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Shakti 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman waking up in the morning and looks at Soumya. He thinks why he gets sleep and thinks he wasted one more night, and must have seen Soumya’s innocence while she is sleeping. He looks at her. Raavi asks Chintu to have food. Chintu asks her to take him to meet Soumya. Varun comes and insists to talk to her. He tells Raavi that he saw Balwinder with Kishan Lal and tells everything. Balwinder comes. Raavi asks him to give money which she gave him in the morning. He gives her some money. Raavi asks where is the remaining money. Varun says I said right that he gave money to Kishan Lal. Viren comes and asks Balwinder to take his money which he gave in the morning. He signs him. Balwinder gives money to Raavi. Varun gets tensed and apologizes to them. She says she says she will go and

make Chintu have food. Balwinder thanks Viren for helping him. Viren says he knows him and will handle Varun.

Varun thinks why did Viren save Balwinder. Viren comes to Varun’s room and tells that Balwinder met his father and this is truth. He says Harak Singh will be shocked if he comes to know that balwinder is a snake under the sleeve and says we have to keep an eye on him. Viren goes out of room. Varun thinks I doubted on Viren mama unnecessarily and thinks he will not dare to cheat Harak Singh. Viren gets angry and thinks to handle Varun after getting Harak Singh’s property. Shanno asks why did you give money to him. He says he invested the money and waiting for returns. He calls Kishan Lal and asks him to be careful. Kishan Lal says we have to do something to him.

Harman makes tea for Soumya and tells that he makes good morning tea else will change his name. Soumya asks what he will name himself. He says Gulabo ka deewana. Soumya feels shy. Saya comes there and laughs. She tells Soumya that she knew Harman used to do stunts and saw him one day, but he was sure that he can do it. Harman asks why did you tell this and says he is going. Surbhi tells Nani that all film unit came to convince Soumya and the decoration was so nice. Bebe comes and says they will spit if they come to know that she is a kinnar. Surbhi tells her that this world will accept Soumya with her identity and they will accept all kinnars. She says everyone will stay together then. Maninder says this can’t happen and says God made kinnars to stay separately. Surbhi says like Nimmi supported Soumya, if even one person of the family support a kinnar then no kinnar will be alone.

Inspector brings goons and tells Harak singh that they had tried to burn Harman’s house. Harak Singh slaps them. Preeto wonders where is he? He comes back and says he is fine. Preeto asks him again. He says he is fine. Harman asks Soumya to guess what is in his hand and says today they will go to dinner. He says he will drink today. Soumya says this is unnecessary expenses. Harman says if we can’t enjoy then it is waste to earn money.

The goons attack Harman and Soumya and says they will kill her first. Harman snatches their gun and shoots one of them. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap looks scary, I hope with this upcoming track we get Harman scenes also, I don’t want Soumya all the time,Vivian excellent portrayal as Harman has made this show worth watching!

  2. Vivian is looking so handsome as usual. Please stop that veeran drama as it is so boring. I think the upcoming track is intresting. LOVE YOU TOO much VIVIAN.

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  5. nice epi precarp is vry intresting if anyone guess who send goons to kill them

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