Shakti 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Sameer get together to search Soumya

Shakti 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer getting his mum’s call and she asks him to come home quickly as she is feeling unwell. Sameer calls Harman and asks him to go to his house and take his mum to hospital. Harman refuses to believe him and tells that he will not fall in his lie. Sameer swears on his mum and tells that he is not lying. He tells that he is searching Soumya and will bring her back. Harman says ok. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to make toys. Soumya says I don’t know why you are doing this and tells that if a kinnar blessings works, then her curse also works. She says she doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with them and asks her to let her go. Sameer’s mum says Harman can’t come here. Soumya says he will come here and take me. Gill comes there and ties Soumya to the chair. Sameer’s mum thinks

she want Sameer’s betterment. Surbhi tells Bebe that she will go to temple. Bebe says everything is fine in her life now. Surbhi says my mind was not having peace as there was no info about Soumya di. Neighbor comes and asks Surbhi to forgive Varun and start afresh. Surbhi asks Neighbor to ask Varun to sign on divorce papers. Maninder says we will be glad to get Sumeet as our damad, he is very concerned for Surbhi. Surbhi refuses to marry Sumeet and says she don’t want Varun or Sumeet. She asks Sumeet to be her strength as her friend. Harman reaches Sameer’s house and sees the door locked. He calls Sameer and scolds him for lying. Sameer wonders where did his mum go?

Gill tells his men that they will hide and Harman will think they have changed place. Sameer comes to his house. His mum tells him that she went to the doctor and came just now. Harman, Preeto, and Jasleen come to Gill’s house, but don’t find anyone there. Soumya tries to make a sound. Gill calls Harak Singh and asks him to bring 21 lakhs and take Soumya with him. Harak Singh says he will do anything for Harman, and asks him to kill her. Gill refuses and asks him to bring money first. Harak Singh loads a bag and tells Veeran that he will end Soumya’s chapter. Chintu and Jeet see the stars. Chintu says it seems they have to make a big wish to get Soumya. Jeet asks him to make a wish. Chintu makes a wish. He finds money bundle on the bed and tells Jeet. Jeet gets doubtful and checks for Harak Singh’s car which is not there. He calls Jasleen.

Harman talks to the Inspector and asks him to arrest Gill. Inspector refuses. Sameer comes and says you don’t have the power to arrest Gill. Inspector leaves. Sameer tells Harman that he was doubtful on Gill and that’s why went there, but she was not there. Harman tells that he is sure Soumya was there, when he went there, nobody was there and shifted from there. Sameer says when I went there, they all were there. Harman gets thinking. Sameer recalls his mum asking him to come home. He tells Harman that he is doubtful on his Mum also. Harman asks him to tell where is Soumya? Sameer says my mum must be knowing. They come to Sameer’s house. Sameer’s mum sees Sameer, Harman and Jasleen coming there. Harman asks her to call Gill and ask him to free Soumya. Sameer’s mum tells that she doesn’t know where is Soumya? Sameer asks her to tell where is she? She says she doesn’t know. Harman pretends to shoot at Sameer’s leg and says next bullet will hit his chest. Sameer’s mum gets shocked.

Harman tells Gill that he can give his life for Soumya and can take others’ life also. He manages to reach Soumya. Soumya gets happy seeing him and promises never to leave him. They have an emotional reunion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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