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Shakti 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena throwing her food plate on the dining area and says who made this non tasty good. A kinnar says that she used to make food always and everyone likes it. Kareena says she is the new guru maa and will decide who will cook food. She gives the responsibility to others and throws tantrums asking if the food is not good then she will make them make again. She asks Chameli to wash everyone clothes and asks her to go. Chameli angrily goes.

Rani and Raveena come to Kareena. Raveena tells Kareena that Harman took Soumya to her mayka. Harman have food at Maninder’s house and tells that now he will go. Bebe asks him to go tomorrow. Soumya sneezes. Harman says I don’t want to leave my Gulabo, but she don’t want me to stay here. Soumya sneezes and thinks she has to send

him somehow. Harman says I will go and asks her to come to room before he goes. He takes her to room. Everyone looks on. Soumya says what everyone will think? Harman says you have the right to get upset and asks if she felt cold with his love icecream and makes her covers his muffler and says she will be fine with his warmth of love. Soumya sneezes. Harman says if you don’t want me to go then I will stay here. Soumya says it is okay, and she sneezes and falls in his embrace. He holds her and looks at her romantically. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……..

Shanno informs Preeto that Harman came and went towards his room. Preeto asks her to keep dal on the table. She asks Surbhi to go and check if he needs anything. Surbhi says we have to make something for tomorrow. Preeto says we can make it tomorrow. Surbhi says you could have taken my phone, and says I have understood what you tried to do. Preeto says when you have understood then you would have also understood why I have done this. She says if you convince Harman then your married life will be good. She says I don’t need to make you understand. Harman sees bags in his room and thinks if Surbhi is going to her mayka. Surbhi comes. Harman asks what is this? Surbhi says this is our honeymoon bags. Harman asks what? He says how can we go? Preeto comes and says why you are so surprised? All married couples go for honeymoon. Surbhi stops Harman. Harman says you would have asked me before. Preeto says this is wedding gift for you both. She asks aren’t you happy? Harman says yes. Preeto asks him to have food. Harman says he had already. Preeto asks Surbhi to serve food for everyone. Preeto comes to her room and is happy. Harak Singh asks why you are happy? Preeto tells that she is sending Harman and Surbhi on a honeymoon and hopes for their union.

Maninder meets Kareena and tells her that Harman have left Soumya at his place and asks her to kidnap her. Kareena says surely, we will kidnap her tonight itself. Rani and Raveena smirks. Maninder smiles.

Chintu is crying and refuses to drink milk. Harman says who will handle him now. Chintu blames him for taking Soumya from there and cries. He asks Harman why did you come here, you would have also go with her. Surbhi asks Chintu to have milk and says I am your mami’s sister naa. Chintu asks what you are doing here and asks her to go to her house and send Soumya here. Preeto says she is your Mami and not Soumya. Chintu says no, says Soumya is his Mami, and wife of Kans Mama. He asks Raavi to call Soumya. Raavi says she must be sleeping. Chintu says he will call her and goes. Preeto tells Surbhi if she understood why she is sending her to honeymoon so that nobody think her useless, and says this is your value in the house.

Maninder comes to his house with Rani and Raveena. They see Police. He asks Rani and Raveena to hide and asks Policemen what they are doing here. Policemen tells that they got a call from someone(Saya) who informed him that someone’s life is in danger at Maninder’s house. A fb is shown. Saya informs Inspector that someone’s life is in danger and asks Police to go to Maninder’s house. Fb ends. Maninder asks them to go and says there is no life threat for them. Inspector says why to take risk and asks his constables to stay there for a night. Ravi and Raveena wait for them to go so that they can kidnap Soumya. Maninder thinks who has complained to Police.

Shanno asks Viren what they will name their daughter or son. Viren tells the name. Shanno sees Harman going from there and tells that Soumya’s big enemy is Surbhi. She tells that Soumya is innocent and Surbhi sent her to mayka and Harman is doubting Preeto. She says Surbhi is making Harman go far away from Soumya slow. Harman hears her and goes. Viren asks why you are telling me this? Shanno says he has listened her, and asks him to sleep.

Harman comes to Surbhi and asks why she is playing games. He says you have sent Soumya to mayka so that you can go with me for honeymoon and also you are acting to be my wife. He says I don’t care about Harak Singh and Preeto, and says I will not go with you to other room also. He says I love Soumya and don’t care about anyone, asks her to go to her mayka.

Preeto asks Surbhi to enjoy and bring good news. Harman and Surbhi come to pick Soumya. Soumya refuses to go, but Surbhi asks her to sit in car. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Even that chinta knows that Soumya is wife of Harman….Loved the last scene, Harman does good rude behaviour with Surbhi and he should continue that.. Surbhi is the main villain in Haya life…. I hope Varun does something and remove that idiot Surbhi from Haya’s life….

