Shakti 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming home with Soumya. Varun tells that Harman came with bhabhi. He sees Surbhi coming back and asks Harman about the glow on his face. Harman tells that loves gets stronger with siyappa. Varun looks at Surbhi and thinks lets see what happens. Preeto does their aarti. Harman says you took Harak Singh’s words seriously. Preeto says she is doing aarti of new couple. She sees Surbhi coming and gets upset. She asks them to enter home. Soumya touches Harak Simgh’s feet. Harak Singh blesses her. Preeto tells her that she have to fulfill all the responsibilities. Harman says Gulabo will do all her duty. Preeto tells her that she has to think about their family respect and prestige and says she will give her one more responsibility and asks her to come. Varun asks Surbhi to tell

which bag is hers and which is of Soumya. Surbhi tells and takes her bag.

Preeto brings Soumya to room and says we like kids. Whenever we thought about Harman’s marriage, we thought that our vansh will get longer. Harak Singh tells Soumya that these are his company’s toys. Preeto asks Soumya to keep everyone happy and give them grand children. Harak Singh asks her to select a toy and says we will keep it for our grand children. Harman’s sister gets irked and says if they care about her materal grand children. Harak Singh asks her to keep quiet and Soumya to choose any one toy. Surbhi comes and picks a toy. Preeto tells that you haven’t married, but your sister. She says I asked my bahu to pick a toy. She says your parents didn’t tell that their other daughter will also come. Harak Singh stops Preeto and says this is her house also. We will get comfortable and mingle well with Soumya because of Surbhi. Preeto says I came alone from my house. Harman says they asked me and I said yes. Preeto says yes, this house is yours.

Surbhi thinks she has brought her books, but will not get time to study. Varun comes there and teases her romantically. Surbhi replies him back. Varun says I am very stubborn and will not leave until I hear the truth. Surbhi asks will you let you go after telling truth. Varun says yes. Surbhi says sach and laughs….She asks him to let her go. Varun thinks you have to tell truth one day.

Harman tells Varun that he has drank fully and says he is done. Varun asks him to wait. Harman says today is my suhaagrat. Varun says today is the night when a husband gives proof that he is a man, and says she will stop you as she gets this teaching from her mayka, and asks him not to back off. Harman asks him not to worry and says I will manage.

Soumya tells Surbhi that she is scared. Surbhi asks her to keep her away from Harman and says he will not refuse as he loves you a lot. She says I will go now. Harman comes. Surbhi greets him and says good night. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and is about to kiss her. Soumya takes back her hand. Harman does poetry and says she is the reason for his heart beat.

He says Gulabo…I want to tell you something, says I love you. I will end all the distance between us. Soumya is shocked. Harman says I didn’t get this feeling before, and everything seems to be like a dream….you have become mine…Soumya is tensed and thinks about Nimmi giving naphthalene balls to her, saying Harman’s life is in danger if you get close to him. Soumya turns and picks the naphthalene balls box. She says Maa asked me not to do suhaagraat until it gets over. Harman asks what is this Siyappa. Soumya says Maa told me this and says it is better to stay separately. Harman thinks about Varun’s words. He explains to Soumya that when two persons get involved in any relation then nobody can interfere. He holds her closer. Soumya asks him to listen. Harman says today is our suhaagraat and I will not stop today. Soumya says but Maa……He gets closer to her.

Nimmi thinks it is a good chance to stop them from spending wedding night together. Harman switches on table fan near the naphthalene balls box and says it will be over within 2 hours and then we can have wedding night. Soumya says but it will be wrong. Harman says if you make any more excuse then I will break this marriage. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pwincess pari

    Omgggggg …. Awesum romantic scene .??????

  2. Lol viv
    You are too good

  3. Please don’t make soumu inters*x …….haya couple is adorable …….f soumu is inters*x how does story continues without haya romance…..please don’t make surbhi harman together ….she suits to varun … should b haya always ycvfdgvlg

  4. I saw in SBS that soumya will cut her nerve when she came to know about her reality….

  5. pwincess pari

    Inwishbd reason would be tat Soumya cnt have a child

    1. I don’t think its infertility the reason behind saumyas secret…. Parents don’t hate their daughter or call her manhoos,if she can’t have a child…she could have it through adoption or surrogacy.Anyways,this infertility thing is already shown in yeh hai mohabbetien..where ishita was infertile…what i think is,it must be something diff. frow all shows.Something kalpana se pare…so she can be inters*x

  6. I think soumya is eunuch in serial

  7. The kalpna se pre truth is that soumya is a kinner/hijjra

  8. I also think soumya is eunuch or kinner. I never seen any kinner as beautiful as soumya. Is it actually happen? I didnt think so. Let see wht the writer write.

  9. Hope soumya is not eunuch..if it happens like that then Harman will start to hate her and if she is eunuch then how could her mom get her married to a normal person like Harman..please don’t spoil haya love story and please don’t pair surbhi with Harman

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