Shakti 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raveena telling Rani that film unit came to Soumya’s house and decorated her house. She says we have a chance to tell everyone about her truth. She asks her to come. Rani tells them what we will tell them that she is a kinnar, and says we are also a kinnar. She says today I came in my senses and says we have used Soumya and are jealous of her, as she has her husband with her who wants to give her a normal life, loves and cares her a lot. She says we go to insult Soumya, but it is not Soumya’s insult, but insult of our community. She says I will not go with you. Raveena says you have gone mad, and asks why Soumya’s destiny is not like them and tells that their fight is with god also and tells that she will change Soumya destiny and will bring her here. Rani wishes she would have

a husband like Harman. Goons get angry after getting slapped by Harak Singh and says they will not spare Harman. Saya comes to Harman and Soumya’s life and thinks where they went. She calls Soumya.

Harman does poetry. Soumya says you are fully drunk. She picks Saya’s call. Soumya tells her that they are outside. Harman takes the call and tells that they will not come home and asks her to return and not wait for them. Saya smiles. Soumya says she would have felt bad. Harman says no, and tells that poet inside him come out today. Soumya asks him to come out and not to do masti. Harman tells that from his heart, he is very sad and in pain. He tells that he is worried about one thing, and says he wants to be relieved that she can fight with world alone then all his worries will be gone. Dog comes and barks. Harman asks Dog to go. He tells her that he used to get scared of dogs in the childhood, but he won with his fear. He tells that he felt peace seeing her fighting with the goons. Soumya says she fought with the goons seeing him in danger. Harman asks her to identify her inner strength.

Goons come there and points gun towards them. He says today also, you are with your wife, we will kill her first as she is your strength. Other goon says we will kill your wife infront of your eyes and then you. Goon says finish and is about shoot Soumya. Harman snatches the gun and shoots the goon before he could shoot Soumya. He falls down. Other goon runs away. Harman and Soumya are shocked. Police comes there and arrests Harman. Harman asks her to go home. Harman asks Inspector to let him talk to Soumya once. Inspector refuses and asks Constable to lock him inside. Soumya comes running to Police station. Inspector asks Constable to stop her. Soumya asks Inspector to let her talk to Harman. He refuses. She calls Saya. Inspector comes to Harak Singh’s house. Viren opens the door. Inspector says he wants to talk to Harak Singh. He informs him that Harman shot someone and he died instantly. They are shocked.

Preeto asks what nonsense? She asks where is my son? Inspector tells that Harman is in lock up and he shot the goon who tried to burn his house. Preeto says I want to meet him now. Viren asks Shanno to take care of their son and goes. Surbhi, Nani and Saya come to the Police station. Saya stops outside. Constable refuses to let them meet Harman. Preeto comes there and goes to meet Harman. She asks Inspector to leave her son. Inspector refuses and says he has a murder charge on him now. Balwinder smiles. Preeto asks him to leave him now. Inspector says it is not a small charge. Harak Singh apologizes to inspector to insulting him the previous day and says I promise that I will not use such words again. Preeto tells Harman that she will take him out and asks you didn’t kill him naa. Harman says I have shot him as he aimed gun at my Gulabo. He says you know that I don’t leave the person raising hand on her. Preeto is shocked.

Inspector comes to Soumya and Harman’s cut and tells that it is made illegally on govt land and breaks it. Soumya shouts no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seeing the Precap I can make out that next week Soumya scenes will be more, I hope during this track also we get more Harman scenes as he is also the MALE LEAD of the show, The fact that this show has good trps is because of Vivian portraying Harman’s character so nicely!

  2. Rajitha

    Harman killed goon…. Now how he will come out….

  3. Harman ji, l love you ji. The track is good but l want more harman scenes. Shakti team please manage to get us more vivian scenes.

  4. @Jessica where are you? Let’s go on a date, me & u.

  5. hope HAYA seperate time for a short … and hope to see new professional costume team who can manage leads to be bright, charm and outstanding in every role than lost investment too much for negative side and useless characters as present

  6. Nice episode. Hope definitely soumya saves need to worry.gud news SHAKTI show will TELECAST in 80 COUNTRIES. Very very happy moment.Now our HAYA got more popular throughout the world. Ruby – viv r really super jodi.No other jodi can’t beat them. Soumya u r really very beautiful in saree’s.

  7. Why rushed up individual haya moments and often 3rd party interruption so much .. Boring time to watch all mental sick with fake emotional ppl of mad singh house

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