    1. Why??…do you want Harman to spend his entire life with that Saumya chakka… Ohh pllleeeasee give me a break… Look sis, Surabhi is atleast a woman… She has more to offer than Saumya can ever offer… Saumya has been a chicken from day 1. She can’t even back answer her father or mother in law. I don’t have any respect for Saumya, not because she’s a kinnar but because she can’t even stand up for herself. She is supposed to be the shakti, not harman or anyone else. I fed up of her bechaari, dukhyari drama. She’s a dumb b*t*h. She always needs someone protecting her. She is responsible for Kareena’s mothers death. It was her fault to stop harman from helping kareena and send her wicked devar. How can someone be so dumb. Kareena should finish her or makers should change the story. Kareena rocks by the way. I liked her change. Be practical Tanvi.

  2. Superb superb I love haya soooooooooooooooo much. I hate kareeena and Preeto. I’m happy their plans failed. I can’t wait anymore for Monday episode

  3. *chintu

  4. Tanvi where are you? where our other friends? By the way Happy shivarathri to u and family and all our shakthi fans

  5. Hi sakthi fans, hw r u all?

    Iam busy with my daughters exam I can’t comment . Sorry sorry sorry. But iam very happy that regular commenters didn’t forget me.

    Now a days writers r dragging the show. Always kidnapping scenes and preeto’s torture .really fed up of this track.

    Hi chaya, Tanvi, bunny , kopz ,raji,karthi,Ashley and uthaya how r u guys? Happy shivarathri to u all.

  6. Today i cant watch first half….but i read TU…me nd my mom missed chintu scene……..
    Kyu Kareena revenge lene ke mouke par kinnar society k bareme galat femi bada rhi hai ….???????i totally disappnt nd hatred her character..she s d one who supported nd gud frnd of soumya …
    The way harman behave wit surbi is right..but surbi wasn’t aware of hnynoon matter…..wat’s wrong wit surbi……
    Precap s good..i know haya will rockng and get some times to spend happily at hnynoon. .and somu escaped frm preeto’s torture. .
    Hi guys pls do comments daily..dont stop by reading TU pls share ur opinion. …..

  7. Ammu happy to see u after so many episode totally rockssssssssss.HAYA seen is ausumnnnnnnnnnnn,no words to express my feeling s.I love Chintu very very much what a action. He really give superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb BBB answer to surbhi and her place in that home also.he said right soumya is only only Harman wife.OMG I can’t believe it today Chintu u rocked and give shock to surbhi, preeto stupid and other family members who hate soumya. I love says also.she only saves soumya from all obstacles not surbhi. Hate kareena,preeto, surbhi,varun ,maninder,bebe all r idiots they never changed.but in today episode I enjoy a lot especially chintu conversation with all family ,Harman showing anger on surbhi,HAYA romantic scene,saya saving some scenes.after soooooo9ooooooooooooooooooooo many days my stomach is full.

  8. Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you so much chaya for ur support. I am bigggggg fan of HAYA and SHAKTI serial and of course, fsn of Vivian and Rubina also.if anyone comment like that I can’t bear it chaya.I am the daily commentator and fan for HAYA but since from few days I didn’t comment daily bcoz i am out of station may be this will continue like this if I got any free time then I try to today episode soumya looks very very beautiful in that saree.hope support HAYA like this and try to comment daily if u have time.once again thank you soooo much and our daily commentator s also continue to support like this.HAPPY MAHA SIVARATRI once again to all.pls don’t break d eternal love of HAYA.

  9. Surbi is trying so hard to appear like a beloved sister who is sacrifying her life for her sister but i just can’t believe her in every scene she try to look like a careing sister i feel she is hiding other feelings and the worst is still comming from her, i hate preeto and her unending selfishness. Sometimes i wonder what’s if preeto’s evil ended and their is no danger from her on soumya will surbhi stop and leave haya or her main intention will appear and she becomes a danger threat for saumya???

  10. Superb episode, Some of us, Vivian Disena (Harman) fans from IIT Kharagpur are like in favour of Haya and some of Habhi….. But according to me and the rituals, Surbhi is also Harman’s wife and she deserves some sort of happiness in her life. Atleast we all know that how much she has sacrificed for Soumya like marrying Harman instead of Abhishek g and let me bring it to the memory of other viewers too that Harman was her first love too which she had sacrified for Soumya’s marraige otherwise she would have tried to do something for herself at that time…. I don’t tell that Soumya’s character is bad but the thing is that Surbhi is also not that bad…. She deserves some romantic time, good times with Harman in the show?

  11. You are welcome bunny. I am the big fan you too. l can’t see anyone speak aginst soumya. Definitely I comment daily. Last days I could’t coment daily becoz I had some exams now I’m free so I can comment and support u??☺☺?

  12. Hay Jessica stop your nonsens. why u speak like that? Soumya’s shakthi is Harman and surbhi. I cant imagin why u want surbhi and haramn relation* don’t call soumya dumb. I hate your comment. how could you think kareena’s change is good? You are really raely mad.??????????????

    1. Yup you read it right Chaya Maya… Saumya is superbly dumb… She lost Kareena’s friendship due to her dumbness and she needs to be thought a lesson…too much of sweetness causes diabetes… Preeto pressurized her for Surbhi and Harmans marriage and that dumb b*t*h not only acknowledged it but also pressurized Harman to get married to Surbhi because she didn’t want to leave Harman and his house, no matter how his family treats her. Admit it… She is a chicken who can’t stand for herself. Do you know why she needs Harman and Surbhi to be her Shakti??? … It’s because she does not have guts to stand up for herself. The thruth is that Harman belongs to Surbhi and Saumya should leave. For Saumya I have just one thing to say and that is…. THHOOOOOOOOO.

