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Shakti 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The kinners knocks at the door from inside. They were curt that a lover has locked them inside, this will left them with less money for job. Harman unlocks the door and says they may go anywhere they want to, only Suomya won’t go with them. Guru Maa forbids Harman to instruct what they must do and what not. He decides only his wife won’t leave this place, until she is here they must follow him. He deters to lock the door again when she disagrees, Guru Maa sends Suomya inside.
At home, Shanno discusses a plan with Vriren. He tells Shanno that whatever is happening is because of Preito, she is in contact with kinners and making this all happen.
Guru Maa tells Nani that Suomya is facing tough times, her future life will hopefully be good. Nani was worried about not being able to meet Surbhi as

well. Guru Maa says Suomya’s condition is effecting every person linked to her. Nani leaves. Guru Maa and Chambeli head towards home, Guru Maa gets a call and assures she is fine.
Shanno calls her brother and gives the news to be published in her newspaper. Viren comes to scold her for doing so. Shanno says its better they reveal the truth about his brother and sister in law. Viren says he is unable to feed his family yet. Shanno tells him to think once what if they reveal about their daughter in law being a kinner. Preito stood there on the door, she deters her to stay away from the matters of her son. Shanno’s phone rings, Preito tells her to give the news to her brother now.
In a wedding a man stares at the kinners. They taunt that there is someone who is giving them respect in the society. They have an argument, the man tries to harass them. The men around enjoy all this. Kareena also comes there to save them.
Harman was speaking to a group of men about the respect of kinners as humans. He watches the kinners coming home, Kareena comes in and tells Malika they can’t be neglected only for a sake of this Tarana. Malika asks what about the matter. They tell her about all the harassment. Kareena demands to end the tent drama outside. Everyone was their side. They all go outside and gather around while one of the kinner calls Harman as really selfish, he is doing this all for a show off. She points towards him and blames for harassing her and she promised him about it, so he is creating a drama here. Harman asks what the rubbish she is speaking about. The men ask for what the truth is, Harman looks towards Suomya saying he is only culprit to one, why clarify to everyone else. The men head to break Harman’s tent but the kinners stop them. Harman watches them break his tent and looks towards Suomya who stood silent throughout.

PRECAP: Suomya takes a leave from Malika for a new beginning as she was leaving for Bangkok. Malika tells Harman that Suomya has left.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Focus on Harman more

  2. When soumya had to do all this she could have done before itself y to stay as a dutiful wife and leave him now ..y can’t she read his mind that he is overprotective of her

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