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Shakti 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun coming back home. Preeto opens the door and asks if he found Soumya. Harak Singh says she must not be found. Raavi says she might be dead. Harman comes downstairs. Varun folds his hands and asks them not to talk like this, and says human’s life has value. Harman asks Varun to leave making them understand as they don’t care about her. Varun checks his phone, Preeto asks him to have food kept on the dining table. He comes to Harman and says sometimes he is trapped between Preeto and him, and don’t know whom to support. Harman asks him to support truth. Varun massages his feet and tells that his love with Soumya is so pure and selfless, and says I get happy thinking that I have a role in your marriage, as I convinced Preeto. Harman gets emotional and hugs him. Varun says

I will make kada for you and goes to make kada. He says I have added everything and would have added poison too, but you have to see your family ruined first.

He turns and sees Preeto standing. He tells her that he was making kada. Preeto says you made kada just as Soumya used to make. Varun says he is following Soumya’s recipe to make Harman drink it. Preeto gets doubtful.

Soumya thinks about Harman and recalls all the good moments between them. Tu Hi Mera Khuda.plays………..She thinks about Harman’s wound and hopes Varun makes kada for him. Soumya cries and misses him. She thinks I can hope only one, that your pain would be gone. Varun brings kada and tells Harman that he tried to make kada, Soumya’s style but it might not be as tasty as hers. Harman says you all misunderstands me and think that I just loves Soumya, but I loves everyone. Varun says I know, and asks him to sleep.

Surbhi is with Abhishek. Varun calls Surbhi. Abhishek asks her to put call on loudspeaker. Surbhi picks the call. Varun asks her to meet him in the temple in the morning at 8 am, says they will get married. Surbhi asks about Soumya? Varun says I will call her within 10 mins after you come there and ends the call. Surbhi tells Abhishek that they shall go and search Soumya as the place might be near the temple. Abhishek says we will go in the morning. He tells Surbhi that he don’t want to lose her and asks if they will marry this time. Surbhi thanks her for his help. Bebe hears them. Surbhi says I won’t leave that Varun this time. Bebe comes to Maninder and tells that Surbhi is in trouble and tells about Varun. Maninder says he wants to stop Surbhi and Abhishek’s marriage. He calls Preeto. Preeto is irked and thinks when will they stop troubling them.

Early morning, Surbhi is coming out of house secretly. Nani catches Surbhi going and asks where is she going? Surbhi gets emotional and tells her that she will tell her everything once she returns, and says it seems to be like a war and asks for her blessings. Nani looks on. Surbhi goes.

Soumya thinks it is good that she didn’t talk to Surbhi and she will be very happy with Abhishek. She thinks Harman will also remarry and be happy. She thinks he shall not search her, if he takes her back then everyone will get angry. She knocks on the door asking Varun to take her out. She cries and thinks Harman can’t be happy until she is in his life and says she wants to go far away from his life so that he could never find her.

Harman tells Inspector that he will search Soumya, but before that he asks Inspector to file complaint that his mum is involved in his wife’s kidnapping. Preeto thinks how can her son think so bad about her.

Preeto asks Abhishek to tell her everything. Later she tells Harman to come with her, and says he will feel ashamed of his thinking. Varun keeps Surbhi at gun point. Soumya is shocked. Harman, Harak Singh and Harman are on the way in their car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really abhishek is a nice guy.. its straght oppsite is varun…. en ivan ippdi pandrano???? kudumba buthi konjamavadhu irikkadha enna??

  2. Today I felt that there was more of Surbhi, preeto, Varun drama,more focus should be on Harman and Soumya….tomorrow trp day, hope Shakti tops the chart with good trps…

  3. thank you for the fastest update… great job.. neenga innaiku 8.32 manike update panniteenga…??????

  4. ammu ma first please nethu update la ennoda comment parunga… aparam comment pannunga…???

  5. Today I am commenting about yesterday’s and today’s episode. I also felt that there is more surbhi drama.i hate surbhi i also don’t know y I’m hating her?may be bcoz she comes between haya na.i didn’t felt any good about surbhi even if she tries to save soumya.y makers focus on surbhi sacrifices.soumya moves from Harman home to stop d marriage of ha with surbhi.but this will be happened.then what about soumya sacrifices? She doesn’t happy after their marriage. I totally hate d surbhi drama.but Harman and soumya action is very nice in these 2 episodes. Somu is looking so cute in these episodes and its very paining to see their partition like that. Pls makers we want only hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  6. heyyyy???

    naan dhan first….??

  7. agree you bunny..?? we want only haya…

    ashley,ammu ma, raji ma, udhaya akka, kopz ellarum engappa irukeenga…. raji ma unga chinna paiyanukku fever sariaauidicha…

  8. ok i m going to bed… enakku thookam varudhu.. Good night?? sweet dreams…?? will meet again tomorrow….

    ammu ma marakkama en comment ah padichitu reply pannunga…??

  9. Raji ma, sollunga endha school?????

  10. Hi sakthi family, today I couldn’t watch the episode I only read TU . The episode is Ok.


    Serial nalla irruko illayo, trp increase aagutho illayo ( yengaluku aadalum paadalum nigazhchi veche aaganum hmmmm) naanga comment pannikite iruppom hmmmm.

  11. Hai kartika nethu unga comments pathen nalla irukku. I am very happy to your returns. And intha writers yenpa ippadi pandranga
    Again will marry to Harman with surbi. Its very irritating to us.
    Intha Harman etthana vatti pa marriage pannuvan. Oru marriage kke vidai theriyala. Next marriage scene and stopped scene will come. Ithukku deivamagal 100 times better.
    Hi ammu, udhaya, Ashley and all fans h r u? Pls comment your thought’s. My sons are 70% ok from fever. Thanks ammu ma

  12. Hi Ashley athu st Mary’s boys higher secondary school at millerpuram near VOC college tell the route

  13. Hi karthi, I read ur comments. This is what I missed when u r absent. Velai sry sevai nu vanthu ta naanga lam vellakkari (sry correct ta padinga apdina servant illa foreigner).

  14. Congrats karthi ur the to comment.??.

    Enna ma today too many comments like me. College la homework, project ellam kodukalaya innaiku. Paavam innaiku oru naal aavathu freeya irunga.

  15. illa ma neraiya hw irundhadhu. idhellam paatha samooga sevai seyya mudiuyma….

    good mrng to shakti family..☀☀☀

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