Shakti 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Lavneet kidnaps Harman

Shakti 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavneet asking Harman to listen to her and says she can prove that she is his Gulabo. She asks for a chance and asks him not to go. Harman says trust on you? Raavi says what is the hurry and tells that your black deeds will be exposed now. She takes out Lavneet’s laptop. Lavneet asks what is this? Raavi asks why she is scared and asks if something is inside. She says I will tell everyone and asks Harman and others to come. She opens the laptop and asks Lavneet about the password. Lavneet refuses. Raavi tells that it is not wrong to hack someone’s password. She says my husband is a software engineer and says she will try it herself. She says laptop opened. Harman asks Lavneet to stand there itself. Raavi says email is logged in, good. She reads that Lavneet wrote someone that

she has met subject and doesn’t know who is his Gulabo. She reads Lavneet’s mails and reads that Khushi eloped with Harman, but then Harak Singh met me and asked me to become Gulabo, I grabbed the opportunity for which I was waiting for. Raavi asks Harman to check the pics in the laptop. Lavneet says I will explain to you. Harman says you called me subject and raise his hand on her, but stops himself. Raavi tells Harman that the truth is out now and says this girl is not Soumya. She praises Soumya and says she used to take all relations with her.

Preeto says my bahu is different from everyone. Lavneet accepts that she is not Gulabo and says she loves him a lot and asks him to accept her and believe her love. Harak Singh asks Harman what he has to do with the woman, who has left him. Preeto says he is lying about my bahu. Harak Singh asks Harman to tell him Khushi’s address. Lavneet says what you want to talk to her, and asks him to ask his family. Harman says you all are liar, but only Khushi is truthful. He says I will go and ask her who is real Gulabo/soumya and says she will tell me. He asks Harak Singh to tell where is she? Harak Singh asks Varun to bring paper and pen. Varun brings it. Harak Singh writes on it and gives to Harman. Lavneet tries to stop him. Harman asks Harak Singh not to inform Sameer that he is going there, if he is his father. Lavneet goes to room. Raavi thinks to follow Harman and check if Khushi is Soumya, but Harak Singh stops her and asks her to leave the house. Raavi says Harman is my brother also, and asks why can’t a sister think about her brother. Raavi says you know Jeet…Harak Singh says he should have think before doing. Raavi agrees to go and says wherever she stays, she will think of harman’s betterment. Lavneet gets angry thinking Harman refusing to accept her as Gulabo. She says you are mine and asks why? She asks Harman to return to her and says I love you more than that Gulabo. She cries and acts crazy, hurts herself saying I love you….She then wipes her tears.

Raavi packs her bags. Preeto also comes to hall with her bag. Shanno says don’t know what jiji will do now. Harak Singh asks where is she going? Preeto says I am her mum and will go with her. She asks him to come if he is her husband and says nobody will stay here. Raavi asks Preeto not to leave the house. Preeto says if I stay here then you will also stay. Harak Singh says Raavi will not stay here and it is final. Preeto shouts for help and says this man is throwing us out. Shanno says Raavi will stay here and asks Preeto to come. Veeran asks Harak Singh not to get angry on Raavi.

Soumya looks at the moon and thinks jolly must have got engaged by now. She thinks after her marriage, she will make Sameer understand that Jolly is a nice guy. She says she will go inside as Sameer will question her if he sees her there. She sees Harman coming there saying he will ask Khushi about his real Gulabo. Soumya sees him and closes the window. Harman asks her to open the window. Soumya thinks of promise made to Sameer. Harman knocks on the door calling her. He thinks everyone must have slept, and thinks to knock on the window. He asks her to open the window and says I know this room is yours. He gives his promise to her. Soumya thinks what to do. Just then someone comes wearing mask on his/her face and makes Harman smell chloroform. Soumya thinks to open the window and opens it. She asks what happened jolly, but couldn’t see him. The mysterious person takes Harman to side. Soumya comes out and calls Harman. Sameer comes and asks Soumya to come inside. Soumya comes inside. The mysterious person takes out the mask and he/she is none other than Lavneet. Lavneet acts crazy and says I love you Harman.

Lavneet tells Harman that she loves him. Harman is tied in her captivity and says he is married. Lavneet says I can give my life for you and can take life too and keeps knife on his neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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