Shakti 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Harak Singh frame Harman

Shakti 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto slapping Shanno and says because of you people, my husband was forced to do this, he was homeless with my kids because of you people. Harman plays the game. Dil kyun plays….Soumya plays the game. Preeto says you didn’t leave anything left to trouble us, and says she used to pay her daughter’s fees, and says I was happy when your son was born and my kinnar bahu helped you deliver the baby. She says it is good that you are kidnapped, be here now. She goes. Sameer meets Harak Singh and asks him to tell if he knows Harman’s friends. He says they have to separate Harman and Soumya. Harak Singh says he has many friends. Sameer says I want his friends who will do our work for money. Harman’s friends come to meet him and tell that Soumya might remember seeing the old set

up. Veeran falls down on bed due to heavy drinking. Mohini comes there and takes the keys out. She opens the cupboard and checks for the file. She thinks where would be the file. Harman and his friends are dancing while listening to music. Soumya smiles looking at Harman. Harman asks did you give me 10 days to get rid of me. Soumya says yes. Harman asks if there is something else and asks her to think. Soumya looks on. His friends ask him to drink. Kishan Lal sees Balwinder and Varun unconscious after drinking spiked wine. He says they will not get consciousness till the morning. Mohini says lets search the papers.

Harman’s friend asks Soumya to come home and give him water. Harman’s friends make him busy while the other takes Soumya with him. They take Harman and then pushes him on ground. Harman gets unconscious. Sameer comes and smirks looking at them. He signs them. They take Harman’s jacket and gives to Sameer. Sameer wears it and smiles.

Mohini tells Kishan Lal that they shall find it soon. She says we shall search it again in the room and finds the money in it. She closes the locker and gets file under the bed. She reads it and smiles. She tells Kishan Lal and calls Preeto. They leave.

Soumya hears the friends talking to Sameer, and thinks they are talking to Harman. They tell that he will become famous and will earn lots of money. Harak Singh comes there and stops Soumya from going to Sameer.

Veeran, Varun and Balwinder come infront of Mohini and Kishan Lal before they leave. Mohini smiles. Harak Singh tells Soumya that he is ashamed to tell that Harman wants to sell you to kinnars. He calls Saya and gives to Soumya. Soumya asks her to give call to Preeto. Saya says so late in night, and tells that she is not here. Soumya says you lied to me. Harak Singh asks Soumya to hear his suggestion and says Sameer is really a nice guy. He says Harman is my son and I know what he can do for money and fame and says I can’t make him understand. Sameer is still standing with Harman’s friends. Soumya says I will talk to him. Mohini tries to hide the papers. Veeran says what do you think that you can take away the papers and says I saw you looting Harak Singh and is not a fool like Harak Singh. He takes papers from her. Varun says we had already added water in it and was doubtful about your intentions. Balwinder says you tried to cheat your own son. Veeran says first lock them inside.

Saya tells Chameli that Soumya has disconnected the call. Chameli says everything will be fine. Saya is hopeful. Veeran calls Preeto and says you will not get papers, as your two supporters are tied here. He says if you want them to be fine then leave Shanno. He says if you leave her then I will leave them. He gives her morning’s time and smirks.

Harak Singh tries to stop Soumya from going to Sameer. He slaps Sameer’s friend and tells you are moving your friend from the way. Sameer removes the jacket and puts on Harman. Harman’s friends make him wear it and put him in the place and then acts as he got unconsciousness. Soumya says your son needs to change and is at mistake. She turns to Harman..

Harman’s friends ask what happened to you. Harak Singh also comes there. Soumya looks at him. They take him inside. Sameer hides. After Harman and Soumya go, he comes out and meets Harak Singh. He smiles.

Soumya tells that today she knows his truth and tells that she wants to know from his mouth. She asks if he wants to sell her and puts water on him. He says I love you Gulabo and falls on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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