Shakti 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya pass all tests and break their fast

Shakti 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to drink juice as she feels weak. Soumya says she is fine. Harman asks Surbhi and do puja for his brother. Varun asks Soumya to take care. Soumya asks Surbhi not to worry and says she will be fine in sometime. Soumya feels pain in her stomach. She asks Chameli to bring wet towel and wipes her neck with it. Harak Singh’s phone rings, but he don’t pick the call. Harman calls Rani and when he sees nobody, thinks everyone is sleeping and he shall sleep too. Saya brings Soumya there and tells that Harman has failed as he thought she haven’t kept fast and he slept. Kareena says no man can love a kinnar. Saya asks Rani to bring mesh so that Soumya breaks her fast. Rani couldn’t get it and informs Saya. Harman gets up and asks if they are searching mesh. He

says what do you think that I have accepted that my Gulabo haven’t kept the fast. He says he has understood and would have made her break her fast, but he knows that Soumya will never break her fast. He says if you all permit then can we break our fast. Soumya says it is not easy to understand him. Saya asks them to break the fast.

Gurumaa asks them to accept their condition. Harman asks what is the new condition now and asks if she was head master in any school. Gurumaa asks Kareena to bring a bucket and asks Soumya to fill the bucket with water without using any jug or anything. Harman asks what is this new condition. Gurumaa says they have to test their love and says now Soumya have to prove that even she loves you. Harman protests and says they will not agree. He asks her to take his test and not to dragged Soumya in fulfilling the conditions. He asks Soumya to come and says they don’t want us to unite. Soumya says she will fulfill the condition. Harman says it is impossible to fill water in bucket without using any utensil. A fb is shown, Kareena talks to Preeto and she explains her plan. Gurumaa hears her. Kareena asks her to shake hands with Preeto to get rich and don’t let Soumya’s fast complete. Fb ends. Soumya using cloth to fill the bucket with water. Veeran calls Harak Singh and says he is not picking the call. Shanno says don’t know where is he? Soumya manages to fill the bucket. Everyone claps for her.

Harman says Gulabo has fulfilled your condition. Can we break the fast now? He gives her saree and asks her to wear it. Soumya thanks him. Rani says we all shall see her breaking fast and shall be happy. They all wait outside. Surbhi waits for the moon to appear. Nani asks her to have patience. Bebe says she can’t bear hunger.

Soumya comes wearing saree. Harman looks at her. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…..He asks for her hand and says lets start puja. All kinnars watch out. Veeran and Preeto are tensed. He calls Harak Singh. Shanno says shall I be hungry until bhai saheb comes and asks him to stand. Veeran says Harak Singh came. Raavi asks Balwinder to come. Soumya looks at the moon and then looks at Harman through the mesh. Harman also see her. Surbhi looks at Varun through the mesh. Preeto, Shanno and Raavi look at their respective husbands through the mesh. Preeto is shocked to see a girl Mohini(Sara khan) getting down from Harak Singh’s car. She gets shocked.

She asks who is she? Harak Singh says Mohini is my medicine. He says many relations ends in this world. He says his son is mad after kinnar and at the other side, you are crying asking me to get your son. He says he will get drown in girl and will be happy with her, asks Preeto to go and make her son life happy. Preeto is shocked and the mesh falls down from her hand.

Soumya asks for a gift from Harman. Harman says he has stitched falls on to the saree. Soumya says she has a gift. Music plays as she signs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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