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Shakti 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena asking Soumya to let the things happens and not to stop it. She tells that Amrit’s mum refuses to accept her and that the baby has nobody except them. Rani comes and asks Soumya if she waken up. She asks her to come and do the rituals as Guru Maa called her. Harman recalls goons beating him. He checks his cupboard for the sweater and finds it missing. He wonders where is it? He comes to Preeto. Preeto asks how are you? Are you alright. Harman asks where is sweater? Preeto asks which sweater and asks if you are fine. Harman asks her not to change words and asks where is that sweater which Soumya made for me, and which I had kept in my almari. Preeto says I have burnt it. Harman says I know my mum very well, and says that sweater was made for me and I know that you haven’t

burnt it. He asks where is it? Preeto says okay, I will return your sweater, but return my son in exchange. Harman says when you understand my pain then you will get your son. He says when he makes Soumya unites with her mum then you will get your son.

Preeto takes him to temple, and gives him 9 days time till navratri ends. She says go and search Soumya, and make her unite with her mum, and if you couldn’t find her then you have to forget her for forever. She asks do you agree? Harman says I accept. He tells that he will become Soumya’s rakshak till navratri ends, and then she will get back to her mum in her house.

Bebe asks Maninder to see the torch. Maninder says now I am going to fix her marriage. Bebe asks do you think that she will agree. Maninder says yes, and says he found a way.

Soumya hesitantly attends the naming ceremony of Amrit, and gets sad at the thought of her mum’s refusal to take her back. She does puja of the girl. Guru Maa asks her to apply tilak to the baby. Soumya is about to apply tilak, but just then aarti plate falls down. Soumya apologizes to Guru maa and tells that ritual is left incomplete. Guru Maa gets angry, goes to temple and bring kumkum to apply tilak on baby’s forehead. She says rasam is complete. Saya says it should have been done by Soumya. Guru Maa says may be this rasam was destined to be done by me. She announces that the baby is now Deepa. She asks Soumya to bless Deepa into their family. Soumya looks on sad.

Soumya blesses the baby and tells her that her life shall be filled by sweetness like her real name, and thinks she left rasam incomplete so that she can take her to her house again. Someone comes to Guru Maa and says he came to get charity. Gurumaa says we take charity from everyone all around the year, but this day we give charity to you people and feel relieved. She gives money. Man goes. Guru maa announces that they will make arrangements of Maha bhoj for navrati and will go for shopping. Surbhi makes list for the kinnar’s location and thinks Soumya might be there. She gets Harman’s call, but rejects it. She thinks I don’t want your help. Harman thinks please pick call for once Surbhi….He calls her again, but her phone is off. He thinks mistake is mine…I would have done the same mistake after facing so much insult.

All Kinnars come for shopping with Guru Maa. Kareena asks her to take whatever she wants to, and tells that the day is good after a tasty maha bhoj. Soumya looks around and finds a PCO there. She goes to PCO. Preeto asks Harman to sit and says she will serve food. He calls Surbhi, but the phone is off. Preeto serves him food. Harman eats the food. Preeto smiles looking at him and asks him to eat properly. Harman says he has full stomach. Soumya manages to call Surbhi, but her phone is off. She then thinks about Harman and thinks he came that day insearch of me and calls him. Harman’s phone rings. Preeto picks the call. Soumya thinks Harman picked the call and tells that she is in Kinnar’s basti, and tells that kinnars had hidden her that day. She asks him to come and take her, says she feels suffocated here. Preeto is angry hearing her. Soumya says hello….and looks on.

Preeto comes to Kinnar’s home and asks Soumya why you are after my son. She asks why did you call Harman? She is about to slap her, but Guru Maa holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Surbhi has saved Harman ‘s no as Harman? It should be better if she saved like Harman ji or Jeeju…. I hope that cv’s don’t show their love track..I mean what if Harman feels guilty and softens towards Surbhi (for Somya) and Surbhi will start getting attracted to him
    …oh Noooooo…. if cv’s show some track of Surbhi Harman then I will hate this serial… and trps will reduce…. cv’s Let this journey remain of HAya and no third person…

  2. Ya now the story is going on right track. Its still little boring bt will get interesting in some episodes

    Hii reenu saras uthaya tanvi vivianfan and all shakti fans .how r u all??????today plz do reply all

    1. Fine siya and how r you

      1. I m also fine dear

    2. hi siya n others. .
      I m fine. . How r u all? ?

      1. I m fine saras

  3. I am good how r u all?

  4. Drama drama drama!!! It’s ON. I have hopes that Harman will find Saumya. But seems Guruma will put some conditions like can u accept her infront of society bla bla …. and even Saumya will be firm on taking baby along with her. Or may be she will succeed in giving hope to the mother that look my family is willing to accept me then even you can accept this girl. After family drama it should move to next level that is WAR AGAINST SOCIETY FOR KINNERS RIGHT then the serial’s name “SHAKTI” will be justified.

    1. Well said.. I m also hoping for the same…

  5. Nice episode

  6. Get back your gulabo …..harman.Really u r her rakshak.Eagerly waiting to see harmya.

  7. Y very less comments,expecting more comments from daily viewers.

  8. I am new to shakthi . Harman keep going like this .And you will find soumya very soon all the best Harman.

  9. nice episode

  10. Pooja Rajawasam

    Who is a Kinner

    1. Soumya(harmam’s wife)

      1. harman’s wife

    2. when will harman find soumya

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