Shakti 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting ready and wears bangles. She tells Surbhi that she will keep the bangles, always with her. Surbhi asks her to get ready fast and says you have to do puja before pag phera rasam. Soumya asks why your mood is off? Surbhi says my mood is off since yesterday and says why did they blame you for the fire accident and made Harman stay out of room. Soumya says they are our family and says it is good that Harman slept outside, I was tensed to sleep with him in the room. Surbhi laughs and asks until when she will ignore her husband. Preeto tells Harman and others that she will make sure that there is no black reflection on Soumya. She asks to call Pandit. Harman tells Varun that he got sad feeling as he had to sleep separately from his wife. Soumya gets ready. Surbhi praises her

beauty. Soumya asks if anyone came from house. Surbhi says not yet and asks if she don’t want to go from here. Harman knocks on the door and stares Soumya with love. Soumya lowers his eyes shyly. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……….

Surbhi coughs to interrupts them. Harman says Maa called Soumya for puja. Surbhi asks him to take her and says till then she will pack the bags, and excuses herself. Harman tells Soumya that he came to know about the meaning of love, and says I can write book on love now after meeting you Gulabo…He says heart needs to beat for living, but for my living…you need to be present in my life. He says if you are not there, but my heart will not beat and I will not be alive. Soumya smiles and looks at him. Preeto asks Harman if he is bringing Soumya downstairs or shall she bring puja stuff to room.

Soumya says mummy ji is calling us. Harman says are going for Pagphera, I will miss you and got habituated to you within a day. He asks her to come. Harman and Soumya come downstairs and are about to sit. Preeto stops Harman and says only Soumya will sit for puja. Harman asks if she got him married to Soumya or separated them. His sister says he is very eager to stay with wife. Harman says whenever you open your mouth, spit poison. Harak Singh talks to his brother about his children. Varun tells Harman that Soumya will return, but he will yearn for someone and looks at Surbhi. Surbhi understands he is talking about her and acts ignorant. Pandit ji does some puja and checks the flowers.

Nimmi comes there and is tensed. Preeto asks if something is bad. Pandit ji says there is nothing inauspicious about bahu else flowers must have dried up. Nimmi is relieved. Harman tells Preeto that she has spoiled his first night. Preeto calls him shameless. Harman asks Harak Singh to make his wife understand that he is now married. Preeto sees Nimmi and greets her, asks her to come inside. Harak Singh asks if Maninder didn’t come. Nimmi says he got unwell, so I came as Soumya is not having brother also. Harak Singh says we don’t have any objection.

Preeto asks Soumya to show the house to her mum. Varun comes out and gives money to Pandit ji for lying and says these people would have tortured Bhabhi due to blind faith. Pandit ji says I can understand. Nimmi sees Soumya’s room and asks if she is fine. Soumya says yes, and says nobody asked her to work yesterday as she was unwell. She says Harman asked me to take rest if I was not well, and says he will make an excuse to skip party, but I attended it as everyone was waiting. Nimmi thinks nobody’s bad eye should fall on them. Soumya asks if Papa didn’t come. Nimmi makes an excuse. Maninder tells Bebe that they shall run from pind. Bebe says we have to suffer for raising her. Maninder gets worried. Soumya shows bangles to Nimmi and says Papa gave it during my bidaai. Nimmi thinks it is Surbhi’s bangles, and she took it from Bebe.

Surbhi asks Maninder why did he gift snake to Soumya? She asks who is Soumya’s enemy in the house. Nimmi comes and says her dad. Later Nimmi asks Surbhi to stay with Soumya at her inlaws home for 20 days, and says they can lose Soumya also. Surbhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. thanks for the update

  2. Narendran

    Same precap?? But good epi!!??????

  3. gulabo…..super

  4. Is anyone know abt the mystery of soumya???

    Whats there that much suspense!!!

  5. Lila

    So does that mean Soumaya was really inauspicious? ???

  6. Esha6

    I think somaya is inauspicious that’s why

  7. pwincess pari

    Gulabo scene ??????
    Harman ki style n dialogue was superrrr ???

  8. Renuverma

    Bloopers in todays episode.
    Firstly it was first day of saumya after marriage. She should have taken elders blessing on coming down. Also first day newly wed girl covers her head if not face. It is very important in north india.
    Also during pooja it is very important to cover the head as done by preeto n specially for sauyma the pooja was done so how could she sit without covering.

  9. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update??????

    1. Juggu

      I wonder u r the oly girl saying thanks to all updaters funny…..

  10. Mahima Murali

    Oh. .my God. .. is she a Hermaphrodite 🙁 then why bring in Vivian .. its weird to think of him romancing a Hermaphrodite.

  11. Mukti.H

    Hey guys iam new here…. Can I join our family……
    I love the way Vivian says the word gulabo…?☺??

  12. i think somaya unable to have children maybe she has abnormalities in her female reproductive system. and harman mom eagerly wants to have children.

  13. Buddha seriAl

  14. varun is so sweet yaaar! har kisiko aisa devar hona chahiye

  15. Aami123

    I hope nofin happens 2 soumaya

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