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Shakti 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi’s father in law asking his son not to worry and says they will not turn up in the court. Varun comes there. They thank him for helping them and ask what did he want? He says he will tell later and asks them not to take his name. They agree and leave. Harman comes back to Soumya that Raavi’s inlaws came and threatened them. He says they have come to know about it. Soumya asks what did they come to know, and asks if they came to know that I am a kinnar. Harman says yes, and asks so what..He asks her to sleep. Soumya cries.

Nimmi lights the diyas. Surbhi comes and asks what she is thinking. Nimmi says when Soumya was small, she asked why don’t we take a small house, to cut down on the expenses, and says she finds happiness in small things and thinks about others.

She feels bad for Soumya, and tells Surbhi that she will go far with Soumya once she gets married. Surbhi says no mother can do what you have done, and says Soumya will come back surely. Raavi packs her stuff. Preeto and Harak Singh ask what she is doing? Raavi says she wants her son back and can do anything to get him. She says I will fall on their feet and is ready to become their servant, just I need my son back. Harak Singh says you will not bend or become their servant, don’t forget that you are my daughter. Raavi says what I can do now? She says now I will not get my son back and says she haven’t seen him since 1.5 years. She says Harman has insulted them because of Kinnar, but they think only about him. She says I have decided to return to my sasural for my son. Preeto says I will bring your son back and my son too. She blames Soumya and says she was Harman’s kundli dosh, but now she is troubling my family. She thinks to send Soumya very far so that even her reflection can’t reach them. Raavi cries and hugs her.

Varun sees Harak Singh tensed and thinks he can only hear his victory sound in this silence. He thinks Mama ji is sad and I shall console him. He tells him that he can’t see her sad and asks what we shall do now. He asks what to do, shall we take the case back. Harak Singh asks him to go to lawyer. Varun says what we can do? Shanno thinks Raavi is suffering because of her parents’ deed and think to dance happily. Preeto comes and asks her not to make any sound as Raavi is sleeping. Soumya waits for Harman to wake up. Harman opens his eyes and asks what happened? Soumya asks him to take her to Nimmi now itself. Harman says I will take you tomorrow. Soumya says we have to separate one day then why we are bearing this. Harman tells her that Kinnars will take her away again and asks her to wait for 2-3 days. He asks her to make tea and says he really don’t know how to make tea?

Maninder, Preeto and Saya meet at some place. Maninder asks Saya why Kinnars are surrounding his house and tells that Surbhi’s marriage is near. Preeto says Maninder is right and asks why she is troubling Surbhi. Saya asks what do you want? Preeto shares her plan. Maninder says I am fine with this plan for my Surbhi. Saya says if we are careful then everything will be fine. Preeto says we have to take two back steps to succeed. They smile.

Maninder brings some stuff home and asks the men to keep the stuff in the house. Bebe asks why did you buy all the market home. Maninder says I have brought ration for Surbhi’s marriage and says marriage is after 2 days. Bebe gets happy. Surbhi is tensed. She asks Maninder, why he is hurrying and says she can’t marry until Soumya comes back. Maninder says you will marry after 2 days, and asks her to send baraat if she wants. Kalsi comes and asks if Surbhi’s marriage is after 2 days and gets excited.

Surbhi tells Nimmi that Maninder can’t emotionally blackmail her for marriage and says she will make the baraat go. Nimmi asks Surbhi to understand and asks her to agree for marriage. Beeji asks Surbhi to think from cool mind. Nimmi thinks Maninder is upto some conspiracy. Bebe appreciates Maninder’s plan. Maninder says he has to hurry up, and can’t wait now. He says Soumya must have got news about Surbhi’s marriage. He says Surbhi will go to her house and here Nimmi and Soumya will go for forever.

Preeto beats the plate happily and tells that Harman is coming home back. She acts madly and says she will light home with diyas and says today is Diwali. Harak Singh asks her to stop dreaming with open eyes. Preeto says it is reality. Raavi thinks Preeto cares for Harman and don’t care about her son. She thinks everyone is selfish here. She asks Shanno to do her work. Shanno asks what?

Surbhi sits for her haldi ceremony. Guests gossip that Maninder invited them in a hurry and think something is wrong. Nimmi applies haldi on Surbhi’s face. She tells Surbhi that she has taken a right decision. Beeji asks Nimmi if she will not call Soumya. Nimmi says it is Maninder’s conspiracy and says she can’t risk Soumya’s life. Maninder tells Bebe that Soumya will come running and hopes Saya does her work properly. Saya sees Harman and asks where is Tarana? Harman asks if I am mad? He says he knows Soumya and she is her friend. Saya says she is her rakshak. Harman says he will protect Soumya and will be her rakshak always. Saya says she can see his love. Saya informs Harman about Surbhi’s marriage and tells that she will not take Soumya now, and tells that he will be responsible for Soumya if people reacts to her. Harman says if you are saying truth and believes on her. Saya thinks now she will see if he will fulfill his promise made to Nimmi.

Precap: Guest asks if Soumya didn’t come for Surbhi’s haldi. Harman says why she will not come, and says she is here. Everyone is happy. Soumya smiles. Later Harman and Soumya dance on the song Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi…………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad again harman and sowmya are going far…..i don’t want any other girl in hayas life

  2. Angelk1

    This show is going no where

    1. correct angelk1..
      Very similar to swaragini.. Even there story remains same only avtaars change too silly -:))

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