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Shakti 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto picking call on Harman’s mobile. She is shocked to hear Soumya asking Harman to come and take her, and that she couldn’t adjust with Kinnars. She tells about her location. Preeto ends the call, thinks it is good that Harman haven’t picked the call, she deletes the number. Harman comes and tells Preeto that the food was tasty. Saya checks the earrings, and says Soumya will like it. She looks for her, and sees Kareena standing alone. Guru Maa asks Saya to search her. She asks Rani and Raveena, if she saw Kareena. They say no. Soumya tries to call again, but just then she sees Kinnars coming there and gets shocked. Surbhi thinks Harman must have known by now that she is not interested to talk to him, and thinks to switch on her phone. Harman thinks to try Surbhi’s

number again. Surbhi’s phone rings and she disconnects the call. Harman thinks to meet her. All Kinnars find Soumya near the PCO booth. Guru maa fumes in anger. Preeto is leaving somewhere. Harak Singh asks where are you going? Preeto says for some important work.

Harak Singh asks her not to worry until he is alive, and asks her to wait for right time. Preeto says she can’t wait for right time and says she has to make Soumya understand. Guru Maa asks Soumya, what you are doing here? Kareena tells Soumya came here in search of bangles shop, and asks Rani why she is after her. Soumya tries to speak. Kareena says you are new here, we all go out together. Kareena asks Soumya not to say true else she will be punished. Soumya prays Harman heard her and will come to take her soon.

Maninder comes home happily and tells Bebe that he met Abhishek, and came to know that Surbhi postponed the marriage date. He says I convinced them for marriage. Surbhi refuses to marry. Maninder emotionally blackmails her. Preeto comes to meet Soumya and angrily asks didn’t you get peace here. She asks why you are after my son…I am talking to you. Soumya stands up shockingly. Preeto says you will ruin my son’s life….what do you want? She shows that these people are her home and her world, asks her to leave her son and their world. She taunts the kinnars for couldn’t able to handle a kinnar. She asks Kinnars, how much money they want? And asks them to keep this inauspicious girl away from them. Saya shouts Preeto. She asks her to handle her son, and says we are incomplete because of God’s wish and our helplessness. She asks her to go to God and talk to him.

Preeto asks Saya not to peep in her world. Saya says Soumya wants to go to her mum’s house and not to your home. She says your son is living in illusion and came here to take her back. She asks if you want to do something then stop your son. Preeto says he is my son. Saya says you have given her birth and controls him. Soumya says mummy ji…you are here. Harman ji…Preeto asks her not to take her son’s name on her mouth and says you have called Harman…how dare you? She raises her hand to slap her, but Guru Maa comes and holds her hand asking how dare you to raise hand on Tarana. She says she is our daughter Tarana. She says she is not a black spot, but our ego. She says I am forgiving you as it was your first mistake and says Kinnars are one here. She asks her to look around her. Kinnars surround her.

She asks her not to try to give them greed and says they have only humanity. She says she will protect Tarana. Preeto asks her not to forget her value and take care of Tarana inside their society. She asks her to change her behavior. She says you people have no identity and is cursed, and they are boasting about themselves. Guru Maa says once we determine to fight for our right then you people couldn’t see anyone. She calls her fake woman and asks her to go. Preeto asks Soumya to stay away from her son, else she doesn’t know what she will do with her. She asks Guru maa to keep Soumya in their house, and goes.

Rani and Raveena think to send Soumya to Bangkok for their selfish motive, and come to Preeto. They share their plan with her. Preeto gives them money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VivianFanTEJU

    ohhhh!!! Duriyan badhati ja rahi hai! Don’t know when they will be reunited but hope at least they meet each other.

  2. Oh ho.. after go to Bankok Saumya will become a girl by a surgery.
    lets see..

    1. HOw u know that as.

  3. Oh preeto when will ur dama stop. Felt gud when gurumaa stopped preeto frm slapping soumya.harman when willl u meet ur gulaboo

    Hi saras reenu uthaya vivan fan as tanvi .how r u all???is anyone liking the track going on.whats your opinion ABout that ankok track

    1. Sorry bankok track

    2. I hate this sequence really ya how preeto go this extinct how would she support and give money for this , poor soumu I hope nothing wrong will happen to heri think some how harman will find her.

  4. 2 scenes of Harman… come on cv’s he is the male lead.. we miss Harman..

  5. 2 scenes of Harman… come on cv’s he is the male lead.. we miss more Harman in the episodes

  6. ohh noooo, no any bangkok drama:-( hope harman will find her vry soonsoon:=)

  7. I second AS. Par mujhe lagta hai ki agar aisa kuch hua toh bhi preeto kuch na kuch bahana zaroor banegi. Woh somu ko pehle se nafrat karte. Isliye. Magar afsos Harman kuch ziddi kare toh…..

  8. Why the two tell Preeto to send Soumya to Bangkok of all the places in the world? what is the speciallity there?

  9. They are sending her to Bangkok for human trafficking.. They are known for “lady boys” basically transs*xuals/inters*x. If you don’t know about human trafficking please’s a sad reality that children and women are being sold like cattle for pleasure.

  10. Hariyet Premalatha Chinnayya

    Good Evening. You asked what is the speciality in Bangkok there is city called Pattaya world famous kinnara’s cabret show (8pm to 10 pm) difficult to get ticket you have do early booking. how beautifully they perform cabre dance personally you should experience it.It was my dream to watch the show I went to Bangkok on a trip and enjoyed the show. you cannot imagine that they are kinnaras. only when you view them from near then only you will realiaze. you know how much they are respected. To get the photo with them we have to pay Rs.80 (40 bhats) and in the day time they work in the restaurants offices and schools. they are well respected by the society. But i feel very sad for our country kinnaras they beg people make fun of them. they should be honoured well. I don’t know when Indians mentality of treating them
    in an ill way will change.

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