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Shakti 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman stopping the bike. Soumya asks why did you stop here, lets go home. Harman says we will go, but step down. Soumya obliges. He asks her to wash her face and says she doesn’t look like Soumya and is looking of the world from where he helped her eloped, and says I won’t let you go back to that world. He asks her to wash her face. Soumya washes her face. Harman looks at her. Soumya asks what happened? He says that…..Soumya looks at her face without make up. Tu Hi mera khuda plays………………..Harman signs her to remove her necklace. She removes it and gives to Harman. She asks if I am okay. Harman opens her hairs and says they might have do these types of hair do, but not our Soumya. Soumya is emotional and says she couldn’t become their Tarana, and was always….

his…everyone’s Soumya. Harman tells her…you are unique. I found this out when you left me. He says Nimmi is getting mad in her search. He says even Surbhi was searching you. I was broken, shattered etc, and then tried to search you. He says I tried to do all the things which you told me, but couldn’t do one thing.

Soumya asks what? Harman says I tried not to drink wine, but whenever he misses her, he used to drank. Soumya is teary eyes. Harman wipes her tears and says you haven’t changed. He says I can’t bear tears in your eyes, and your one tear is worth crores. He asks her to tell, if he saved her to see her tears. Soumya thinks you have saved me as we have special relation with her. She wishes she would have been a woman then their relation would be different, and hopes that Harman accepts her once.

In the morning, Soumya says it is morning. Harman says he couldn’t find anything else, and gives her biscuits. Soumya says you might be hungry too. Harman asks her not to take care of him, else his habits will spoiled. He says then who will take care of me. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………..Soumya thinks she will miss him. Harman asks her to tell, if Kinnars fed her food or not? He says you have become so lean? Soumya says lets go home as he gets Surbhi’s call. Harman says spend some time with me then you will go to Surbhi and Nimmi, away from me. Soumya thinks she don’t want to go far from him. Harman asks if she knows how to use phone. Soumya says yes you had taught me. Harman gives her phone and asks her to call him. Soumya says no, I won’t call as I am afraid that you will scold me. Harman says you can call me at any time except in mornings. Soumya thinks our world is different, and thinks how to forget you. Harman thinks I want to keep you hidden with you, but our world is different, I have to forget you and will not pick your call. Even Soumya is teary eyes.

Saya and other kinnars come to Maninder’s house. Saya asks kinnars to search the house. Surbhi asks how dare you to enter home. Maninder knocks on the door. Saya breaks the lock and opens the door. Maninder is shocked to see her and says Soumya is not with you. You can’t handle a kinnar and asks what you are doing here? Go from here. Saya shouts and says I will go with Soumya, and asks him to handover Soumya to her. Maninder says if she would have been here then I would have given Soumya to you. Saya says I came to take Soumya from here and says she is my amanat. She says whenever Soumya comes back, I will take her back.

Nimmi asks Saya to listen to her before going. She says you have lost before and even now. First you have lost from a mum and now from her kinnar daughter. She says before I was with her, but now Harman is also with her as her rakshak. She says Soumya will come here and will stay with me, do whatever you want. Saya is annoyed and asks kinnars to come with her. They are standing outside the house. Saya asks Kinnars to stay there and inform her once Soumya comes there. She goes with other kinnars. Nimmi asks Surbhi to bring suitcase. Maninder asks what you are doing? Nimmi packs the clothes and says once she comes here, I will go to Delhi. Surbhi says I will also come with you, and will not stay here. Maninder asks who is there in Delhi. Nimmi says that’s why we are going as nobody knows us. Maninder asks her to go without Surbhi. Surbhi says I will not stay here. Maninder asks her to get married and settled down. Surbhi asks why you are worried that Abhishek will break the marriage knowing about the truth? She says few men are like Harman too and tells that she already told the truth to Abhishek and he has no problems. Maninder slaps her hard for crossing the limits and says you will do as I said. Surbhi says I will do what I think is right as I am not doing anything wrong. She says I will go with Nimmi. Harman and Soumya are on the bike. Harman sees Soumya sad and thinks her house is near, then why she is sad. He sees Kinnar’s standing outside and takes a turn. Kinnar notice Soumya and informs Saya that they fled seeing us. Harman calls Surbhi and tells her that Kinnars are outside her house. Surbhi asks where you will take her. Harman says whereever I will take her, she will be safe with me.

Saya comes to Preeto’s house. Preeto asks why did you come here now, and asks how couldn’t you handle a kinnar. Saya says she came to fulfill her responsibility and asks where is my Tarana. Preeto tells her that Harman must have taken Soumya to her house. Saya says he didn’t go there, and says he will bring her here. Preeto says if he brings her here then I will inform you. She asks her to go. Saya says I haven’t come to take her back today. Harak Singh asks what do you mean? Where she will go then? Saya says I would have taken her if she would have went to Nimmi’s house. She says your son ran away with her, and if he brings her here then you have to accept her as his wife and your bahu. Harak Singh asks have you gone mad? Saya says I won’t leave from here until then.

Soumya tells Harman that she won’t return to Preeto’s house. Harman says it is my house too legally and you are my wife legally. Soumya says I don’t want to go, as last time Preeto sent me with Mallika. A fb is shown. Soumya says I don’t want to go back this time. Harman asks her to trust him. Preeto says what do you think that we will accept whatever you had said. Harman comes inside house. Preeto asks how are you? Harman says fine. Saya asks where is Tarana? Harman says she is in her mum’s house. Saya says you have ran away with her seeing us. Harman says I made her eat jalebi and then left her at her mum’s house. He asks Saya to leave Soumya and let her be happy in her house. He asks her to go. He tells Preeto that he is feeling sleepy and needs to sleep. Preeto asks him to sleep. Saya tells that Harman is lying. Preeto says Harman came alone here, and your Tarana is not with him, leave from here. Saya says your son is playing and you all have to compensate for it.

Harman asks Soumya to come with him, as he hides her outside the house. They come to the nearby house and asks the owner for a room on rent. Owner sees Soumya with him. They come to the room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Montage looks superb, ty

  2. Is she is really a kinner?

  3. Angelk1

    About time. Haya scene was good today

  4. what a an episode he cannot accept her at the main time calling her his legally wife .this scene reflects his inner conflict between his love and his family and society i am very excited knowing they wil stay together . harman eyelook is awsome full of emotions. ihope the cvs wont miss up the track and involve the issue of surbi marriage to harman .most of the fans are fed up .

  5. Nice episode.harmar take good decision

  6. Harman and sowmya are looking like real pair we fans want Harman and sowmya love story back.Harman and sowmya looks like made for each other Harman and sowmya eye look was awesome it was excellent their is no words to tell.we fans don’t like surbi coming in between Harman and sowmya life.Harman treats surbi as his sister no brother will marry is sister please don’t spoil the relationship between Harman sowmya and surbi .as a fan of your serial I request you to respect the relationship

  7. Pls don’t join harman and surbhi that is the worst part make sowmya as normal girl not now but pls don’t make surbhi to come in between haya it’s a strong request

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