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Shakti 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi pasting Soumya’s missing posters on the wall in Bhatinda. She gives pamphlets to the persons walking on road. She tells that her sister is kidnapped by a kinnar. They ask if she filed police complaint. Surbhi says no. One of the man asks her to file police complaint. Preeto comes to Harman’s room and sees him picking the broken pieces of chairs. She comes inside. Harman says I will clean it. Preeto says I will set the room. Harman tells her that he is shattered like the room and asks her to go. He tells her to let him do the work. Preeto asks what you are saying? Harman says I used to call you Preeto before and now also. I used to fight with Harak Singh before and now also. He used to get me behind bars before also, and even now I am closed in jail. The difference between

that jail and this jail is this jail is made of memories. He asks her to go and gets teary eyes. Preeto gets tears in her ears and is shock. He makes her go and closes the door.

Surbhi comes to Police station and tells him about Kidnapping of Soumya. Inspector asks why a kinnar will kidnap your sister? He asks why did you think like this. Surbhi gets sad and says because my sister is a kinnar. Inspector laughs, and says I never heard this before, she is a kinnar and a sister too, laughs. Surbhi gets angry and asks him to do his duty. She says it is none of your business whether my sister is a woman or a kinnar. Surbhi asks him to write her missing report else I will go to senior Inspector. Inspector agrees to write and says I never saw a kinnar stay with her family. He asks her to get her address written. Surbhi asks if address is needed. Inspector says yes. Surbhi gives her address. Inspector tells we will inform you once we find her. Inspector asks Constable to enquire about Surbhi and thinks she is lying.

Soumya is playing with a baby. Kareena comes and says you got a toy to play, and says baby is also happy with you. She asks her to give baby to her, so that she can give bath and get her ready for the naming ceremony. Soumya says no, and asks her to atleast support her. She says I want to return baby to her parents. Guru Maa comes and gets angry hearing this. She says if Tarana wants to keep baby with her then she can keep, but nobody will give food to baby, and will not care even if she dies with hunger and cry. She continues that we are kinnars and won’t accept anyone without puja, and rituals and will not spend our food on strangers. Soumya tells baby to go to Kareena, and then we will play. Soumya looks on sad.

Harman scolds the workers for making light color toys, and asks him to change all the colors of the stock and says baby should smile seeing bright colors. Varun hears him and tells Preeto that Harman is busy with work, and asks her not to worry. Harman asks them to do change the stock of toy knife. He asks a worker manpreet, where he was? Manpreet says he went to temple as his son was unwell. Harman says you would have taken him to hospital. Manpreet says Doctor couldn’t treat him and was hopeless, but my son got well after I visited temple. Harman asks him to come to his cabin.

Inspector calls Maninder and tells him that he is calling from Bhatinda Police station. Maninder asks why did you call me? Inspector says your daughter is searching for her kinnar sister. Maninder gets shocked and tells him that his daughter is lying to him and made him fool. Inspector asks are you lying? Maninder says no. He thinks Surbhi crossed a limit.

Harman writes a letter to God and tells him that you have fulfilled all my wish, but this is incomplete. He writes that he cried, prayed and begged infront of him, but couldn’t fulfill his wish. He writes that he couldn’t go there because of his promise to God, and asks him to make Soumya meet her mum. He folds the letter. Manpreet comes. Harman asks him to keep letter in the temple and says lets see if your God fulfills my wish. Manpreet says he will fulfill for sure. Harman says okay.

All Kinnars gather for the naming ceremony. Guru Maa says naming ceremony will start and tells that this baby will called as Deepa, leaving her old identity and name. Everyone smile and sings/claps in their style. Soumya couldn’t see the injustice, and says you have become God here, but you was unaware that even God will not forgive you for the sins. She then apologizes to her as she is elder than her, but says you thought yourself as God, you think you are right and others are wrong. She says you doesn’t have parents’ love in your destiny, but that doesn’t mean that nobody will get their parents’ love. She tells all parents can’t be wrong. Did you ever tried to make the girls meet their parents. She says you are keeping me far from my parents, and also making this baby go far from her parents, you have become guilty in God’s eyes. She says everyone calls you Guru Maa, and says it is just a position…as you can never be a maa. She says motherly love is not like this, and says she knows what is mother’s love, gets emotional.

Saya scolds Soumya and asks how dare you to raise finger on Guru Maa. Guru Maa announces that rasam will not happen today. She says Tarana wants to change destiny of this baby by making her meet her parents, okay…I will give you a chance. She asks Rani and Raveena to enquire about the baby’s parents. Soumya is hopeful. Guru Maa says if this baby returns back here then you will complete this incomplete rasam with your hand. She asks do you accept this? Soumya nods in a yes. Guru Maa says unless this baby’s destiny is decided, she will be her parents’s safekeeping and our responsibility. We will spend some money on this girl. Soumya takes baby in her lap and says I know what is mother’s love and this baby’s mum will not let her come back here. She kisses the baby. Guru Maa looks on angry.

Maninder comes home angrily and calls Surbhi. Beeji says Surbhi went out in the morning. Maninder says he got a call from Bhatinda Police station and that she filed missing complaint of Soumya. Everyone is shocked.

Surbhi waits for bus. The same guys who met her in the morning see her, and make a plan to tease her. A guy challenges the other that he will bring Surbhi to secluded lane. He comes to Surbhi and tells that he have found about her sister, and asks her to sit. Surbhi gets thinking, but sits on bike. Soumya thinks kinnars might take away the baby after she sleeps, and then thinks about Nimmi tying her with her hand. She thinks now she understands her mum’s fear and then ties cloth on her hand. Soumya asks baby if you will come and meet me after you grow up. She tells that she will make her meet Nimmi, Surbhi, Maninder and Harman ji. Saya and Guru Maa hears her. Saya tells that whenever she sees Soumya, she feels motherly love for her, and asks God why didn’t he make her a woman and why did he make Soumya as us, a kinnar.

