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The Episode starts with marriage broker bringing grooms and his parents to Maninder’s house. He praises the guy and says he wants educated girl with values. Maninder praises Surbhi. Nimmi tells Surbhi to come, and says Maninder will not get you married in a wrong house, and says he will find a suitable match for you. She says once Soumya’s truth is out then everything will be changed. She asks her not to refuse for the alliance, for her and Soumya’s sake. She says I thought you will take care of Soumya, and this is possible if you are married. Harman and Harak Singh get ready with the papers to go to court. Preeto blesses Raavi and gives flying kiss to Harak Singh. Harak Singh takes her kiss and keeps it his pocket. They are about to go, but just then Soumya calls Harman and says curd and sugar are

auspicious. Harman asks why did you stop me. She makes Raavi eat it. Harak Singh says they will win the case. They leave. Varun comes hurriedly and makes excuse to Preeto that he is going to city. He leaves.

Surbhi comes and sits infront of guy and his parents. They ask him about her education and cooking skills. Surbhi says she is doing MBA third sem in HR, and knows cooking. They get happy and fix the alliance. Maninder and groom’s dad congrats each other. Preeto gets something from a man. Maninder tells groom’s family that he want to get Surbhi married soon, as her sister is going to America with her husband. Groom’s family agrees for early wedding and says you have to do arrangements. Varun comes there and asks you are talking about whose marriage. Maninder says Surbhi. Varun says I want to talk to you about something. Harak Singh comes back and asks Preeto to give water. Preeto asks what happened? What did Judge say? Harak Singh asks her to be quiet. Harman says we got the next date for hearing and the verdict will be in our favor. Preeto asks if your husband and son came. Raavi says they didn’t let me meet or hug my son…She asks her to do Ardaas with Mata Rani to get her son, and says once I get my son…I will not let them see his face. She cries. Preeto consoles her and says you will get your son.

Maninder Singh tells Varun that they can’t get his marriage done with Surbhi. Varun asks why? Nimmi asks him to think about their helplessness and says we can’t get our daughters married in the same house. Varun asks Surbhi to tell that they love each other. Surbhi asks what nonsense? She asks when did I say that I love you or want to marry you. She says you are my sister’s brother in law, but that doesn’t mean that I like you. Varun turns to Nimmi and asks her to get Surbhi marry him, when they are getting her marry to stranger. Nimmi says we can’t get our daughters marry in the same house. Varun says I will shift with Surbhi. Bebe says relations will be same naa, and says nobody leave their relation for marriage. Varun says it is better to get marriage done in a known house rather than in a stranger house. Maninder shouts, and makes it clear that he don’t agree to his proposal. He asks him to go.

Harman gets someone call who invites him for dinner with Soumya. Harman says my wife is unwell and says we will come soon. He thinks Siyappa is not ending and she is inviting for dinner. Soumya tries to speak to Harman. Harman asks her to tell.. Soumya tells him that a child needs both parents and asks him not to get Raavi divorced and make her relation fine with her husband. Harman asks what do you know about her relation and asks her not to interfere. He says you are here as I have kept my mouth shut, else you would have been clapping with people like you. Soumya cries hearing his harsh words….Harman thinks what did I say and realizes his mistakes. He asks her not to cry, and says when I get angry, I talk without realizing it and asks her not to get him angry. Soumya says you didn’t do any mistake and says I forget my truth while living fake life with you. She says you have many favors on me and apologizes with folded hands…

Preeto gives beads saree to Soumya and asks her to wear. Soumya says Harman is very tired today and says I will wear it tomorrow. Preeto insists her to wear it tonight. Soumya wears saree and asks Harman to help her. Harman asks have you gone mad and asks her to sleep. Soumya thinks if I was a normal woman, then things would have been different. She thinks she will get just hatred and refusal..gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Update the remaining fast

  2. Thnx for the update Hasan ji.
    I think Harman will change now. Episode is good.

  3. Narendran

    This show is amazing!???????????????Haya scenes are awesome..!!.. I knew Harman will realize his mistake and accept soumya..

  4. pwincess pari

    Harman feels pity for Soumya …. Love gonna blossom ???
    Soumya is soooo pity

  5. harman n soumya very cute but show is weird. ..
    daughter is going for divorce hearing to gain her son’s custody. .. They r romancing. .. giving flying kisses.. -:))

    I m curious to know how will the Story move?

  6. Such a different concept… Really getting interesting…

  7. Sheeba khalil

    This is rediclous bakwas concept nimmi and dadi and father how know soumya is kinner doctor said your child kinner I don’t think she is kinner bcause in real life kinner looking wise her gait and expression recognise soumya is pure gril some misunderstanding

  8. Sheeba khalil

    I think soumya is gril and become mother and surbhi is kinner

  9. Sheeba khalil

    Guys do remember that harman father harak singh said preeto chaye larki ko bhi ho mera beta sher hai sher ke hai sher aulaad hogi tu ab soumya ke hain sher pedal hoga

  10. harman n soumya’s last scene was very nice emotional n cute tooo

  11. Yep Sheeba I do remember but that tym Preeto didnt want Harman to marry Soumya…nd i dont think dat Surbhi is kinner…

  12. I too agree with Nipun

  13. Super episode..

  14. I don’t know whether surbi is kinner or not but I don’t want sowmya has kinner because I love her so much and she is such a pretty girl .If surbi is normal girl then sowmya will also be a normal girl because she looks more beautiful than her

  15. First think this concept wrong shakti astitva tell me any parents allow normal boy marriage a kinner this illegal kya producer of the show marriage their children with kinner this wrong massage society we should respect and love and don’t fun of kinners don’t become right insult kinner parents because this not fault their being kinner but wrong massage in society

  16. Condemn marriage concept

  17. Hi sheeba! I think u r new here. A long arguement or discussion was made here before the truth reveal. Why, how, possible, not possible, good concept , bad concept, support or not …. All the issues are very clearly debeted here with 100 – 150 comments. So plz read all comments of episodes before kinner truth revealed.

  18. My point of view: concept is good but story going to very bad. That typical saas bahu drama. Shadi ko 15 din nhi huwe bacha!. Why they want child super fast. They are newly marriade. Leave them some time. Give them space. Give them the right to think for baby. A women who was a girl few days ago how can she became a mature women in just few day to take resposibility. Just think it preeto! i said it because they think soumya is a women.
    Think after 21 days syappa the story will be lift. The concept of story become poweful. So we all start comminting to 100- 200.
    Right Na!

  19. The episode was superb…

  20. Last scene is very emotional!!

    1. yes I too felt very touched. ..

  21. I don’t know whether surbi is kinner or not but I don’t want sowmya has kinner because I love her so much and she is such a pretty girl .If surbi is normal girl then sowmya will also be a normal girl because she looks more beautiful than her.

  22. Hey guys in a upcoming episode Harman become a friend with Soumya and gift her mobile and take a selfie with her

  23. Couple Lovers

    This is tooo sad to watch ????

  24. Toooo sad to watch ??????????????

  25. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the last episode

  26. Toooo bad I can’t watch I just have to reead

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