Shakti 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman to end Maharani’s game

Shakti 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming home. Soumya hugs him. Harman says he has to do this to know the truth. Preeto says we both have planned this and says everything is fine. Maharani thinks mother and son have stopped Soumya from telling truth, they are smart, but not more than me. Harman says you would have told me. Preeto says how she can tell us as she was threatened. She asks her to tell the truth. Harman says Preeto is right. Harak Singh asks if there is no value of tongue. Soumya says we can’t tell truth. Harman says I am sure that this is done by Maharani, and says now if I meet her again then will send her up. Maharani says you are welcome. Mohini and Maharani talk about food. Maharani asks her to smile and says you are saved today. She says I will not leave you, now the war will be open.

Surbhi comes home and tells that she got the job. Nani asks her to give good news to Maninder. Surbhi says she will call Soumya. Beeji gets upset. Varun thinks Surbhi got the job, she is competent, I am unemployed..and thinks to do something.

In room, Harman tells Soumya that she would have written letter to him rather than Harak Singh. Preeto comes and says Harman shall know everytihing. Harman says there is big conspiracy going on, and says Rani is kidnapped. Soumya gets worried. Preeto says we have to think what to do. Harman says nobody can help us, only we have to find out. Preeto says Maharani is dangerous. Harman says if Soumya accepts her truth then. Preeto says how did Maharani know about Soumya and Harak singh’s deal. Soumya says I think Mohini is with her. Harman says Mohini, Maharani, Raveena and Kareena, all are related.

Soumya gets Surbhi’s call and she tells her that she got job. Soumya says it is good. Harman says she is worried for everyone and don’t worry for herself.

Saya keeps the Inspector captive and removes his uniform. He says we respect law and that’s why kept it there. Inspector says you are doing wrong. Saya asks him to call his Dept and asks to search Rani, a kinnar.

Mohini comes to Maharani and says they have found out that we all are with you. Maharani is cooking in the kitchen and says now we will have the open war. Mohini asks what is your plan. Maharani asks her to relax and takes her hand in her hand.

Harman gets call list from where Soumya got the calls since 8 days. Chintu brings Mohini’s phone and asks them to check. Mohini searches for her phone and asks Shanno. Shanno asks do you think I am thief. Harman asks chinto to keep the phone back. Raavi tells her that you might have kept phone somewhere and forgot. Chintu thinks he will trouble her for troubling Soumya. Harman asks preeto where is Soumya. Preeto says she is in kitchen. Soumya opens the fridge and gets Maharani’s letter, who asks her to come and meet her at 11 pm.

Soumya sees Harman sleeping and says she will never let anything happen to him or Preeto and goes. Harman gets up and says what do you think that I will leave you alone. He follows her. Soumya goes out of house. Harman says maharani’s game is over.

Maharani aims gun at Preeto and gives her intro. Preeto is shocked. Soumya comes there and is shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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