Man takes Surbhi to secluded place, telling that Soumya is here. Other guy gives him bet money 2000. He says he really enjoyed bike riding with you. Surbhi slaps him and asks don’t you have shame to take advantage of someone helplessness. Guy says we are living you thinking you as helpless, and asks her to go and search her sister. He takes her dupatta and goes on his bike. Surbhi covers herself with her hands.

Maninder gets tensed as Surbhi haven’t returned home. Bebe asks him not to worry and says she will return. Maninder says she went to Bhatinda, and gets tensed. Nimmi prays to God for her daughter’s safety. Surbhi is standing on road, and takes lift from passerby vehicle. They agree to give her lift.

Harman comes to have food with his family. He asks Harak Singh, if he is having food after losing competition with him. Harak Singh says think that I am not in a mood to drink today. Preeto asks Harman to sit and says she made his favorite pulao…..Harman sits to have food.

The people giving lift to Surbhi drops her. Two old men identify her and offer to drop her home safely. Surbhi says she will go, but they insist. Preeto serves Pulao to Harman. Harman recalls tasting pulao made by Soumya. Raavi tells Preeto that Pulao is good. Harman asks Preeto not to feel bad, and says Soumya made food 1-2 times in this house, but her Pulao was better than yours. Preeto is upset and drops spoon in her plate. Harak Singh signs her to calm down. He says same smell is coming from Pulao which came from Soumya’s pulao. Raavi says that’s why you are eating it. Harman says I have decided that Pulao will not be made again in this house. Raavi asks what you are saying? If you not drink water or air just because she also takes it. Harman says yes, and says I don’t to remember anything which reminds me of Soumya’s feel. He goes angrily to his room…..

Maninder is calling Surbhi. Surbhi comes home with elderly men of the neighborhood. Maninder asks what happened? Are you alright? Neighbor asks him not to worry and says she is fine, we thought to drop her home. Maninder says she went for work and got late, thanks them for dropping her safely. Once they go, Maninder scolds Surbhi to filing police complaint. Maninder says why did you tell about Soumya, and says if anyone comes to know then nobody will spare us. He announces that she will not go out of house. Surbhi says I will go, and bring her back, even if I have to tell that she is a kinnar. Maninder says that’s why I used to tell to kill her in the childhood itself. Surbhi says you are not a father, but a killer/butcher. Beeji takes Nimmi inside. Bebe asks Maninder to think wisely.

Harman opens his cupboard and takes out sweater made by Soumya. He recalls the letter, that Soumya wants to stay in his memories. Tu Hi Mera Khuda music plays……………..Harman looks in the mirror and questions why don’t you leave from my life…sometimes you comes in my mind, and sometimes enter my heart as happiness, and sometimes stay in my eyes as dreams. He says you are far from my life, but not far from me. I want to forget you….but also want to keep you as a memory. He says my life has become a war and I have lost you in this war.

Surbhi comes to a woman’s house and asks did you see her? Woman sees Soumya’s pic and says it means her faith was true. She tells that they left just now, and will be outside, asks her to go and meet. Surbhi comes out, but couldn’t see Soumya as she sits in car. Some goons attack Harman and beats him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plz anybody say if there is an official Facebook page for shakti If it is plz reply the name of it

    1. Renuverma

      Thks hasanji for the update

  2. ohhh What is happening? Can’t guess anything furthet. Curiocity @ high level

  3. seriously too much of suspense..
    I was so worried about surbhi today!!!

    harman n soumya always make me cry these days. .

    1. Renuverma

      Yes saras surbhi has the courage to fight against everyone foe her di☝☝☝☝☝

  4. kinner tracks too much soon end this skinner spoil drama


  6. me too.I used to like it but itis boring.

  7. The episode was last scene harman got gud dialogues. Hevpotrayed them in a awful manner as he alwas does

  8. Hiiiii saras renu uthaya chiku sara tanvi vivianfan reekhav alia anitha and all other shakti fans. How are u all?????????

    1. Hi siya am fine hw r u

    2. hi siya.

  9. For AVTA 2016, do vote for Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik guys..!!

  10. I really hate that guru maa , I am surprised with surbhi ‘s intiation for finding her sis then I wish that baby should reach her parents as soumu thought

  11. Drama was interesting before. Now it’s getting bored day by day.

  12. end this kinners drama
    bored of seeing this drama from several days

  13. Vivian seems to be back on track. . His acting is improoving…

  14. Just four words.

    What is this all?

  15. you are right @Alia and jassi . will leave my family shakita and start watching ISHqbaaz because i areally loved daram shakti before but now .serial shakti is bored day by day . goodbye everyone

  16. u r right hajar [email protected] hajar . is sreial ishqbazz lovely and emotiona and romantic . please reply me? because I ALSO STOPPED WATCH SHAKTI And start watch korean serial ( boys over flower) . because itis korea serial is very very very romantic . and also will start watching serial kasam. because serial kasam also is very romantic and serial story is about breakheart. my friend suggested me watch serial kasam .

    1. yes amine ishqbazz is really fantastic serial.. u would definitely like it.. Ishqbazz is family drama, the main thing of the show is brother’s bond.. and also all three lead pairs are just awesome… and I’m one of the member of Ishqbazz family..

  17. @dear amine is serial kasam so romantic because myfriend also had siad that kasam is really lovely and very romantic.

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