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Shakti 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Inspector to write his complaint and says his mum is involved in my wife’s kidnapping. Harak Singh says he can say in sometime that Preeto is not his mum. Harman asks Inspector to write complaint. Preeto says he can ask you to take me to lock up room and asks him to file his complaint. They leave. Inspector asks Harman if he is sure? Harman says I know them well. Maninder tells Bebe, where is Surbhi? Nani tells Maninder that she went to complete your incomplete responsibilities just like Nimmi. He asks where is she? Abhishek talks to Surbhi and says he is trying to search Soumya and asks her to take care. He gets Preeto’s call. She comes there and says I am Varun’s Mami and Soumya’s saas. She asks him to tell everything to her from start, and says don’t

think about my betterment, just think that your work will be easy. Harman tells her everything about Soumya’s kidnapping by Varun and then he blackmailed Surbhi. A fb is shown, Preeto tells Abhishek that she will do something.

Surbhi comes to the temple with her bag. Varun is already waiting for her in the temple. He welcomes her and showers flower petals on her. Surbhi asks where is Soumya? Varun says just 10 mins and asks her not to worry. He asks her to go and change her clothes, and says we have to take marriage selfie also. He sits for marriage. Pandit ji asks him to call bride and says mahurat is going. Varun calls Surbhi. Surbhi comes wearing bridal dress and jewellery. He admires her beauty and praises his choice. Surbhi looks on. He asks Pandit ji to get them married.

Preeto comes back home and tells Harman that she will show him something which will make his thinking ashamed. She says you have doubted on your mum naa….and asks him to come. Harak Singh asks her where she is taking Harman. Preeto says I am going to lift veil from his eyes and will show him truth. Surbhi tells Varun that marriage is started now and asks him to call Soumya. Varun asks her not to worry. Surbhi asks him to call Soumya there. Varun calls his goons and asks them to bring Soumya there. He says she is coming. Surbhi looks for Soumya. Harak singh, Preeto and Harman are in the car. Harak Singh asks Preeto where is she taking them. Preeto is silent. Her phone rings…she picks the call. Maninder asks what is the matter, where is Surbhi? Preeto says she is your daughter, you shall know and cuts the call. Harman asks where we are going? Preeto says you will know soon. Maninder is worried about Surbhi. Pandit ji asks them to stand for varmala. Varun makes Surbhi wear garland. Surbhi is tensed and looks for Soumya.

Varun gives garland to Surbhi and makes her put garland on his neck. She thinks she don’t want to marry Varun. Goons bring Soumya to temple and keep gun on her. Soumya gets worried. Varun asks Surbhi to concentrate on marriage rasams. Surbhi says she is waiting for Soumya. She smiles seeing Soumya there. Soumya is shocked to see Surbhi sitting with Varun for marriage. Surbhi is about to get up, but Varun stops her. She gets worried.

Abhishek calls Inspector and asks him to reach there soon. Soumya says Choti…Varun says I will explain everything later. Abhishek comes there and says there is no mahurat for this marriage and will never be made. Soumya says you are here and asks Surbhi what is happening? Varun says this lallu is here, and says my bhabhi is from my side and this lallu is from Surbhi’s side. He asks him to sit for their marriage. abhishek says you will go to jail. Inspector comes and says we will arrest you and targets him. Varun takes gun from his pocket and keeps on Surbhi’s head and threatens to shoot Surbhi.

Harman, Preeto and Harak Singh come there and are shocked to hear the bullet sound.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What nonsense? I can’t think anything

  2. Fed up of Surbhi, Varun and preeto drama, so less scenes of our leads today, cv’s should focus more on Harman and Soumya….

  3. i dont like today’s episode…??

    i dont know how to react…

  4. Hi karhika and all fans
    I think after new year the story will change in new track. Anyways we will wait.

  5. hi chaya… long time no see…?? how are you???? how is yr studies??

  6. hi raji ma..
    neenga enna kartika nu koopdadheenga… please call me karthi…. coz en friends, bros, amma ellarum apdi dhan koopduvanga.. its my sweet request…??

  7. ammu ma neenga en eppavume 11 manukku melaye comment pandreenga?

    sari ungalukku neraiya velai irukkumla as a homemaker…

    ok bye… see u tomorrow…good night ??? sweet dreams..??

  8. Me too.i didn’t like today episode. It’s boring without haya jodi seens.I just hate d surbhi,varun nd preeto drama.coming episodes also seems to be very pain bcoz soumya blackmail Harman to get marry surbhi bcoz of pressure of preeto.preeto totally tries to trust Harman in front of him she showers duplicate love towards soumya.when will Harman find d truth about preeto? Makers pls don’t win d preeto evil tricks over haya love.haya love is pure,innocent, cute nd divine.pls don’t break dis jodi.all our haya fans r requesting.pls surbhi married with abhishek. We want hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa only plsssssssßsssssssssss.d story is now revolving with surbhi preeto plans. It’s disgusting nd irritating. Pls make our haya jodi remarried and show our Vivian heroism.

  9. Hi sakthi family, all of them commented about todays show so nothing more to say.its so dragging….

    Hi karthi, sry nethu naan thookathula thappu thappa type panniten. Innaiku evening thaan paathen ma.

    Night 11o clock mela thaan en daughters thoonguvaanga ellana avangalum yenna mathiri serial paithiyamaa maariduvaanga nu en husband thituvaaru . So secret ta comment pannuven yaarukum theriyama.

  10. Karthi ,velai yellam onnum illa vetti thaan. Pasangaluku exam over la so konjam free. Thambi eppadi irukkan?

    Hi Ashley, raji,uthaya enna pannuringa? Oru chinna news true or fake I don’t know Harman refuse to marry surbi at last moment ithu thaan latest news. Santhosha padavum mudiyaathu becoz ithu maari niraya fake news kuda varum hmmm.

  11. ammu ma… nethu mattum illa innaikum thapadhan type paniirukkenga….? unga name parunga… ammu ku badhila amma nu irukku…

    en thambi super ah irukkan…

    good mrng to all shakti fans…?

  12. Hey aama la .

  13. Hi everyone

    Today’s epo was boring. But new year apparam nalla irukum ninaikiren

    Ellarum eppdi irukinga….

    Raji ma– ennaku appadi oru school irukinte theriyaathu… Sry raji ma…. Address theriyala. En mom kun theriyala…..podhuva ennaiya vellila annupa maataanga… Unga sons kaaga prayer panren…

    Karthi akka– harbor beach nalla irukum nalla enjoy pannunga ..ennaiku varinga..and which tym…

    Ammu ma– naa konja naala romba busy padikanumla so ennala paakavum mudiyala vaasikavum mudiyala… So no comments… Ellathukum intha 12th std thaan kaaranam…. 12th mudincha vudane en comments regular a irukum..

    Ipothaiku en comments regulara irukaathu guys…

    Vanakam Tamil fans

    Advance happy new year to everyone…??????????

    Tata ..

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