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Shakti 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi asking Soumya where are they? She says I won’t be relieved until I see you. Preeto asks Nimmi to ask where are they? Soumya says we are…..Nimmi says Soumu….Soumya is about to tell her. Just then Harman comes and cuts the call. Nimmi says I will call again. Preeto says no need. Nimmi says she was about to tell me. Preeto says Harman has disconnected the phone. I know him. Harman asks her not to tell anyone and says we don’t know who is with Nimmi now. He asks her to take bath and says he will go and bring tea today. Preeto asks Nimmi and others not to tell Soumya that she came there, and says it is for everyone’s betterment. Nimmi looks on. Soumya tells Harman that there is no kitchen stuff and asks how I will make food? Just then she sees owner coming there with

kitchen stove and other stuff and says I have given this to other tenant also. He tells that today is Diwali and it is auspicious to make food at home. Harman says you are helping us a lot and asks are you trustable. Owner says I told you that you will succeed if you are right and when Mata Rani is helping you who am I to say anything.

Harman tells Soumya that he made them sentimental. He asks what do you need? Soumya says she wants all ingredients required and tells chilli, turmeric etc. Harman says he will write it down and writes everything on paper. He asks if it is done. Soumya says no, and says they need more stuff. Harman says it is sufficient for now. I will bring whenever you need anything. Soumya asks him to bring mata rani idol and puja stuff. Harman says okay.

Rani and Raveena come to Preeto’s house and see her coming there. They tell her that they were kicked out and asks her to give her money till their get in other kinnar society. Preeto refuses to give them money and asks them to go to hell. Raveena blackmails her that she will tell her secret to Harman that she wanted to send Soumya to Bangkok for human trafficking. She asks if you will give money or not. Preeto gives them money. Soumya sees Rani and Raveena leaving from Preeto’s house and tensedly closes the window. She hides being scared.

Harman sees people staring him on the road. He thinks why they are staring me, if they don’t buy household stuff. Just then he sees Varun and Harak Singh coming there in car and hides. He wears hood of the jacket and covers his head. He sees his missing poster on the road and smiles. He takes one poster with him and goes home. He sees Soumya sitting on ground and is scared. She sees him and says Harman ji….He asks why you are sitting here. Soumya tells him that Rani and Raveena came here, and will take me. Harman asks her to sit down and says if you get scared then it is my insult. Soumya says they are searching me. Harman says even I am in demand and shows the poster. Soumya says they are searching you also. What we will do now. Harman says we will do pait puja first and have food. He tells her that he has brought gift for her and says this may be your first and last gift. Soumya thinks I don’t need any gift or memory to remember you.

Harman asks her to open the gift. Soumya opens gift smilingly and sees it. Harman asks what you are thinking. If you don’t like it then return it. Soumya says it is beautiful, but seems costly. I can’t take it. Harman says you have to take this gift and give me something in return. Soumya asks what I can give you? I have nothing with me. Harman asks her to give her hand in his hand …Soumya is surprised. Harman says I mean he asks her to promise….that she will make him eat delicious food made by her with her magical hands. Soumya nods and smiles.

Harak Singh tells lawyer that he filed case against Harman just to call him home. He asks about the case. Lawyer says we will win and the case is in our favour. Raavi is happy and thanks God. Harak singh asks Varun to drop lawyer till outside. Raavi tells Harak Singh that she knew that she will get her son back.

Harman asks Soumya if she needs help, and says people will think that I am troubling you. Soumya nods and cuts her finger by mistake. Harman says I will apply turmeric on it and gets concerned. He applies turmeric on her hand. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……………He sees Harman written on her hand and is surprised. Soumya hides her hand. Soumya says I didn’t cut the finger by mistake. Harman is touched to see her tattoo and says you must have felt much pain. He says I will make food. Soumya says no, and says she will cook food for him. Harman says what you have done? Why you have engraved my name on your hand. He says you get hurt and I feel the pain. He says what is this relation. Soumya says few relations are not having any name, it is just having feeling. She tells that this tattoo is her strength, and tells that Kinnars have taken away her mangalsutra, so she had to make this tattoo. She says they have snatched my mangalsutra, but can’t snatched your name from me. Harman gets emotional. He says I will make food today and asks her to sit calmly.

Varun drops lawyer till home and asks if we will win tomorrow. Lawyer assures him and thanks for dropping him home. Varun thinks he is mistaken and thinks he will see how he will win the case. Soumya admires Harman while he is busy cooking food. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……………….Harman rolls roti. Soumya smiles. Harman says I am cooking, just 2 mins more. He serves the food in the plate and brings for Soumya. He is about to make her eat…Soumya asks him to eat food. Harman asks her to eat first and says he will make her eat with his hand first and then he will eat. Soumya is touched by his gesture and smiles. Harman asks how is it? Soumya nods. Harman says I am too good. Soumya eats the food. Tu hi Mera Khuda plays……………Harman says now I can’t control and will eat. He eats it and says it is spicy and salty, and the vegetables and rotis are half cooked. He asks how did you eat it? Soumya says you are the one after my mum, who made me eat with your hand. I couldn’t figure out chilli or salt in it, and tells that she has seen so much that it doesn’t affect her. Harman looks on.

Harman prays that Soumya unites with Nimmi and be happy with them always. Raavi’s father in law asks Harak Singh to take back the case. Harak Singh threatens them. Raavi’s husband asks if this threat is given by kinnar’s sasur. Harak Singh is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awesome episode.sowmya is very beautiful without makeup and i love Harman so much. Harmya scenes after a long time

  2. Y less comments now the track is going on right way na. Please do comments.

  3. Haya scenes are superb…

  4. Haya scenes are superb…precap is super and also.shocked.

  5. Haya scenes are superb…precap is super and also.shocked. superb…

  6. wow harman.. Great going. .
    Real good twist n track. . It will be nice like this. . both hiding from the world n living together…

  7. Hey guys a bad news for u..a new entry will be shown in this show..Mahi-Harman’s childhood frnd..n Preeto will decide their marriage… ?

  8. Angelk1

    What noo… Harmen should leave with soumya and never look back.

  9. Nice episode.. love harman and soumya romance??

  10. I like this interesting am happy for harman and soumya?????????????

  11. I like this interesting episode.l am happy for harman and soumya?????????????

  12. We fans are happy by seeing Harman and sowmya together.Harman and sowmya eye look was awesome .Harman takes care for sowmya and crys for her and sowmya loves Harman and she want to live with him but she can’t say her love and feelings with him it was touching .Harman and sowmya love each other very much they both can’t leave each other and live we fans Harman and sowmya love back please don’t hurt Harman and sowmya. This is the best love story

  13. Awesome harmaya waitning eagerly to see harmanya in tamil

  14. It is a nice episode though i think the upcoming events will be schoking to all fans .the director ignores serial fans and their opinions.iam really disappointed ….but istill have some hope that this track will give harman areason to realise his love for somya. Also ithink his marriage wiil be interrupted with another problem that will somya face so he will hurry up saving his love..

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