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Shakti 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tina telling Soumya that you are a kinnar. Soumya is shocked to hear that from Tina. Tina says she got all answers for her questions, you don’t need to tell anything now. She says you tried to tell the truth, I liked that, but you said that kinnar is not human which is wrong. She says even you are a human and will stay here. She asks her to make something. Soumya smiles and goes. Nani prays to God and asks him to return Soumya.. She asks how could you let her go and asks how he will live without her now. Soumya serves food to Avinash and Tina. He says food is excellent and asks her to make Pulao tomorrow. Soumya gets sad and reminisces Harman liking it. Tina asks her to go and have food. Soumya nods and goes.

Varun asks Surbhi to have food. Harman comes there. Preeto asks

him to have food. Harman says he don’t want to have food. Preeto takes him forcibly. Soumya thinks about Harman. Harman also thinks about her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays…

Soumya thinks about Harman. Harman comes to room and imagines Soumya standing. He smiles and says Gulabo, and asks her to dance with him. They dance. Tera Ishq Ka Teri Ibadat plays…..It is his imagination. Harman calls Gulabo and says I shall not drink wine, and says I am imagining you by drinking wine. He says you are near me even if I don’t drink. Soumya prays to God and tells that she came far away from her people. She says Harman didn’t accept me with my identity, but he might be missing me. Even I miss her, and I have to learn to stay/live here. Harman says I came to tell you everything and brought villagers, but it was too late. He recalls Mallika informing him that Soumya left. Soumya thinks he will break the things in his room. Harman breaks the things in his room asking why did you leave me. He finds his passport and checks for Soumya’s passport. He is shocked as it is missing. He shouts Harak Singh and Preeto. Soumya asks God not to get angry on Harman and says he just needs love. Harman questions his parents where is Soumya’s passport. Soumya says I love him very much, but can’t give him wife’s happiness, that’s why came very far from him.

Harman asks them to answer where is Soumya’s passport. Preeto and Harak singh looks on. Harman asks what is the new conspiracy this time. Preeto says when she left from here, she might have taken her passport. She says you didn’t tell us that you have made passport. Harman says I will find out who have taken passport to send Soumya from here. Surbhi says she will come with him. Harman says I have done a mistake, and someone has taken advantage of my situation. He says he will bring Soumya. Preeto thinks to call Mallika and inform her. She is about to call Mallika. Harman returns and asks everyone to give their phones to him. Everyone gives their phones. Harman disconnects landline and breaks the wire. Harak Singh asks why did you plug the wire. Harman says until I bring Soumya back, nobody will get out of this house, and says he is going to bring her back. He locks the door and takes the keys with him.

Chameli asks Mallika if she knows Tarana since childhood. Mallika says yes and says she knows her when Maninder asked her to take Soumya. She says Soumya likes colors, she doesn’t know that her life will become colorless. Rani comes and says our prayers will not go waste. Soumya calls Mallika and asks how are they? Chameli talks to her and asks how is everything. Soumya says she is fine and asks if Harman returned. Chameli says no, Harman didn’t come here. If he had come, then also he can’t find you. She ends the call. Rani says you did right by not informing her that Harman came here. Mallika says Soumya must have understood that she lied. Soumya thinks Chameli must be lying, Harman might have come and thinks how to forget him. She cries.

Precap: Harman packs his bags and is about to leave. Varun asks if he came to know where is Soumya. Harman says you all were ready to accept Soumya infront of everyone and asks them to get ready, as he is going to bring her back. Preeto says if she don’t come. Harman says then forget him also. Preeto is shocked.

Soumya is with Tina and goes somewhere. Harman comes to Bangkok.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yet again Harman u nailed it! Kudos to Rashmi Sharma for creating a strong character like him

  2. After making the serial boring for weeks now it is getting steam.Nice thing.Hope the tempo will continue till the end.

  3. Vivian this is from ur true fan,honestly whenever I get to know that any TV award is taking place, I want you to win, because you deserve it more than anyone,I don’t know whether you are at Mumbai or not, if you are back to Mumbai after completing your schedule then please go and attend the Big Zee Entertainment Awards, I really want to see the BEST ACTOR trophy in your hand this time, really hurt that the Gold Awards didn’t honour you for your performance, but really want to see you winning the Big Zee Entertainment Awards trophy for the Best Actor!

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