Shakti 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman tells Soumya that the room is ready with two beds and asks her to sleep at other bed. He asks her not to wake him up early in the morning. Soumya nods. She says she has done arrangements for puja and asks him to do. Harman says did you ever see me doing puja. Soumya says puja should be done for prosperity, happiness and safety etc. Harman asks her to do puja. Soumya tells him that she was never allowed in the temple by her family, and she did puja only in Kinnar community. Harman says you was never allowed and deprived of all the happiness. He asks her to do puja. Soumya nods. Raavi asks Preeto to light diyas and says it is auspicious. Preeto says my son is not with me and asks her to light diyas. Raavi says I have full faith on Mata Rani.

Raavi tells Preeto that

she will get her son tomorrow and Harman will return too. She asks her not to worry and says Harman will be fine wherever he is. Preeto sadly sits and reminisces Harman. Varun hears them and thinks this Diwali everyone’s heart will get burn with the surprise which he is going to give. Soumya does aarti of Mata Rani while Harman stands with her. She then gives aarti to Harman. Harman takes aarti. Soumya asks Harman to hold the diya plate and make a wish, says it will be fulfilled by next Diwali. Harman says if it is right. Soumya nods. Harman prays for Soumya’s happiness and hopes she stays with her family also and never separate from them. Harman and Soumya look out from the window. Harman sees Preeto and says she might be having headache, and says she will take tablet, but will not eat. He says she wants to eat medicine with my hand, and that’s why she will not eat it. He tells Soumya that Preeto did wrong with her, but she is not bad at heart. He says my mum is good at heart and I want to be born as her son. Soumya says she needs to have medicine now, what we will do now.

Preeto looks at Harman’s photo and talks to him. She asks how to make you understand that I will bring everything for you, but I can’t agree to your wish. She says I am yearning to see you. Harman comes and says even I am yearning to keep my head on your lap, to have food made by you, to get scolded by you. Preeto gets emotional and hugs him. She says I knew you will definitely come. Harman says I know that your life is in me. Preeto scolds him for troubling him. Harman says I came to give your headache medicine. He asks her to have medicine. Soumya looks at them and smiles. Preeto says you told me that you will drop Soumya home and return. Harman says when I went there, Kinnars were already there. I will return home once I drop her safely home. Preeto says I won’t let you go anywhere. Harman says she is my responsibility. Preeto says she is suffering because of him. Harman promises her that when he returns home then he will come as her son only. Preeto agrees to let him go and hugs him.

Harak Singh calls Preeto. Harman asks her to go and says your husband is calling you. Harak Singh calls Preeto and says Raavi’s inlaws came here. He is happy to see them. Raavi’s father in law tells that they shall do out if court settlement. Harak Singh says it is good. Raavi’s husband asks him to take back the case and says let you be happy at your house, and we will be happy at our house. Harak Singh says I don’t talk to youngsters, and questions Raavi’s father in law. Raavi’s father in law tells that he wanted to do his betterment, but it seems he wants to blacken his face. He asks him to bring small quantity of water to get drown in it. Harak Singh threatens him, and says I am sparing you as you are my daughter’s sasur and standing at my house. I would have buried you inside the land. Raavi’s husband says kinnar’s sasur is threatening us. He threatens to insult them in court and asks him to do as they said. Harak Singh asks you are threatening us. Raavi’s father in law says we heard that your son has gone mad and is searching his kinnar wife.

Harman comes and says yes, you heard right. He holds their collar and says I am searching Soumya as I want to give her rights, and says she is better than you people and don’t sell off relations. Raavi’s father in law tells that he hope that you people don’t turn up at court else you will be ruined. Raavi’s husband taunts Harman’s manhood. Harman holds his collar and says if you wouldn’t have been my sister’s husband, I would have broken your bones and would have buried you both. He asks them to get out. Raavi cries. Harman asks her not to get afraid of her inlaws. Harak Singh says you said one thing truly, you know how to break bone and break relation very well. He says nobody will want a son from now onwards, and says daughters are far better than a son. He asks him to go following Kinnar and asks him not to return.

Harman tells Soumya that Raavi’s inlaws came to know about her. Soumya asks him to take her to Nimmi and says we can’t stay together, why to get insulted. She asks him to take her now. Harman looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No Surbhi, what a relief! And Harman nailed it, this week Shakti stands second on the channel and is the slot leader, This shows that It’s HAYA that rules the show..and I am totally in love with the song Tu he mera khuda…

    1. y you hate surbi… dont make like swaragini fans… I like haya but surbi role is also ok….

  2. Plz put up written update of ganga.

  3. Haya scenes are super….

  4. Haya scenes are super….I love this song tu hi mera khuda….

  5. Haya scenes are super….I love this song tu hi mera khuda….super…

  6. Angelk1

    Director please dont separate them again. You will loose rating.

  7. Harman you are a darling… I love you, love,you … you and saumya are the best couple on TV … please don’t forsake saumya Harman …. you have a heart of gold …. please don’t change. Colors please show more of Harman and Saumya!!! I love both of you ????

  8. why RSTF promote Shakti and forget Swaragini it’s unfair , they reduced swaragins episode ( 16min )
    no reapeat telecast

  9. This is the a beautiful love story Harman and sowmya are perfect pair .they both love each other madly Harman and sowmya eye love and romance in between Harman and sowmya is excellent .for their live they only should take the decision.varun loves surbi varun said is love with surbi that if you are a gay that is no matter because I love you .like this you Harman is not saying .the director should understand one think clearly we fans dont want to see Harman and sowmya saperatly .in between Harman and sowmya their is no need of another girl coming it is not important. the director thinks that he is making interesting but he is destroyes the serial and making the story ugly by bringing a girl in between Harman and sowmya he made the serial very dirty he can’t understand what we fans want .we want Harman and sowmya love story back

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