Shakti 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting shocked seeing Harman doing stunt in the video. Director asks Harman to get ready for the stunt and says he can do anything for his Gulabo. Soumya is shocked and calls Harman. She tells that she don’t want house or car risking his life. Director applauds for their love story. Soumya says you don’t have to do this, come with me. Harman asks what’s wrong in this work. Hero tells Sahil that game have just started. He tells Harman that he shouldn’t have lied to his wife. Director says Harman didn’t any mistake and says love is puja for him, and hide this from his wife so that she don’t get worried. Hero says he is not great and says he left his parents and second wife for her. Harman grabs his collar and asks him to shut up. Hero tells that you got married twice

and has been roaming on road even though you are Harak Singh’s son. Harman asks him to shut up else he will take his life. Hero calls him a big womanizer. Soumya says you don’t need to prove anyone and asks Hero to let them go. Harman says my work. Soumya asks him to come. Harman calls her.

Harak Singh scolds Inspector for his inability to find out who lighted his son’s house. Inspector asks for 2 days. Harak Singh says I want to see his face. Shanno asks what you want to do by seeing face. Harak singh replies angrily. Preeto asks her to go to kitchen. Varun comes and asks Preeto about Raavi. She says she is in room. Varun goes to room. Soumya is angry at her house. Harman asks her to listen. Soumya asks if this is easy work for you. Harman says I can do this work easily and says I have no degree. He says he can do stunt nicely and everyone respects him. He asks Soumya to tell what she wants? Soumya is silent. He calls Saya, Surbhi and Nani and asks them to come home. Surbhi tells Nani that Harman ji called her and asked her to convince Soumya. Nani says Soumya used to get upset even in childhood and Nimmi used to run following her. A fb is shown, Nimmi apologizes to her and she agrees. Fb ends. Surbhi says Harman can do anything to cheer her up and convince her. Nani says when she came to know about her truth, she forgot to get upset like this. She hopes best for Harman and Soumya.

Harman asks Soumya to agree else he will call everyone. He calls Director and tells there is an emergency. Saya, Surbhi and Nani come there. Saya and Nani ask Soumya not to get angry on Harman. Surbhi tells Harman that Soumya’s anger is justified and asks why did he do dangerous stunts. Director sends his staff to make beautiful decoration for them. Harman makes Soumya sit on the swing. Soumya gets happy seeing sorry message. Harman says whenever you get angry, the reason is cute. Surbhi says now they shall leave. Soumya gives her promise to Harman and asks him not to risk his wife. Harman says who wants to die, and says he wants to live with her, see with her etc. He asks her to ask for a wish. Soumya asks him to ask. Harman says until when he is alive, he wants to be with Soumya and wants to die in her embrace. Soumya asks him not to talk about death. Harman says ok and moves his hand on her hairs. Soumya smiles.

Inspector brings goons to Harak Singh. Harak Singh slaps them. Harman gives his earrings to Soumya and says he will go out today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again Harman talked about DEATH, what the hell in this, Vivian is the soul of this show,We all will quit watching this show if There is Any harm to Vivian character, remember how madhubala trps fell down when Vivian was not a part of the show….

  2. I am really upset with Harman again talking about death,can’t imagine the show without Vivian..

  3. hi im new here im die heart fan of soumya

  4. pls accept me as ur frnd

  5. What a boring episode. Shakti team please show something interesting to gain more trps.

  6. Vivian is looking so handsome. Why harman is talking about his death again and again. No vivian no shakti.

    1. So true, No VIVIAN NO Shakti, Shakti serial ki SOUL hai Vivian..

  7. Nice episode.

  8. Hearty welcome DAVYA.I am also a die hard fan of soumya nd Harman.u already became part of this show. No need to ask .Don’t worry tanvi,may be both HAYA vl die nd reincarnation maybe happened. Y I am telling means in last episode also saya said to soumya change must be happened in future nd every one support ur love but maybe v r not alive.

  9. Coming to these days SHAKTI show was really amazing. Both their chemistry, pure nd eternal love makes us always drooling over them.Even simple seens also give more pleasure nd divine to watch.Especially HAYA nok- jhokh was ultimately ausumn. Really RUBY-VIV r made for each other.Now a days SHAKTI is a treat to watch.

  10. This episode is very good, worth to watch lot of HAYA interacting scenes, most important is they want to live together, for each other … love the way he try to make her talk so much

  11. wow . lovely episode

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