Shakti 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer gets saved, Harman and Soumya unite

Shakti 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman taking Sameer to the hospital. Veeran and Harak Singh are in the car going back home. Veeran says we should have seen Soumya’s dead body. Harak Singh says if we have stayed there, then Harman would have seen us. Veeran says God has written her destiny with a golden pen. Harak Singh says Gill is professional and will kill Soumya. Just then he gets Saya’s call and she tells him that Soumya’s destiny is good and now she is with Harman. She tells that nobody can kill her. She asks him to accept Soumya and regard her as bahu. Soumya prays to God and says she doesn’t want to blame if anything happens to Sameer. Saya comes to her and says nothing will happen to him. Soumya hugs her. Saya says we all love you a lot and you made us paraya….She asks her not to do this mistake

again. Harman tells Sameer’s mum that he will be fine after the operation. Preeto asks her not to worry about money and says we will take care of it. Sameer’s mum apologizes to Preeto and Soumya. She tells that she got selfish for her son. Soumya asks her not to apologize and says she is not upset with them.

Veeran enters home and tells Shanno that Soumya’s destiny is good, Harman found her. Chintu says we will celebrate. Jeet asks everyone to accept Soumya. Shanno gets angry. The doctor informs everyone that Sameer is out of danger. Jasleen asks Harman to Soumya to stay there and takes others to have tea. Harman bends down in front of her and asks her for forgive him. He says if I do any mistake then make me understand, scold me /slap me and if you want to run away from home in anger then take me with you. Soumya asks him to get up first. Harman apologizes again. Soumya forgives and hugs him. Tu hi mera khuda plays…….

Jasleen says sorry to Soumya for not understanding their relation. Soumya and Harman hug her. Soumya apologizes to Preeto. Preeto tells her that she is upset with her for going without telling her and says you told that you will stitch my clothes. Sameer’s mum asks her to stitch Preeto’s clothes on their machine. Soumya asks Nurse if there is any medicine to convince someone. Preeto smiles and hugs her. Chintu calls Surbhi and informs her that Harman found Soumya. Surbhi and Nani get happy. Varun says it is a good thing and asks her to forgive him and give him a chance. He says he will regard Soumya as his bhabhi. Surbhi says Harman ji can take care of Soumya well and tells Nani that they go shall and meet him. Bebe gets upset.

Sameer gains conscious. Soumya asks how is he? Sameer says he was roaming as a ghost and jokes. He apologizes to Harman and says he did penance for not understanding their love. He says I loved her, but didn’t have the courage to accept her. He says Soumya was right, there is just one Harman in this world. He asks her to walk with her head high and says your astitva is your ego. Harman says you have accepted your mistake, it is a good thing and asks him to come to his house. Sameer asks them not to forget Ludhiana. Soumya says she will pray for him to get a good girl with whom you can see the world. They leave. Sameer thinks you came in my life as an angel and I will never forget you, smiles.

Harak Singh stops Harman and Soumya from entering his house and announces partition. Preeto says this house is of Soumya also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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