Shakti 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh conspires to end Harman’s business

Shakti 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that their happiness is incomplete with Aditya. Soumya says she will keep the doll with her and hug it until they find Aditya. Harman says he is our Aditya now and says we will make doll sleep between us. They keep the toy doll between them. Surbhi gets emotional and gets teary eyes. She says Soumya made the toy as her baby and feels her deep motherly love. Nani says their relationship is unique and tells that God will give her a child also, though she is incomplete, she will get all the joys of a life. Shanno thinks to tell Nani about Soumya’s truth. Nani comes to the kitchen. Shanno tells her that something is wrong. Nani says everything is fine and asks her to make sabudana khichdi for her as she is keeping fast.

Varun is at Maninder’s house and

thinks don’t know Surbhi will tell Maninder and others. He thinks he will know after they come. Sumit comes there and calls Surbhi. Varun taunts him and asks him to go to his Mama Ji’s house. Sumit asks him to see his mistakes and says Surbhi is closer to me than you. Varun hits on his head. Sumit faints.

In the morning, Preeto does the aarti while everyone attends it. Nani thanks Maninder for staying in their house and asks him to let Surbhi stay there, and says Soumya will get pregnant soon if she stays with her. Bebe tells Maninder that they shall take Surbhi home as Soumya’s truth can affect the baby. She tells Nani that Surbhi shall be in her mayka. Maninder says though we have no objection, but. Surbhi says she wants to stay in Soumya’s house and tells Bebe that she wants to see how her baby gets affected by Soumya. Maninder asks Nani Soumya’s nani) to stay with Surbhi. Nani says ok.

Harman’s Nani tells about the puja and says kinnars will come and have food. Shanno thinks kinnars will come here to have food so that kinnar can give birth to a baby. She laughs. Varun ties Sumit. Sumit says Surbhi will know. Varun ties him and leaves.

Soumya tells Saya and others that she will sell toys with them. Veeran tells Harak Singh that they hide their face and sell toys. Harak Singh says they can’t sell after today and says let Harman go from here then see. Shanno writes on the paper that Soumya is a kinnar. She keeps it in the holy book.

Soumya asks Harman to bring cold drink for everyone. Harman goes to bring it. Harak Singh asks him to come and see the jalwa. He comes to kinnars and tells Veeran that the toys are of good quality. He asks kinnars to show their faces else it will be inauspicious. Veeran removes Chanda veil and says she is kinnar. He removes another kinnar’s veil/ghunghat. Harak Singh tells the people on road that Kinnars are selling curse to the children hiding their face. A man is about to lift Soumya’s veil, but Harak Singh stops him saying all are kinnars. He asks them to destroy all toys. Saya and others feel helpless.

Nani tells Preeto that she has mixed some powder in the milk/drink so that Harman gets romantic and fulfills her wish. Preeto tries to stop her, but in vain. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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