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Shakti 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena, Raveena and others dancing as Soumya is in pain. Saya says let them be happy, everyone have the right to be happy, and this happiness is given to them by Tarana. She continues and says that only she is in pain seeing Soumya’s pain. Preeto comes and says now you realized a mother’s pain. She gives gifts to kinnars and asks them to take it as nek. She says costly saree is for Saya, and says the bridge between us is broken and asks her not to cover the distance between them and maintain it. She goes. Raveena tells that the saree is costly. Kareena and Raveena go to wear saree. Some kinnar asks Saya why didn’t she reply to Preeto. Saya says she will return the saree with the right answer at right moment. Soumya is at the Bangkok airport. She comes out and sees someone holding

Tarana name board. She signs that she is Tarana. A man introduces himself as Tiku and asks her to see the beautiful place. Soumya says it doesn’t matter to her. Saya’s man calls Tiku. Tiku says she has reached and gives call to Soumya. Saya asks if she is fine and asks her to take care. She says she will call her once everything is fine. They step out of airport. Saya is emotional and cries. She thinks it is difficult for her to stay here.

Harman locks himself in room and reminisces Soumya. Viren, Shanno, Raavi and others ask him to open the door. Preeto scolds them and asks them to go and leave him alone. Nani comes there. Preeto thinks now she has to act. Nani asks if everything is fine. Preeto tells her that Harman locked himself in room, as Soumya left somewhere, don’t know where. Nani says I will talk to Harman. Preeto stares her angrily and says nobody will talk to my son.

Varun sprinkles water on Surbhi’s face and makes her gain consciousness. He hugs her. Surbhi asks what happened to her. Varun says you fainted after having tea. He thanks Doctor. Doctor leaves. Varun then informs her that Soumya left somewhere and asks her not to take stress. Surbhi asks him to tell her. Soumya sits in car and looks at the city. She gets down from her car and sees a distressed man. She imagines Harman and thinks the person who taught her how to fight with fear, is scared today. A man comes there and greets Tiku. Tiku introduces him to Soumya as Chakri. He asks Soumya to go with him and asks her not to worry as he is his friend. Nani comes back to house and cries. She tells that everything is over, as Soumya left somewhere. Bebe asks what are you saying? Maninder and Bebe get happy. He dances happily and says his pains are gone now. Surbhi comes to Harman’s house calling him. Chintu tells her that Harman has locked himself in room and not opening. Harak Singh asks Preeto to stop her. Preeto says she is not Nani that she will stop and says nothing will happen.

Surbhi knocks on the door asking Harman to open the door. Chintu tries to open the window and succeeds. He gets inside the room and opens the door. Harman is sitting in shock. Surbhi asks Harman where is Soumya? She asks what has happened? Harman tells her that Soumya has thrown the necklace given by him and left somewhere. Surbhi asks where? Harman says I don’t know.

Harman is leaving from house. Varun asks where is Soumya and what did you find about her. Harman turns to them and says you all were ready to accept her infront of society, get ready for it, I am going to bring her. Preeto says if she don’t return then. Harman asks them not to wait for him then. Preeto is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The main reason for which I watch this show is Harman,Focus on Harman journey more and then see how trps will increase

  2. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    I m happy for u Preeto finally u loss your son now u also feel others pain writter remove all character except Harman then many people feel good ?

  3. Episode – 307
    07:30 AM – 08:00 AM, 27 Jul Set Alert
    Soumya finally arrives at Bangkok and meets Tiku. After Surbhi gains her consciousness, Varun tells her that Soumya is missing. Saumya gets a job as a maid.
    Episode – 308
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 27 Jul Set Alert
    Harman questions Saaya regarding Saumya going missing but she doesn’t answer. When the NRI’s wife discovers that Saumya is a eunuch, she accepts her identity.
    Episode – 309
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 28 Jul Set Alert
    Harman enters Saaya’s house and collects all of her contacts so that he can find something related to Saumya. Avinash pours water on Saumya’s phone so that she can’t be in touch with anyone.

  4. I don’t like the series.Vivian dsena is good only with Drashti

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