Shakti 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun asking Surbhi, when she will be back. Surbhi says why I will return and says it is Soumya’s pagphera rasam. Varun tells her that he will wait for her there itself. Surbhi says time will tell. Soumya tells Nimmi that Maninder talked to her nicely and even hugged her. Surbhi comes and asks Nimmi to come. They come out. Preeto asks if the stuff is kept in car and stops Harman. She says you can’t go. Harman says I can’t go, but I can see off my wife. Soumya smiles. Nimmi gets tensed seeing eunuch coming there. Eunuch dances infront of them. Nimmi asks why did you come here, marriage is over. Preeto says let them dance, and bless the kids. Harak Singh dances and gives them money. Nimmi doesn’t feel good. Saya is standing behind Nimmi. Harak Singh and his brother dances with

the eunuchs. Saya comes and gives something in Nimmi’s hand shocking her.

Nimmi asks Soumya to sit in car. She thinks one night is over, but there are 20 nights left. Surbhi asks Nimmi, why do eunuch come and dance in every occasion. Driver says they don’t have any work so do this work. Nimmi scolds him and asks him to focus on driving. Maninder is worried at home. Bebe asks him to call Surbhi. Nimmi brings Soumya and Surbhi home. She asks Soumya to go inside.

Surbhi asks Maninder to come and says she wants to talk to him. Maninder is tensed and goes to room. He asks what is the matter? Surbhi says I didn’t tell anything to Soumya and asks him to tell from where did the snake come in that gift box. Maninder tells that I told you that I gave bangles to Soumya, and may be she kept in that box being unhappy with marriage. He asks are you doubting on me? Surbhi says no, and says I want to know who hates her so much. Nimmi comes and says her own father. Surbhi asks why will Papa do this and follows Nimmi to room. Maninder is angry. Nimmi asks Surbhi, why you didn’t tell me before. She asks how Soumya couldn’t know about it. Surbhi says I had opened that box before her and kept that bangles instead seeing her happiness. She says even you have answers for my question and asks what is all this? Why Papa hates her so much, Soumya is yearning for his love since childhood and asks why he hates her. Nimmi is tensed.

Surbhi says I will not keep quiet, if you don’t tell me then I will ask Papa or this world. How can a father do partiality among his daughters. Nimmi cries and asks her to trust her. She says I will tell you only after 20 days, and says these 20 days will decide her future and we can even lose her. She says that’s why you have to be with her and take care of her. She says I can’t do this alone and needs your help. Surbhi is shocked. Nimmi gives her promise and asks her not to enquire anything from Maninder. She asks her to pack her bags and stay with Soumya for 20 days. She says I will talk to Harman. He will not refuse. Surbhi looks on cluelessly.

Harak Singh asks Preeto where is she going? Preeto asks what is the matter. Harak Singh says now we have got our son married. Preeto asks him to come to point. He asks her to make Pulao. She refuses to make it as bahu have come home now. Harman says you sent my wife to her mayka and says he is thinking to bring her back. His sister teases him. Harman also teases her and asks her to move as he is going to bring Soumya home. His sister says he will dance on his wife tune all his life. Harman says I will dance and will also praise her. He says you have made your husband danced well. Harak Singh says Harman is saying right. Harman’s sister cries seeing dad supporting Harman. Harman goes to bring Soumya home.

Maninder asks Surbhi, what did Nimmi tell you? Surbhi says with which right you are asking me? She says you tried to kill my sister and that’s why can’t be my father. She says I was proud of you, but now…She says I am binded by mom’s promise. Maninder says she couldn’t tell you, but I will tell you. He is about to tell. Surbhi stops him and says how to believe that you will say truth and refuses to listen to him. She goes.

Soumya tells Kalsi that Harman’s family is very good. Surbhi comes and asks about jiju? She says everyone is good, except Harman’s mum in law. She says Soumya will have to adjust with her. Harman is in the car and thinks he couldn’t meet Gulabo well. Kalsi asks about their wedding night. Surbhi says Preeto made them sleep in different rooms because of short circuit. Harman thinks to make romantic film like atmosphere. Soumya is shy.

