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Shakti 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman taking the keys from Preeto’s hand. Preeto says you will not go outside this house to search that Kinnar. Harak Singh asks Harman to come to his room with wine bottle for celebrations, and says we can celebrate for your happiness, you might be very happy thinking your son is all alone in this partition, so come on lets celebrate. He returns the keys in Preeto’s hand and goes to his room. Later Harman is in his room and says Gulabo…why did you left from here, so far from me. I can’t touch you even if I want. Soumya also thinks about Harman and thinks she is incomplete and and her life is eclipsed. He says you seems to be very closer to me. Soumya says this moon is so far but I can see it, but I can’t see you even if I want. He says society is like eclipsed and came

in between them. Harman says I am in love with you. Varun looks at Harman staring at the moon and thinks he is talking to Soumya via moon…He thinks once Surbhi becomes his wife, then his life will be starry. He gets Surbhi’s call and picks the call. He asks have you decided? Surbhi says yes, and asks him to tell when he will marry? He cuts the call and smiles.

He comes to her in his car and says his heart beat is increasing hearing her yes, and says I love you… much. He holds her hand and says if you would have agreed then this situation wouldn’t have arised. He says we will marry now. Surbhi says we shall inform our families. Varun says I won’t let anyone come in between us now. Surbhi thinks to leave from there somehow and tells him that she can’t marry in this dress, and needs bridal dress. Varun says we will do shopping and buy dress for our wedding. Surbhi thinks he is asking me to come with him and pretends to call Nani. She tells that she is coming home. She tells Varun that Nani is calling her and makes an excuse. Varun thinks she is beautiful and lied with charm. He thinks he will answer her for this.

Harman comes to make food. Preeto comes and says I will make food. Harman throws the utensil and says he don’t want to eat food. Preeto looks at the roti pan. Surbhi calls Abhishek and tells that she agreed for marriage. A fb is shown, Abhishek asks her to agree for Varun’s demand and then they will get time to find Soumya. Preeto brings the food and asks Harman to eat it. Preeto asks him to have food, and gives plate in his hand. Harman breaks the plate. Preeto gets angry. Harman says you made eat food since childhood, but don’t want to share me with anyone. He asks her to go.

Maninder asks Bebe where is Surbhi? Surbhi comes back home. Maninder asks her not to worry about Soumya. Surbhi says you people will not understand, what is the use of telling you. She comes to room and is sad. Nani asks if she came to know anything about Soumya. Soumya says I will tell you when the right time comes.

Varun tells Soumya that he can’t see Harman condition, but stopped himself from telling the truth. Soumya says she is a kinnar and her love will also be incomplete. She says let me go, and may be he will marry someone else. Varun says he has happiness with you only, and says who will make kada for him. Soumya says it is easy to make and tells him how to make it. Varun records her video and tells that he is leaving. He comes out and sends video to Surbhi. She thinks to make Surbhi worried and tensed about Soumya. Surbhi sees the video and gets worried asking mata rani to show some way.

Harman asks Inspector to file his complaint and says my mum is involved in my wife’s kidnapping. Later goons keep Soumya at gun point in the temple, while Varun tries to marry Surbhi. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No H Hasan the starting portion of the update is a bit wrong, Harman asked Harak Singh to come to his room… This is the last week of the year, I expect Shakti trp to increase, and also 2017 remains good for the show.

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  4. Hi ammu , ashley and all dear friends
    In Today episode noting to big talk. But abishek is OK. And another one Hays romance is Harman’s last wish. He agrees to marry surbhi. So he says somu and wish to dance with her.
    And very thanks to ammu and Ashley now my big son is OK two days no fever. But very tired. Small son has in fever en madiyileya irukkan. Irangave Illa pavam kashtama irukku.vomiting vera. Niraya marunthu kodukka vendiyatha irukku. Thanks to your prayers.

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    Are you studying in tuticorin? Appo oru help panna mudiuma? I want one address about school pls reply and I will ask you
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  11. Hi everyone, I like harman’s adamant character and I hate this varun and preeto. Now a days writers r trying to show surbi’s character better than somu’s.intha marriage,kidnapping drama vaala trp down aagidum nu oru romance scene vacchi cope up Panna paakuraanga intha writers .

    Naamalam yaaru nammala yemaatha mudiyuma !! Yevvalavu Tamil serials paathu irupom.

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  15. Angelk1

    Varun is using manipulation without hurting Soumya. His so terrible. But abhishek. Is a good men

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