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Shakti 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Media questioning a man and calls him Avinash Vardaan. Reporter asks him why he is using money to develop society and its welfare. Avinash talks about India and says it is fun to live for others. He says everyone here, his cook, servants is from India and he likes Indian food. Tiku’s friend bring Soumya there. Soumya sees the temple and prays. She starts walking. Avinash looks at her. Surbhi asks Harman to go and bring back Soumya being her rakshak. Preeto asks her to come out and says Harman can’t think anything. Surbhi asks Harman to think where is Soumya and with whom. Harman takes out gun from his cupboard and tells that he will search Soumya, and bring her back and will ask her why did she leave him. Preeto thinks he can’t get Soumya as she is gone far.

Avinash tells

Media that the new girl Tarana will stay with them. He looks at her and asks her to make makke ki roti and sarso ka saag. Soumya nods. He asks her to come. Harman comes to kinnar’s house holding gun. Chameli asks why did you come with gun. Kareena says he wants to shoot us. Harman asks where is Mallika. Kareena asks what you will do, if you want to shoot her. Harman says if I don’t get her address then I will shoot. Mallika comes and asks him to shoot. Harman asks where is Soumya. Mallika says she will never tell him. Avinash calls Tina and asks her to take Tarana inside. Tina says she will explain her about her work. Avinash looks at Soumya. Harman shoots in air. They get shocked. Mallika asks him to leave Tarana. Harman says I am sad that Soumya left me, but I am more sad that you couldn’t understand me and my love. He tells that his love is not weak that he couldn’t find her, and tells that he has trust on his love and will bring his Gulabo back even if he has to search all world. He says this is Harman Singh’s promise to you.

Tina explains work to Soumya. A boy is crying. Soumya says shall I try. Tina says he will not keep quiet before 1 and a half hour. Soumya asks him not to cry and tells him story She sings Aage Dekho..lori. Avinash and Tina looks on as boy rests on Soumya’s lap. Boy sleeps on her lap. Avinash smiles and calls Tiku’s friend and tells that Tarana is an efficient maid. Varun asks Surbhi not to worry and says Soumya will be back. Surbhi asks him to stay away from her and says you made me unconscious that’s why. Preeto says Soumya went with her wish and this time we had accepted Soumya, but she left. Surbhi asks her to tell what happened that day. Preeto says we are not answerable to you and asks her to ask Harman. Chintu rings the temple bell and asks God to bring Soumya back else he will not have milk and will trouble everyone. Surbhi hugs him and says Mata Rani will listen to you.

Chintu says I am missing Soumya Mami. Preeto is irritated. Tina asks if she has a son. Soumya says no. Tina asks how can her husband let her come here. Soumya says she is not a human, and says only men and women are humans in that world. Tina asks what? Before Soumya could say that she is a kinnar, Avinash comes there and asks Tina to give his wallet. He tells Soumya that he knows that she is a kinnar and asks her not to tell Tina. Soumya is shocked and says she don’t want to hide her identity here also. Avinash tells that he will tell Tina at the right time and tells that he don’t want Tina to kick her out, and then you have to roam on the streets. Tina brings his wallet and gives to Avinash. Avinash leaves. Tina tells Soumya that you are a kinnar. Soumya is shocked.

Harman is going out of house with his stuff. Varun asks if he find anything about Soumya. Harman says you all were ready to accept her infront of society, so get ready. I will bring her. Preeto says if she don’t come. Harman says then don’t wait for me also. Preeto is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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