Nimmi asks Soumya not to let Harman come near her, else anything can happen, Harman’s life is in risk. Soumya believes her. Later Harman pulls Soumya towards him romantically. They have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alisha

    Hey guys! Sorry for not commenting for 2 days. Anyways.. Who missed me and my stupid comments? Lol!
    So,I was kinda forced to comment today cuz of the new promo of 3rd August. Many of you must have seen it. Well.. Finally CVS ne humari sun li! We are going to know the truth soon. Yay! ??
    Coming to the episode, Harman’s dialogues were superb as always, what makes them even more interesting and superb is his dialogue delivery or accent. Marvelous! ????
    So today’s episode started with a Surun nok-jhok scene. The cool Varun and the attitude wali Surbhi.. ??
    There were no proper Haya scenes today, but they both thinking about eachother, especially Harman is the best thing.. ??
    Actually, I don’t have to say much today. Kinda over excited about the 3rd August episode after watching the promo. Well.. I have one thing to say about the promo. In the promo, Nimmi said that if Soumya lets Harman get close to her, then Harman’s life can be in danger? In danger? What does that mean? Well I have two predictions here:
    1. Maybe Nimmi said that only to scare Soumya a little, cuz she knows that Soumya likes Harman and she won’t do anything that would turn our to be danger for him.
    2. Maybe, it’s related to her past. Maybe it’s not a transgender story (I said maybe.. I am not sure. After all it’s just a prediction and we all want it not to be a transgender story.) She can be something that’s similar to a Vishkanya and stuff like that.
    Anyways, lets just try to be a little patient (I CAN’T WAIT! ??). Lol! ?

    1. Lila

      Nimmi getting worried seeing eunuch? does that mean it’s related to Soumaya? I really hope it doesn’t. I don’t want it to be transgender or anything like that. It will spoil the story. I just hope it’s something like superstitious?

  2. pwincess pari

    Harman scenes alwayzZzzzz superbbbb ???Awesum precap ??

  3. Started liking this haya

  4. How can soumya b inter s*x if it so the worst serial……showing romance f haya and saying inter s*x how can a man accept

  5. Sriranjani

    I love Harmya……Ohh God Today Surbhi nailed the scene and I’m waiting for the day when They all get to know about Soumya’s truth. I don’t need Soumya to commit Suicide attempt…Harman please save her from the danger.

  6. It seems as though Soumya might be an enuch.

  7. Narendran

    Harman and soumya scenes are superb!!???????????.. Guys my ff is posted on shakthi page. Pls check and leave a comment!!?????

  8. Hey guys I’m new here!! You guys are super at writing reviews by the way !!! So regarding this whole secret thing …at first I thought I might be a mythological things aswell but now I’m beginning to wonder whether she herself is a eunuch …. I first started getting suspicious when her mum freaked out over the doctor coming and then when she asked her mum why he eunuchs are always dancing … I’m really beginning to thinks she’s a eunuch… but the wouldn’t she know ? And so far It seems like she doesn’t know ….

  9. For sure soumya is enunch .. From today’s episodes that’s kind of confirmed. ..

    1. Renuverma

      Yes saras its confirmed saumya is enunch or( kinner).
      Both have same meaning . Its confirmed as nimmy got sxared on seeing kinnars. Except for her every one was happy n dancing.
      Also when surbhi asked her sbout knnnars she scolded her for talking baseless n when driver wanted to explain she started scolding him too.

      100% confirmed saumya is kinner.

  10. If its gonna be a gender problem then its the most stupid reason as a person comes to know by themselves and the pretty soumya!!! From which angle does she look like a eunuch??

  11. Aru

    Its not like trandsgender if soumya is eunuch means she got now that and one more thing if she is transgender means how can she get feeling on harman how she act like normal girl i think its something like superstition lets cross our fingers it should not be transgender story

  12. Vinay Karthik

    hey guyzz i m new to this group ….. well i m watching ths serial like u all i also thought first is soumya a transgender bt nw i think NO she will nt be transgender u may ask me hw…… i m telling u all my answer….. i will nt go any fact or logic frm scenes just think outside box since the show started thr s only one question nd tht question soumya s wat? ths s the biggest twist in ths serial will u all think director will make audience to guess it correctly no na no director will do tht instead of tht he will create one illusion infront of us nd also he will show wrong way for us to guess like tht he will wrote dialogue nd show scene….. since v r seeing so many dialogue nd scenes s directing us towards one guess tht s soumya s transgender so i m sure soumya s nt transgender its something else v are nt able to guess…. its my opinion wat u guys are saying abt ths …..

  13. pwincess pari

    Renu , kinner oso part of superstition matter ! Mahinder tried to Soumya wen she was baby n transgender cnt be identified wen she was baby . It might be superstitions matter cz Says gt told tat Soumya is my azimat ,she is lyk protector for her .

    1. Renuverma

      No princess pari child s*x csn be determined at the time of birth only .then only we come to know its a boy or girl.
      In case of kinnars i think both genitals r there

  14. pwincess pari

    * tried to kill Soumya

  15. pwincess pari

    Based on Mahinder , Bebe , Nimmi , Saya’s dialogue n due to situation jz confusing uz Wheather Soumya transgender or paranormal woman n etc

  16. The show is related to transgender..the role is portrayed by soumya here..that’s why her dad n grandma hates is yet to seen when the director unfold this truth..let’s wait and watch 🙂

  17. Renuverma

    Freinds justbopen the above mentioned link to know

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