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Shakti 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman blaming Surbhi and says you are acting as we are husband and wife so that I will accept you one day. He asks her to stop trying to take Soumya’s place and says nobody can take her place. He asks her to take her stuff and go to her house. Surbhi hears him silently. Harman says you have no answer for my question. Surbhi says you are asking question and saying answer also, so what shall I say? She says we all are your enemies and infact everyone is against your and Soumya’s love, but you have trust on your love naa. She says how can you think that someone can control your love. She says Soumya is my sister before becoming wife and says she can’t think of snatching her sister’s husband. She asks him not to tell that again, and says I haven’t come here to get place

for me, but to make my sister’s place stronger. She asks him to give sometime and not to fight. She says everything will be fine.

Harman tells Surbhi that she is intelligent too. Chintu talks to Soumya. Soumya says she will return soon and asks him to have milk. Chintu says okay and drinks milk. She asks him to lie down on bed and covers himself with blanket. He asks her to sing lori for him and sleeps hearing it. Soumya thinks he must have slept and cuts the call. Nani comes and says you sung more good than Nimmi. Soumya says she can’t become mum, but feels motherly love for Chintu. She says she will ask Surbhi and Harman’s baby to call her Maa, and thinks to love him very much. Rani and Raveena think they shall leave as Police is outside Maninder’s house. Saya comes there and slaps them hard asking them to stay away from Soumya. She says she is my responsibility, I am her Saya and will not leave her. Rani says we will see until when you will save her. Saya says I will make sure that you people can’t kidnap her.

Soumya is looking at the moon and recalls what Harman said. Harman is also looking at the moon and says Gulabo. He calls her. Soumya thinks he should be with Surbhi now and picks the call. Harman asks what you are doing? Soumya says she is sleeping. Harman says that’s why you have picked the call so soon. He tells her that his house moon is incomplete without her. Soumya cuts the call. She thinks he didn’t know my helplessness. Harman thinks he understands her helplessness and caught her lie also. Harman comes back to his room and asks Surbhi what they will do on honeymoon. Surbhi says we have to go, as you know Mummy ji.

Neighbors come to meet Soumya and asks her to apply mehendi on her daughter’s hand. Maninder thinks he saw all these dreams for Surbhi. Soumya tells them that Kalsi applies best mehendi designs. Bebe asks her to apply mehendi. Soumya applies mehendi on the girl’s hand. Girl and her mum likes the design and bless her. After they left, Bebe tells Soumya that don’t know if the girl will marry or not after inauspicious Soumya applied mehendi on her hand. Maninder also taunts her. Nani tells them that Soumya came here and you are making her cry. She says it was Surbhi’s decision to marry Harman. Bebe says Soumya forced her to take that decision. Maninder says mayka is only for a daughter and not for a kinnar. Nani says you will stay with me now and asks Soumya to come with her. Maninder says okay and asks them to go. Nani brings her stuff and asks Soumya to come.

Harman and Surbhi are leaving for honeymoon. Varun brings the decorated car. Surbhi touches Preeto’s feet. Preeto blesses her. Harman sits in the car. Preeto thinks my plan is success, now they will get close when Soumya is not with them. Harman says it is strange that we have to go for other’s happiness. Surbhi says we have to go anyhow. Harman says we will stay somewhere and return home after 4-5 days. Surbhi reminds him that his mum is Preeto and asks what if she asks for proofs. Harman says you mean Mumbai pic. Surbhi says yes. She asks him to look at the front. Harman looks at Soumya standing with Nani.

Harman confesses love to Soumya during honeymoon. Later they get in the hotel and the receptionist ask about Surbhi’s relation with them. Harman and Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations guys Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki completes 200 episodes….I hope Vivian and Rubina continue to entertain us like this and the show completes 2000 episodes with them…I hope that Shakti beats all its rival shows and especially the one on Star plus…. So happy for Vivian and Rubina….do watch Shakti this week guys… We will get Haya moments….

  2. Surbhi I love u soooooooooooooo much. You are really good sister. sure I think i can’t find a sister as you. I can’t wait tomorrw episode i think sure haya’s hunymoon become nice then preeto’s evil drama faild

  3. Hay bunny,kopz,ammu,karthi how all are you??????? enjoy today episode I think soumya’s behaviour is not good for H araman becoz he is a real hero and he loves his gulabo very much his love is pure and true why she can’t tell her feelings to Harman her helpness is useless guys what do u think about?

  4. plz script writers not to surphi character change in future it irritated story bcoz our generation respect

  5. Frnda surbi char was too gud she is very sipportive ot our somu so don’t hate her

  6. Common Saumya, you can’t let Maninder say any shit about you… Give it back to him. Kick his ass…Anyways, ate we going to see a 3some on the honeymoon?? ?… This is so weird…..but not a bad idea… Hehehe ?

  7. Surbhi has done an awesome job in the serial, love her role too as much as Harman and Soumya.But the viewership of the serial is undoubtedly becz of Vivian Disena. He is truely the best actor of small screen just like Akshay kumar on the Big Screen.

  8. I really like this series..but wen next episode coming up

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