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Shakti 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Harman to look at front. He sees Nani and Soumya standing on road and asks driver to stop the car. Soumya also sees Harman. Surbhi recalls talking to Nani and asking her to help her. She asks her to bring Soumya out without letting Maninder or Bebe know. Soumya says this honeymoon is of you both, I will not go. Surbhi asks her to try and understand and sit in car. Soumya asks her to understand. Harman says we will not go, and then we will handle tandav together. Nani asks Soumya to agree for their happiness. Surbhi gives her promise and takes her to car. Soumya hesitantly goes and sits in car. Harman smiles. They leave. Rani and Raveena see Soumya leaving with Surbhi and Harman.

Raavi comes to hotel room and sees her husband. She asks why did you call

me here? Her husband says I am your husband. Raavi says I don’t have no interest to talk to you. Her husband tells her that he loves her very much, and says I love you. Raavi asks him to leave her hand.

Maninder is calling someone. Bebe comes and stops him. She asks him to think again and says Harman and Surbhi went on a honeymoon and everything will be fine. Maninder says Harman said that he loves only Soumya. He says Surbhi is blinded in Soumya’s love and will give her heir to Soumya and then what will happen with Surbhi. He says let me call Canada guy. Surbhi tells Soumya that it is good that she agreed. Maninder calls Ahuja and asks him to kidnap Surbhi from Mumbai.

Rani and Raveena calls Kareena and inform her that Soumya, Harman and Surbhi went to Mumbai for honeymoon. Kareena says now we can kidnap her easily.

Harak Singh asks Preeto why she is much happy. Preeto says her heir is going to come. Chintu gets upset with Raavi and asks her to send to his father as he don’t get irritated with him.

Harman, Soumya and Surbhi reach Mumbai. Harman tells her about hawa mahal, red fort and taj mahal in Mumbai. Driver says there is nothing here from this, and asks why you are fooling her. Harman says I want her to correct me and talk to me. Driver says you loves her so much. Harman and Soumya looks at each other. They get down near the beach. Harman says Punjab have everything, but not this. He asks them if they want to have anything. A boy asks Harman to buy flower for his beautiful wife. Harman asks him to say again and buys flower for Soumya. He bends down on his knees and gives rose to Soumya…Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…….People gather there seeing their love. Harman gives her another rose. Soumya says enough. Harman says no, and goes on giving more roses and asks Surbhi to click their pic. Surbhi clicks their pic. Boy says all flowers are over. Harman says I love you Gulabo……Soumya says lets go. Harman pays 2000 Rs. note to boy. Boy compliments their Jodi and bless them. Harman says our Jodi is superhit.

Raavi’s sasur comes to Harak Singh’s house. Preeto is shocked. Varun asks him to come. Chintu gets happy seeing his dada and says he wants to come with him and don’t want to stay here. Kishan Lal says I know Chintu is here. He asks him to go inside and says I will call you later. Harak Singh asks him to tell what he wants to? Kishan Lal says it is difficult to take off black ink from my face. Harak Singh says oh..Kishan Lal says I will tell society that your bahu is a kinnar and then you will get black thing painted on your face. He says you and your bahu just go to hell. I came here to break our relation with you people and says take this invitation card. He says he is getting his son married, and says his son doesn’t know about his marriage, but he thought he shall inform Raavi and her egoistic parents. Preeto and Raavi are shocked.

Harman asks the receptionist to check and tells that their room is booked in the hotel room and says they need other room. Receptionist asks for Harman and Soumya’s id cards. Surbhi thinks she don’t have ID card. Kishan Lal says now your daughter is your responsibility. Varun says you can’t do this with my sister, and asks what will happen with my sister now. Chintu comes and says I will come with you. Kishan Lal refuses to take him with him and goes. Raavi cries. Chintu also cries.

Receptionist tells that it is a hotel policy to get ID cards of customers. Harman gets tensed. He says if we shall go back to get ID card. Surbhi asks him to tell what to do? He says I will call legal advisor who will find some solution. Legal advisor tells that they will write the details on stamp papers. He asks about Soumya’s name, age and then gender. Soumya is silent. Lawyer says what I am asking? She is female. He says I will make affidavit. He asks them to sign on the papers. Harman and Soumya sign on the papers. Harman asks can we stay in your hotel room. Manager says sure, and says he will send their luggage to room.

A Kinnar give money to Kareena. Kareena asks a man to get her ticket for Mumbai. She sees Chameli having phone and snatches her phone asking her not to go out and inform Saya. Chameli says your bad intentions will fail eventually. Kareena gets angry and says I am coming to ruin your life Soumya, come to you…Mumbai.

Harman, Surbhi and Soumya go to the room. Surbhi likes the room. Soumya is sad and says you both have come here. Harman says you are my life officially and legally also. Soumya says you have changed the topic. Harman says it was Surbhi’s idea to bring you here, and says now we will enjoy. He says I promise that we will not forget this moment all our lives. Soumya says I don’t want to remember anything and don’t like this. Haramn gets upset. Surbhi asks Soumya why she is behaving rudely with him.

Soumya says he is your husband too, but his behavior is indifferent towards you. Surbhi says I wanted you both to go, but he asked me to come along with you both. Hotel staff comes and give their stuff. Surbhi asks him to keep her stuff in other room. Soumya says you will stay here and goes. Harman tells Soumya that he is thinking to book room for life.

Precap: Chintu demands Soumya to come back. Preeto calls Soumya and asks her to come back home. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Saw in the segments that the entire cast was happy with the show completing 200 episodes…episode was pretty good with haya moments… Just want Soumya to become a little strong….

    1. Ya Tanvi… Saumya needs to be a strong character and not nazuk and dheeli dhaali.

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