Shakti 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Partition in Singh house

Shakti 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeran telling Harak singh that he did partition of everything into two halves. Harak Singh calls Harman and tells that they have divided everything into two halves. Harak Singh sticks tape on the partition line and swears that he will never cross this lakshman rekha. He says that side is yours and this side is mine. Wherever the remaining family members want to stay can go, all are free. Raavi chooses to stay with Harak Singh, while Jeet prefers Harman’s side. Preeto stands on the partition line and says she will be on both sides. Harak Singh asks her to decide between husband and son. Preeto asks may be like utensils I would have decided, but…..Harak singh says this lakshman rekha will be lifted when you leave this kinnar. Harman says this can’t happen, as I can’t leave Gulabo,

never, but if you want then you can come to our side. Harak Singh wears that he will not come to his side even to spit until he is with kinnar. Harman says I will forget for some time about your betrayals and that you tried to kill my wife, and says you are doing this for your fake prestige. He tells that this line will not be wipe out until you accept Soumya as your bahu and gives these jewellery, and more importantly you accept her as house respect and prestige. Harak Singh says when I die, then you will not give me agni. Soumya and Preeto are shocked. Harak Singh says until you are alive, you will feel that you didn’t give me moksha because of this kinnar.

Nani tells Surbhi that she is relieved now and feeling unburdened as she blames herself for their separation. Surbhi asks her not to tell Soumya about Varun. Bebe asks them to come and have food. Soumya comes to her room and looks at her and Harman’s photo frame. She thinks sad thinking about Harak Singh’s words. Harman comes there and tells that Soumya will live her life thinking like this, he thinks to keep her happy. He calls her bahu. Soumya looks at him. Harman asks why did you mess up this room? Soumya asks why is he shouting? Harman acts as Harak Singh and asks her to clean the room before Harman comes.

Jeet asks Jasleen what she will do. Jasleen says she will return to Canada. He says he is thinking to settle down in India due to his love, but will come to Canada.

Varun refuses to have food. Maninder asks him to have food else leave. Varun says I will eat food if my soniye make me eat with her hand and says he wants to stay as a good husband. Surbhi takes out his stuff and asks him to take his stuff and leave immediately. She says you will not get Surbhi in this life.

Raavi comes to her room and asks who is there. Jeet keeps hand on her mouth. He tells her that he wants to surprise her, and makes her wear necklace. Raavi says she was scared. Jeet promotes Kaun hai…..Harman tells Soumya to be happy and says when you are happy then I will be happy, and then Harak Singh will be happy. Harman and Soumya are about to come to Harak Singh to go to kitchen, but the latter stops them and asks them to make food in their side and have food. He tells that this kitchen is made by him and not someone ancestral property. Preeto says even brothers have food after partition together. Harak Singh says this partition is between a father and son.

Harman and Soumya dine in the restaurant. Soumya hugs him hearing the thunder storm.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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