Shakti 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya speaks out the truth sensing Harman in danger

Shakti 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Maharani to lift her veil and show her face, and says I want to see your face. Mohini tries to stop Harman. Harman asks her not to interfere. Mohini asks Harak Singh to stop him and talks about her Didi’s respect. Harak Singh asks Harman not to do this. Harman asks him not to interfere. He asks Mohini to move away else will get hurt. Mohini tries to stop him. Harman lifts the veil and the woman is someone else and not Maharani. Mohini takes a sigh of relief. The woman starts crying. Mohini scolds Harman for lifting her ghunghat. Preeto asks Harman if he knows her. Harman says no. Soumya apologizes. Mohini insults Soumya and calls her beizzat. Maharani is standing out and thinks Harman and Preeto are doubtful now, how to blackmail Soumya now. He throws letter inside

the house. Harman tells Preeto who can be the enemy. Preeto says you didn’t fight with anyone recently. Harman says I fought last in Bangkok and gets doubtful about Maharani. He calls Bangkok agent and enquires about Maharani. He says Maharani is released from jail 20 days back and gets sure that she is behind the conspiracy. He says Soumya is not telling us anything either.

Soumya reads Maharani’s letter that she shall be silent and will open her mouth to say the truth. Maharani and Mohini give money to the woman. Mohini says she was very scared and her breath stopped. Maharani says if this happen then you will die. She tells her that she saw Soumya going last night and heard Preeto and Harman’s conversation, so she went to the market early morning and brought this woman from there.

Surbhi gives interview and tells that she has realized to become independent. She gets the job. Chanda tells that they shall search Rani. Says says I will tell what to do next. Soumya searches for Harman and asks Chintu. Chintu says he doesn’t know. Preeto says I sent him out for some work. Soumya thinks just 2 days are left and thinks what to do. She thinks if mummy ji haven’t stopped me then I would have died. She thinks she has to give her life in 2 days. Preeto hears her and gets shocked. She thinks matter is big and related to her phone. She thinks to be around Soumya and prays to God to make everything fine. Soumya thinks Harman haven’t come till now, they are dangerous and do anything to him. Preeto asks who is dangerous? Soumya makes excuse.

Preeto gets Harman’s friend call who informs that car is on road and Harman is missing. She gets shocked. Soumya asks her to call Harman. Preeto calls Harman, but his number is off. Soumya says I told him not to go out, but..She says Harman is kidnapped and says if you had not stopped me last night, I would have killed me. Maharani thinks who is this new enemy? Preeto asks her to tell. Soumya tells that someone is blackmailing her to tell the kinnar truth to everyone.

Harak Singh asks why didn’t you tell me and gets angry. Soumya says she wrote a letter for him, but Mohini tear the letter and thrown it. Mohini gets tensed and says she didn’t read what was written and thought it is usual drama. Harak Singh asks Veeran to call Police. Soumya searches for her phone. Preeto gives her phone. Soumya calls on Maharani’s number, but it is switched off. Soumya cries badly for Harman. Preeto says even we wanted your truth to come out then they will make Harman free. She says we don’t have much time. Mohini gets happy. Harak Singh says nobody will go out and asks what is the guarantee that Harman will be freed after your truth comes out. I will lose my respect and son. He says we shall wait. Soumya says we can’t wait, we have to go and search him and asks Preeto to come. They are about to go when they see someone (Harman).

Harman, Preeto and Soumya talk about Maharani and Mohini. Harman says all are connected Mohini, Maharani, Raveena and Kareena. Mohini hears them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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