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Shakti 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Harman to stop and says your injury will become wound, why you are stressing your feet. Harman says I have face many wounds before, and is standing on my feet. Surbhi is searching for Soumya on the road and asks the passerby. She gets tensed and calls Harman. Harman asks about Soumya. Surbhi says I will call you, just as I come to know about her. Varun is resting on his car. He gets Harman’s call and says he couldn’t find anything about Soumya. He cuts the call and calls Surbhi. Varun asks her to meet him now itself. Surbhi says I will come now. Varun smirks. Surbhi comes to meet him. Surbhi asks where is Soumya di? Varun asks her why she is getting worried and says he will tell her everything. Surbhi asks are you taking revenge on me and making joke of my

feelings. Varun says I told you that I love you, but you likes Abhishek and not me. Surbhi asks him to stop nonsense and asks where is she?

Varun tells Surbhi that he came with the proofs and shows the video in which Soumya pleads infront of him to let her go. Surbhi is shocked. Varun says we shall do a deal, and asks her to marry him, and he will give her Soumya’s address. Surbhi asks have you gone mad? Varun says Soumya is with me and if you don’t agree, then I will really go mad and don’t know what I will do. Surbhi asks how dare you and is about to slap him, but he holds and stops her hand. He says this delicate hand is not for slap and says even though you don’t care about me, but you cares for soumya. He says there was a talk between Soumya and Preeto, which I couldn’t hear. He sees Soumya leaving the house, and then Preeto to servants quarters. He goes to Soumya and asks where is she going at night. Soumya says she was just going and asks him to go back to house. Varun asks what happened?

Soumya asks him to go and says she needs to be alone for sometime. Varun acts to be concerned for her and says I am your dewar. Soumya insists to go, but he holds her hand and takes her with him. Surbhi is shocked. Varun says you must have thought to slap me, but you don’t have the time to think. He asks her to marry him and say yes, else he will go mad. He says I will take care of Soumya as she is my Bhabhi. He asks her to decide.

Varun comes to Soumya and asks her to eat food. Soumya is silent. Varun says I brought so much food for you and asks her to eat. He says if you don’t want to stay here, I will inform Harman. Soumya asks him not to inform Harman and says she wants to go far away from him and everyone. He gets Harman’s call. Harman asks did you find Soumya? Varun says no. Harman says if she would have told me, I would have taken her. He says whenever I find her, I will slap her tightly, and gets angry. Varun says wherever she is, she must be fine. He tells Soumya that Harman loves her and trusts on her kada more than doctors. He asks how can I let you go, stay here. He says I will leave. He turns and looks at her. He thinks how can I let this kinnar go from my clutches. Soumya is teary eyes and thinks what is this test…mata rani.

Nani tells Abhishek about Surbhi. Surbhi comes home. Abhishek asks what happened? Maninder comes and says marriage muharat is fixed and asks Beeji to do arrangements. Surbhi holds Abhishek’s hand and takes him inside the room. She tells him that everything that Varun kidnapped Soumya and threatening her to marry him.

Harmanis is going to Soumya’s room. Shanno asks where he is going and says he will increase his foot pain. Harman says yes, you are saying right and says I shall go and search Soumya. Preeto locks the servants quarters and scolds Shanno. She says my son will not go to search that kinnar. Harak Singh says let him go, as he has separated himself from us. Preeto says he is our only son, how can I let him go…..She tries to emotionally blackmail him. Harman asks her not to argue with her and says when you know me so well, then why you are stopping me to go. She gives promise to Harman and says you will not step out of house for that kinnar. Harman looks back.

Varun calls Surbhi and asks about her decision. She agrees. Harman tells Preeto that he is sure that she is behind Soumya’s decision to leave home. Later Varun thinks to add something in Harman’s food and thinks first he will see him ruined. Preeto comes there and may be she heard his talk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Want more focus on Haya, this Surbhi drama won’t get trp….Rashmi Sharma should use talents of Vivian and Rubina, Congratulations guys Vivian Dsena got the Tv personality of 2016….

  2. Congratulations Vivian dsena for award

  3. Yes y d makers focus on d surbhi sacrifices, soumya’s sacrifice is more than when compared to surbhi. I hate surbhi sooooooooo much.upcoming haya romantic episode r superbbbbbbb eagerly waiting for that. Congrats Vivian 4 d award. Vivian and rubina r d perfect ,best, lovely and forever jodi in d world.I am very happy with their off screen masti also.loved them a lot.god bless u both of them for d better future.

  4. Hi sakthi family, hw r u all? Y less comments? Writers r dragging the show. I think they r testing patience of the viewers. Sutthama mudiyala. Better somu stay in surbhis house. If they do marriage for Harman And sowmya surely trp will be down. Ippa irukura 2 comments um irrukkathu.plz change the track.

  5. Hi karthi,Ashley,kopz,uthaya, raji where r u all? R u all out of station?

    Holidays a nalla enjoy pannarenga pola iruku.

  6. Reema sis,yesterday in comments u asked about d song played in d shakti serial when soumya leaves d home.that song name is likhnewala likhiya naseeba.this song is shakti serial sad song.if u want to listen this go to google and type there shakti serial songs or likhnewala likhiyanaseeba then u find this song.this song is one of my favorite song daily I listen this song for at least once.I love all d shakti serial songs.

  7. Hi ammu and all shakthi fans
    My childrens both have suuffered heavy fever. So i can’t give message. And you see upcoming promo in youtube. from Yesterday night
    I saw the promos 60times. Haya super romance scenes in new year special. That is in youtube and type shakti cinema latest news,shakti kyanews,and shakti isqh ashq anyone if you go and enjoy the scenes and must comment friends.

  8. S raji I saw it and really its a treat for haya fans. But konjam bayama irukku adutha naale twist vaikerenu yethavathu kaamippaanga.

    Athavidunga pa unga pasangalaku ippa eppadi irukku? Climate change naala fever o….take care of them pa.

    Get well soon kutties??

  9. Hi everyone
    Today’s epi was boring……

    Ammu ma, raji ma, karthi akka and other tamilans plz nethu naan comment panninatha paarunga… Plz

    Ellarum eppdi irukinga….

    Raji ma naa unga pasangalukaaga prayer panren…..

    Congrats Vivian for d award??

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