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Shakti 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya telling Preeto that Harman is playing game and they all have to compensate for his doing. Preeto looks on tensed. She comes to Harman’s room and asks if you have slept. She comes inside the room and sees him missing. She thinks if he is taking bath and knocks on the washroom. She gets inside it and sees it empty. She rushes out in a hurry. Harman comes out of house, and asks Soumya to come with him, says Kinnars came here also, they are not leaving you and asks her to come. Soumya says your bike. Harman says if we go on a bike then they will catch us. Soumya asks then where we will go. Harman says so far that they couldn’t get you.

Preeto calls Maninder and asks where is Soumya and my son. Maninder says how do I know. He says I called you to inform about this, but

you haven’t pick my call. Preeto shouts Harak Singh’s name and tells him that Harman went with Soumya. She acts mad and says she needs her son. Others also gather there. Harak Singh asks her to calm down and promises her that they will get Harman. Soumya tells Harman that she can’t walk anymore, and is tired. Harman says okay and asks her to sit on the bench. He asks her to sit there itself and says I will come soon. He gets tea and biscuits for Soumya. He asks her to eat biscuit and says it contains glucose for strength. Soumya says she needs water. Harman makes her have water. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………………………He then drinks water. Soumya looks at him.

Harman asks her to say how she is feeling. He says I couldn’t take you to your family, it is a bad luck, but there is a good luck too as you are with me and I am enjoying with you. He says we shall cheers. They cheers with tea pot. Soumya drinks tea. Harman says if you would have been with me, then I would have taught you so much. He asks what you are thinking. Soumya says she is feeling as he is troubled because of her. Harman says you are strange and tells that he is having filmy feeling, and that the hero and heroine are running away from goons.

Saya scolds Rani and Raveena and asks them to leave from their house. She asks since when kinnars became enemy of each other. She says if Guru Maa would had been here, then she would have killed you both. She asks them to go. Rani and Raveena apologizes. Saya asks them to go and says if you meet any kinnar then don’t break their trust. They take their bags and leave.

Soumya tells Harman that she wants to talk to Surbhi and Nimmi once, and says she has heard them since many days. Harman says no and asks what is our relation. Soumya says friends. Harman asks her not to request and just to say it. He calls Nimmi and gives call to Soumya. Soumya calls her Maa. Nimmi gets emotional hearing her. Soumya tells her that she has yearned to hear her voice and missed her. Surbhi takes the call and says she is missing her. Soumya says I will come soon and ends the call. Harman says you have started crying again and asks her to wipe tears. Soumya wipes her tears. Harman asks her to keep some tears saved. He says lets go. Soumya asks where? Harman says where I can keep you safely.

Harak Singh tells Inspector that Harman eloped with Preeto jewellery, money and other stuff. He asks Inspector to find Harman as soon as possible. Inspector assures him. Harak Singh gives him money. Saya hires some goons and asks them to search Tarana. She says she is called Soumya in your world. She asks her kinnars to find her. Kareena tells Saya that you thought her as your daughter, if you want her happiness then why don’t you let her stay with her family. Saya says she is searching Tarana and not soumya, as it is her real identity. She can’t stay with her family.

Harman comes to the house (where Saya had taken on rent before) and knocks on the door. He asks for the room. Owner says okay, and says you have found her finally. He says I have just one room which is dirty. Harman says okay. He asks him to do his work. They come to the room. Harman says room is dirty, how we will stay here. I will ask him to change the room. Soumya says it is okay and says she will clean the room. She cleans the room and sweeps the house. Harman is surprised and helps her. Soumya thanks him. Harman brings the bucket. Soumya cleans the floor. Harman says I wasn’t aware that I am an allrounder. Soumya laughs. Harman sees his face in the mirror and cleans it, saying he is looking like joker. He asks her to keep smiling. Soumya looks on shyly. Owner brings the stuff and tells Harman that he brought all the stuff which he asked him to get. Harman tells Soumya that he will take bath first and goes to bathroom.

Preeto comes to Maninder’s house. Bebe and Maninder get tensed. Preeto asks Nimmi to tell truly where is Harman with her kinnar daughter? Nimmi says I don’t know. Preeto says I will not believe you and asks her to tell. Nimmi says I didn’t ask him, he went with his wish to find Soumya. She says if Mata Rani thought something for them then…….we can’t do anything. She asks Nimmi to call Harman. Surbhi asks her to call by herself. Preeto says you haven’t learnt manners till now and gets angry on her. Maninder gets angry and says she is my daughter. You can’t talk to her like this.

Preeto asks Maninder to ask Nimmi to call Harman and ask where they are? She says our son’s life is ruined because of your daughter. She says if I tell everyone that your respect will be ruined. Nimmi says stop it. She says your son haven’t come home since 2 days and you are getting mad. She says my daughter was away from me just because of you since months and you couldn’t see my pain. Preeto says did I ask you to get your daughter married to my son. She says I can go to any length and can kill Soumya too. Nimmi gets tensed and thinks it was my mistake to give my delicate daughter to inhuman people, says I can’t believe that Harman is your son. She says once Soumya comes back, I will go far from here. Preeto says okay and asks her to call Harman. Soumya sees Nimmi’s call on Harman’s phone. She picks the call and says she is fine here. Nimmi says I know, but I can’t be relieved until I see you. Preeto asks her to say where is she? Soumya says we…..Nimmi looks on.

Harman asks Soumya to tell what she needs in the kitchen. Soumya tells the needed things. Harman notes it down. Raavi’s husband and father in law come to Harak Singh’s house asking him to take back the case. Harak Singh warns to kill them. Raavi’s husband asks if the threat is given by Kinnar’s sasur. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Only cereal which s little realistic liked it interest in g to watch

  2. It s serial pl

  3. Haya scenes are super…

  4. Harman please don’t leave sowmya .

  5. I hate preeto y she is always shouting . She is overacting.and this kinners , they don’t have any work always going behind sowmya.actually they should be happy that sowmya is accepted and loved by her mom and husband.any one knows about the spoiler?

  6. Harman and sowmya love story is awesome but why the director is not thinking positively why he is not giving a spirit to Harman and sowmya love story love is very special only two hearts can understand let Harman sowmya live their life happily front of this society

  7. Angelk1

    What is wrong with these people. Cant they just leave her be

  8. pwincess pari

    Haya scenes ??????

  9. Harmkan and Soumya romance is disgusting it is about homos*xuality.harman is a man and soumya is a man.two man is gay .this serial is gay

    1. Sally_V

      what to do when harman and soumya fell in love when none of them knew that soumya is a kinner …

  10. Shikha mishra

    I like this serial very much.Saumya should not be a Kinner.Harman remain with sauna.

  11. I think it will be proven that she is not a kinner at the end! She feels and looks like a woman!

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