya and says she has splashed water on Harman’s hardwork in bringing Chintu here. She says Police can come and arrest us. Preeto asks her not to spit venom and says we can’t accuse anyone until truth is known. Shanno says she might not be guilty, but where is she? She says she would have told her husband before going and says I forgot….. feels pity on Soumya and tells that she is a kinnar and that’s why couldn’t fulfill her duty as a wife. Harman gets angry, but controls his anger.

Surbhi asks why you calls her kinnar always. Shanno says your sister is a kinnar and says I will call her Misr ki rani. He says chachi’s lecture is unstoppable. Soumya returns with Chintu. Chintu is happy and shows balloons. Raavi runs to Chintu and hugs him crying. Harman smiles. Raavi asks are you fine? If anything happened? She hugs him again. Preeto asks where did you take him. Raavi blames her and calls her kinnar. Shanno says you would have told us that you are taking him. Raavi says she wanted to become great in my son’s eyes and says I can take him out being his mum. Chintu hears everything. Raavi asks her to tell where she took her son. Chintu asks Raavi to move far from him and says I went with Maa out for an outing.

Raavi says I am his mum and is alive. She asks where did you take him out. Chintu says I took her out and asks Soumya to come, calls her Mami. Harman says you called her kinnar and she has won a child’s heart although she is not a woman. He says you are Chintu’s mum and a woman, but couldn’t win his heart. He asks her to learn something from Gulabo.

Soumya asks Chintu why did he lie? Chintu says they were scolding you. He calls them monkeys. Soumya asks him not to call them monkeys. He asks what is kinnar? Soumya gets sad.

Harman informs Preeto that Harak Singh is having an affair with his factory’s secretary. Preeto is shocked and asks Harak Singh if this is true or not. Harak singh says yes. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nivu99

    woww….. shakti rocked today….. soumya nd harman r awesome nd evn chintu is sooo cute. harman always supports his gulaboo.
    waiting 4 the precap……

  2. H Hasan update faster, talking about the episode I liked it because in most of the scenes Vivian was there… Rashmi Sharma try making episodes with more Haya scenes and less of Sautan Surbhi drama….

  3. Not bad epi. . But irritating shanno nd raavi……..chintu’s dad too encouraged soumya..
    Wat siyappa with harak singh……

  4. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    I really, really hope that Shanno’s baby is a kinnar.That will be a game changer.

    1. ouhhh…me too… i also hope that shanno baby is a she wil get her punishment for always calling and mocking soumya as a kinnar…hope the producer will make this idea come true..

  5. Yes in this episode mainly SOUMYA nd chintu nailed d show.what a bonding be both of them.i am so happy bcoz he call SOUMYA as Mami.its really nice.HAYA seems also very very nice.pity on SOUMYA always sacrificing her love . Even she didn’t have NV freedom to express her feelings towards Harman due to that stupid Preeto.i think Soumya trying to mend d relation of raavi with her husband make strong for chintu . It’s really amazing turning point in d story.raavi husband also such a nice guy,he appreciates Soumya.niceeeee episode.

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