Shakti 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman checking the car. Monty asks what happened to car. Harman says I couldn’t figure it, and sees his dad calling his name while from the police car. He gets shocked. Monty asks Harman to delete his messages. Harman says if my dad comes to know that we have kidnapped a girl then he will kill us. He asks Monty to sit on the seat and pushes the car. Car starts. Harman asks Monty to drive car at a speed. Harman’s dad follows them in police car. Harman asks Monty to speed up. They escape. Harman’s dad scolds Police as they miss Harman. Jugni’s husband stops the car and asks if they see any girl here. Harman’s dad says no and asks them to go. Inspector tells Harman can’t do this kidnapping. Harman’s dad says I couldn’t bear it. He calls Preeto. Preeto picks the call and

is shocked.

Preeto gather everyone in night happily. Shannu says what happened? Preeto says I am happy as my son has grown up. She informs her daughter that Harman has kidnapped a girl and will marry her. Monty drops Harman and says he will leave. Harman takes Soumya to isolated place and says see mirchi powder, where do I leave you. He switched on the lights and sees soumya instead. He is shocked and says from where did she come? He thinks what to do and calls Monty again. Monty asks what happened? Harman says Surbhi’s sister was brought by mistake and says we will drop her back home. Monty refuses as Harman’s dad is after him. He switches off his phone. Harman wonders what to do. He says I am goon in her eyes, and now I will become kidnapper too. He says I will not leave this mirchi powder. He looks at Soumya.

Bebe comes to Maninder and asks what happened? Are you happy? Maninder asks aren’t you happy? He says she is gone from here at one go, I am unburdened now and says lets celebrate. He asks Bebe to make lassi. Bebe ays okay and goes. Nimmi and Surbhi are searching for Soumya. Harman removes the tape from her mouth and looks at her. Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays…………He opens the rope…while the song continues to play….He says God….you do mistakes sometimes. He asks how can you give mirchi powder sister to this peaceful girl. He checks her breath and thinks she is alive. He thinks what he will tell when she gains consciousness in the morning. Nimmi cries. Surbhi also cries and calls Soumya aloud. Jugni’s husband says we will not find her like this.

Harman sprinkles water on her face and moves the handkerchief so that she can get air. Soumya gains consciousness and calls Maa. She wakes up and finds herself in isolated place. She is shocked and sees Harman there. She recalls Harman praising her. She asks you? Harman asks her not to make noise and says if you don’t shout then I will let you go home. He says destiny presented me as villain, but I am hero. He says I went to kidnap your sister, but kidnapped you instead. She threw chilli in my eyes. Soumya is scared. Harman says I am a hero and you are safe with me. He says I will drop you home tomorrow, as all the cars are in my dad khadak singh’s custody. He asks her not to shout. Soumya nods. Harman asks her to relax or crack joke with him. Soumya looks on. Harman lies down to sleep. Soumya is tensed. Harman asks what happened? Soumya says my mum must be worried for me. Harman gets up, goes near her and gives his mobile so that she can make call to her.

Jugni’s husband tells Nimmi that he will go to Police station and will inform her if he finds her. He asks her to go home. Nimmi cries. Soumya pacifies her. Maninder asks if you got any info. Surbhi nods no. Bebe says I will bring milk for you. Surbhi says I don’t need anything, and says she can’t even drink water. Nimmi says Soumya couldn’t be found and you are sitting here at home. Maninder asks what else I could do, Inspector is searching for her. Jugni’s husband comes and tells Nimmi that she has forgot her phone in his car. Just then her phone rings. Surbhi asks her to pick the call. Harman tells Nimmi that Soumya is with him and is fine, he will drop her home in the morning. Soumya thanks Harman. Harman asks her to sleep now. Surbhi asks Nimmi, if he told his name or anything. Nimmi says no and says he told that he will bring Soumya safely. Inspector calls on his number and sees its off. Nimmi prays to God to protect her daughter.

Saya and a group of ladies come there to kidnap Soumya. Soumya asks them to leave her. Harman wakes up. Veiled ladies attack him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Happy Birthday Vivian!

  2. pwincess pari

    Awesum epi especially Haya ???

  3. Tammy

    Is she really transgender ?

  4. Awesome preview…I saw he entire episode. It was just OK. It was a bit irritating and i was fedup that there were so many long adds in the serial. Looked like the channel was showing the serial in between of adds instead of adds in between of serial. Come on channel…we don’t want to watch your stupid adds for which you are getting paid lots of money. Kya yehi hai acche din???!!!…lol

    1. I agree! Really it’s like 10 mins of story and the rest is ads in a 30mins slot. It’s ridiculous. ?

  5. I’m hoping she is not @Tammy

  6. Ya I too don’t think she is transgender but I wonder what must be there which make mahinder to hate her to this core ,he is actually so nice to surbi and expecting the secret to be exposed soon

  7. Sriranjani

    Soumya is not a trans gender girl and Today’s episode rockzzz and I could say that Harmya Rokzzzz………….. Belated wishes for my cutie pie Vivan Babu….. 😛 😀

    1. Juggu

      I hope so….. bt smeone told kamya shouted wen harman married soumya thn y shes hzppy nw….

  8. Hency

    Today episode pls

  9. can someone tell me which is that bg song played?? Which movie? ?
    lovely song. . nice couple good going

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