Shakti 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman’s selfless love touches Soumya’s heart deeply

Shakti 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Harak Singh that tomorrow is karwachauth and if he don’t fulfill his promise then she will not eat anything or drink water. Shanno asks what you are saying. Preeto says my son got married, but got kinnar bahu. I will keep fast and complain to God for giving me incomplete bahu. Rani asks Chameli if Soumya will keep the fast. Chameli says don’t know. Kareena comes and says what she will do by keeping fast. She says Soumya has trapped Harman but can’t keep fast. Preeto is alive, but will not give sargi. Harman hears her and thinks he will fulfill all relations and will never let you miss any relation. Harak Singh asks Kishan Lal to kill him. Kishan Lal says everything was going as planned, but don’t know how did Soumya come to know about it. Harak Singh says

if anything had happened to my son then I would have burnt Gurdaspur. Kishan lal says don’t know why your son is after her. Harak Singh says don’t know what is in that kinnar and tells that he is ruining his and his parents’ lives. He says Preeto swear not to eat food and says he will die. Kishan Lal ask him to get inebriated and forget the problems.

Harman counts the money which he got and thinks after paying half to Saya, he can’t buy saree for 120 Rs. He asks Rani if she can give him loan. She gives him money. Other kinnar also give him money. Harman gets happy. Kareena comes and asks what is going on. Harman asks her to permit him to go for important work. Kareena agrees. Harman goes to buy sarees. Soumya asks someone to apply mehendi. Other kinnars look on. Soumya says Gurumaa will not object. Rani comes and tells Soumya that Harman took loan from her. Soumya smiles and says he must have went to buy saree for me on karwachauth. Rani says you know him so well. Soumya says she knew him and his ways to express love. Harman likes orange saree, but recalls Soumya saying her favorite color is red. He buys red color saree and hopes to give more costly gift to her. Music plays…Harman thinks he didn’t buy orange saree as he don’t want to force his favorite color on her. He says I love you Gulabo. He comes to the tailor’s shop and asks him to do pico and stitch fall. Man asks for 50 Rs. Harman checks the money and says he has just 20 Rs. and asks him to take 30 later. Tailor refuses.

Soumya looks at the cockroach and gets scared. Rani picks it up and says tries to scare her teasingly. Soumya runs in the house. All kinnars present there laughs. Soumya runs and collide with Harman. Harman says Jhansi ki rani got afraid of cockroach. Soumya says may be it happens in love and says small cockroach have become shaitaan. Harman says it has become your diwana. Soumya smiles and goes. Saya comes there. Harman says my Gulabo is not a coward. Saya asks him to give money. He gives her money.

Varun asks Surbhi to make list and says they will buy the stuff. Surbhi says you knows about Harman and Soumya and you are thinking about shopping. Varun says I was thinking about you and tells about karwachauth. Surbhi says ok, we will go and buy something for Di also. Raavi and others are tensed as harak singh haven’t returned home. Harak Singh comes home drunk. Everyone is shocked. Harman thinks how to stitch falls and recalls Preeto’s words. He thinks to stitch falls and lights candle. Rani sees Harman trying to put thread in needle and asks Soumya to come as she wants to show her something. Soumya comes out and sees Harman stitching saree. She gets touched and tells that she was wrong, who does so much for his wife. I have complained to God for making me kinnar, but I am thankful to God for giving me Harman ji, says I have no identity without him. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara…song plays….she gets teary eyed. She sees Harman feeling pain as needle pierced in his finger. He sucks the blood and continue stitching the saree and falls.

Nani asks Soumya on phone to eat all sargi made by Harman. Soumya eats the sargi, and thinks she will eat fully as he made it with love irrespective of its taste.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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