Shakti 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman scolds Harak Singh for trying to kill Soumya

Shakti 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chintu calling Harman and informs that he is planning big blast and tells everything. He says I told everything to Soumya. Harman is shocked and asks why did you tell Soumya and gets worried for her. Soumya searches for the bomb and thinks what it could be. She finds the bomb and gets shocked. Harman comes running back to Kinnar’s house. Soumya thinks how to diffuse it and runs holding the bomb. Harman comes and sees Soumya running with bomb. Kishan Lal see them running and thinks Soumya shall die, but nothing shall happen to Soumya else Harak Singh will blast us. Harman asks her to stop and says it was bomb. Soumya asks him not to come near her and asks him to move back. Harman asks her to give bomb to him. Soumya says I will run with the bomb. Harman steps towards her and asks

her to understand. Soumya says no and asks him to go. She asks him to move back. Just then bomb blasts. Harman is shocked and sees Soumya unconsciously lying on road. He asks Soumya to get up and sprinkles water on her face. Soumya coughs and gets up. Harman asks her to look at his face. He makes her drink water and asks her to wash her face. Soumya washes her face. He then wipes her face with her pallu and asks are you fine?

Soumya says yes. Harman says it was not a toy, but a bomb, I would have thrown it far. Soumya says you are scolding me unnecessary. Harman says you tried to take my life. Soumya says she is even afraid of Diwali cracker and got shocked when bomb blasted. Harman smiles and asks are you afraid of Diwali cracker. Soumya says wives…and then stops. He asks her to get up and come. They look at each other.

Harman asks her to hear his heart beat and says only one voice will come from my heart and ie, Gulabo, if anything happens to you then my life will go. He asks her to come before Gurumaa blames him. They start walking going back to home. Harman asks Soumya not to tell anyone. Soumya says ok and asks him not to worry. She says I know and ran with the bomb as I know that nothing will happen to me until our story completes. She says she doesn’t like him to play dhol and asks for nek with kinnars. They go back to kinnar’s house. Soumya says I will see if someone is awake. She silently goes inside the house and locks the door. Harman calls Harak Singh. Harak Singh picks the call and asks him to tell. Harman says your son is dead and asks him to meet him. Gurumaa no 1 and 2 see Soumya and asks from where is she coming. Rani comes and coughs, says she asked her to bring kali mirchi. Soumya says she couldn’t find it. Rani asks her to massage her head. Gurumaa goes to bring water.

Harman asks Harak Singh why did he try to kill kinnars and says they didn’t do anything to you. Harak Singh says he can do 1000’s of murders to get him and asks him to emotionally blackmail Preeto and not him. Harman says previously he used to have think that he is doing wrong with him, but now he will not hesitate. Harak Singh says I was suffocated about the dharm sankat of a father and a son. Now even I am freed. Harman asks him not to tell anyone about bomb incident as Preeto and I don’t want you to go to jail and if you go to jail then nobody will free you. He says he will be with kinnars until he fulfills the conditions and says he will not think now that he is his father, says even he is Singh.

Soumya gets afraid of cockroach and runs, she collides with Harman. Harman says you are afraid of a cockroach. Soumya says small cockroach was a shaitaan. Harman says it might be your Deewana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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