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Shakti 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling her family that he will be fine in the morning. Harman starts reading the letter speaking her heart out, and telling all the incidents of her childhood, and her wish to become a bride, and it was made a joke. He further reads that she is feeling bad to go away from her life. He reads that her 21 days are completed and his responsibility is over, she is going soon in few hours time. She writes to Harman that she never thought that all these relations will break like a dream, gets teary eyes….Song plays……Soumya says I don’t want to go away from you. She asks can I ask you something. She asks why kinnars are not allowed to live normal life. She says when God’s made man and woman stay together then why can’t kinnar stay in the same society. She says Maa

have kept you isolated from the world, I didn’t know that I was a kinnar. When you took me in arms and took pheras….it was a normal pheras, but little did I know that any of the wedding vows are not allowed on Kinnar. She says when I came home in bridal attire, I thought I am a girl and dreamt to live with you being married woman, but all my dreams are shattered by my reality. She says my friend Kalsi’s mum used to weave sweater for her husband and used to say that whenever her husband wears sweater then she feels him closer to him. I am leaving sweater here, I didn’t have the right to love you, but started loving you unknowingly. She writes that I love you so much that I can’t keep you out of my heart, love’s first alphabet is incomplete like our relation, incomplete like me. She continues to write that wherever I will be, I will remember you even if you don’t remember me, just remember Soumya.” He gets touched reading the letter.

Harman wears sweater and imagines Soumya complimenting his looks. Harman says you are not here and have been fooling me. He asks her to go, and says you are in my heart and I can’t take you out. He tells himself that he is not looking nice in this sweater and takes it off. He is about to throw it, but couldn’t and stops. He thinks neither I can wear it nor I can throw it, don’t ask why can’t I throw it. He gets emotional after reading the letter and sleeps.

Kareena is talking to Soumya. Soumya tells about the little girl Juhi who is hopeful to get an answers from her family one day. Kareena tells her that they don’t know what is family and asks what is sasural? Soumya recalls Harak Singh and Preeto taking care of her, and Harman showering love on her. Kareena asks how is the husband and what is love. Soumya says just like I am incomplete, relations are also incomplete. She tells that her mum, sister and Harman ji loves her, and then gets sad.

They see someone dropping a baby at their house and leave in the car. Soumya tries to call them, but in vain. Kareena tells that they were baby’s parents and this girl is a kinnar like this. Soumya gets emotional. Guru Maa asks everyone if they are happy. They say yes. She sees Kareena bringing a new girl and asks everyone to make arrangements for the jashn. Soumya stops them and says this baby will not stay here and will go to her parents, and I will take her. Guru Maa gets furious. Rani asks if she thinks of herself as queen that we will obey. Guru Maa takes baby from Soumya, checks her and gives chit to Kareena. Kareena says her name is amrit and she belongs to rich family. Guru Maa laughs and says her parents haven’t thought that she is a human and says she will be called as kinnar only. Soumya tries to stop her, but Saya holds her hands. Soumya says I will give her back to her parents. Saya says her parents know that she is made for this world and have to stay here happily. Soumya tells her that she doesn’t know what is mother’s lori, food made by her, feelings etc….She says I don’t want that feeling to be snatched from her, and determines to take her back. Saya says society will always throw us out of their world and that’s why we have to get kinnars at our place. Soumya looks on.

Soumya sees Raveena scolding the baby for crying and waking up in the night. Kareena feels bad for the baby. Soumya goes to baby and offers to make her sleep. Rani taunts her, but Soumya takes baby in her lap. Kareena asks her to make baby drink water. Soumya recalls Nimmi singing lori to make her quiet and sings lori for baby. The baby stops crying. Everyone gather there and see Soumya’s motherly love for the baby. Saya is happy to see Soumya’s love for baby. Baby finally sleeps in Soumya’s lap. Soumya continues to sing lori and gets emotional with teary eyes.