  13. After long time I saw ammu’s comment happy to see it??????

  14. But do you know Jessica finally the end drama Harman and soumya reunit. surbhi is leave Harman and somu’s life you wish Preeto’s evil dramas to end☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Ya Harman and Saumya will reunite but maybe after 3-4 years or maybe on the last episode of the serial. The makers of the serial will make sure that the lead pair suffer as much as possible because they think audiences like such torchure drama and it’s entertaining to public.. ???… The serial is sooo damn slow…End Saumya’s character and the drama is all over?… Now look at that pathetic serial called Udaan.. It’s complete shit.. KamalNarayan has been torchuring Chakor and her family since she was a kid and until now when she is all grown up.. I guess this will continue until Chakor has children, she become dadima and dies.. Wait… actually KamalNarayan will still be alive and torchure Chakor’s grand children, great grand children etc… etc. What nonsense… They should nane the serial… Yeh KamalNarayan ki udaan hai…. What happend to all those bal majdoori description they give at the starti g to the seral???? Shakti is also following the sane path. It has potential to become a great serial but the makers are idots.

  15. Oh Jessica relax it is a drama not real. I agree with you opinion about udaan. It is a really dump drama I don’t like it. You know every Indian dramas same. They face problem and find solution it.As well as I don’t like mega drama but I think shakthi is not become mega drama.but don’t talk aginst soumya because I am big fan her by the way forget it. JUST SMILE NOW PLZ????

  16. Can you tell yourself ? I like to know about it if you like

    1. ?… Chaya, I too like Saumya but can’t see her getting torchured sooo much. Saumya needs to be super smart and intelligent and should stand up for herself. This is how the story should go – Kareena forgets her duties as guru maa, in the madness of kidnapping Saumya. She gets Saumya kidnapped but all other kinnars revolt againts her and try to punish her. Saumya not only saves Kareena but also clears her misunderstanding by exposing Varun…thier friendship is restored. Next Saumya is exposed as a kinnar and decides to leave her Sasuraal and move away as she thinks that she is the one breaking her sisters marriage. Saumya leaves with Saya to Delhi. Maninder and Preeto are super happy. Some time passes. Surbhi has a miscarriage and can never become a mother. It’s Varun who causes her miscarriage as he wants to take revenge on her. He takes over all the property cunningly and kicks Harman and his family out. Harman and his family move to Surbhi’s house. Preeto does not say anything but blames Surbhi for everything and decides to get Harman married again as she wants a pota. Harman and Surbhi go for a surrogacy. Surbhi later goes to Varun and plead with him to return the property. Cunning Varun tries to rape her… *Saumyas Entry* Saumya returns in her old avatar. She saves Surbhi and beats the shit out of Varun. She returns with Surbhi and Saaya to maninders house. Maninders does not allow her inside but she forecebaly enters in, showing Maninder who is the boss… Everyone is shocked with Saumyas bold avatar. Harman is very angry with Saumya and does not talk to her. Saumya in the meantime wins the villagers hearts and becomes the village sarpanch, shocking Maninder. She become lime goddess Durga. Raavi’s father in law puts a case againts Harman and family for Chintu’s custody. They have to tell the court that Saumya is a kinnar to win the case. On the judgement, Saumya proves everyone that she is not a kinnar leaves everyone shocked. She takes over the property from Varun smartly and returns it to Harman’s father in law. She also tell Varun that his mom was a b*t*h who ran way with the man she loved and clears all his minderstanding. Varun is not ready to accept Saumya’s story and leaves. Saumya tells everyone that she pretended to be a kinnar just to show to the world and people like manindar that Kinnars are not worthless. Preeto butters her by calling her bahu but Saumya tells to shut the f**k up. She revels to everyone that she is already pregnant with harman’s child. She accidentally ended up being the surrogate mother. Preeto’s mouth becomes wide open and she repents. Saumya tells her to f**k off as she is responsible for her mothers death. Every maninder asks for forgoveness but sje ignores him. The nexy day, everyone get shocked seeing Saumya glam makeover. She wears jeans and t-shirt. Harman is still in love with Saumya. Saumya decides to leave with Saya to delhi again and promisses to return and give her child back to Surbhi. She leaves. *Twist* Varun returns back and tries to shoot Harman bur Surbhi gets injured and die. She tells harman to win Saumyas love again and never loose her. Varun goes to jail forever. Maninder is shattered as both his daughters have left him. Harman and his Family and Maninder and his family go to Delhi. Maninder repents and Saumya forgives. Harman wins Saumya love again and Saumya firgivws his family too…they all live in a one big family ?

      1. Love ur story jessica it’s awsome, wish the writer will read it and try to add some glimps of hope in soumya’s character change.

  17. Oh awesome story Jessica l like it actually you are great writer. We will see how haramn and soumya get reunit?????

    1. ✌️?

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