Soumya refuses to give baby. Guru Maa tells Soumya that she can keep the baby, but nobody will give her food. Harman tells Preeto that although Soumya made food 1-2 times, but her pulao was better than that of Preeto’s and asks her not to make pulao again in home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ohhh Emotions Emotions Emotions!!! Full of it.

    1. Renuverma

      Thanks hasan mam for the update.

  2. Awwwwww!!!!!!!!! That day when soumya wrote that letter i cried 2-3 times. Today too tears rolled off my eyes .iwas touched

    1. Renuverma

      Yes sia letter was touching but i cried when she was singing lori

  3. Guys there is gud news for you all. This week shakti is on top in terms of trp given by baaarc

    Hiii renu saras uthaya and all other members of shakti group
    . How are u alll????

    1. hi siya…
      shakti being highest on trp isn’t good news for me. . even after their separation the trp is high so they will drag this track .. sad.. -:((

      anyways let’s wait for Sunday episode. ..

      1. Renuverma

        Hi saras dear.?
        Agree to u. Hope this track isnt dragged.
        Tes looking forward for Sundays episode

    2. Renuverma

      Hi siya fine dear.?
      U know when serial had started comments were few but gradually they rose to 150 n we had many members.
      I wonder where is everyone now.

      1. Hii renuverma do u remember me?? Dr. Rekhavv

      2. Renuverma

        Hi dr rekhav. How can i forget u dear.
        Yr comments were logical as well as educative.
        Where u had been.?

    3. Hi siya dear am good , ya our show rocks in trp but sad thing is cvs gng to drag this track

  4. I feel so sad for harman. He just can’t forget her. Please don’t take too long to bring soumya back to where she lived before. Saya made a promise to nimmi that she will bring soumya back if she is not happy there. Guys do ul remember?

    1. Renuverma

      Yes alia it seems saya has forgotten about her promise.

    2. Alia that saya always do promise but never follow , do you remember a challenge bt nimmi and saya that she say she won’t disturb soumu for 21 days but first she reaveled that truth to soumya then to preeto and always go to her house and threaten soumu to come with her

      1. Yes Uthaya, you are right. I do remember.

  5. How does the baby identified as kinnar ????? This is ridiculous why can’t this serial people think scientifically??? No child can be identified as kinnar by birth,baby looks either like boy or girl by birth. Only due to harmonal changes the person develops the male or female characters….

    1. Renuverma

      Hi reena pl note that we have had enough debate on this issue?
      Well it can be identified from babys genitals as it can be either boy or girl but in kinner genit..s r neither of 2 just because of an extra chromosome .

    2. Totally agreed with u.

    3. No dear. A baby can b identified inters*x from birth itself. Their r many sorts of abnormality related to this. Female pseudohermaphrodism, male pseudohermaphrodism, congenital adrenal hyoerplasia, noonan’s syn, Laurence moon biedel, kallman, klinefelter , turner, true hermaphrodism.
      Some of this can b diagnosed at birth itself.

  6. Kitni aapko science Ki knowldge h vo apke cmnt s hi lag gya reena mam

    baby kinner hote h

    aur vo janam lete hi identify ho jate h

    kam gyan h to kam bolna chahiye

    jada science ki stdnt ni banna chahiye

    is serial ko dekh k bhi ni smjh aya

    i m bio studnt

    mujhe pta h hormonal chnzes s kinner to shyd koi phli bar bna hga

    1. Actually during august month we people had discussed so much about the same issue. And where trying to make break the misbelieves but later we understood that no matter how much we explains their r always comments regarding this questions on this page.

  7. and yes when hrml chnges come in male and female

    they devlop male or female chrctr and become sterile
    but not Eunuch(kinner)

    1. Eunuch is a castrated male. Kinnar refers to a broad sense of those people who have no clear gential differentiation

  8. How are kinnars identified? In shakti Saumya is shown v beautiful and her looks are completely like girl? Whats the difference between Women and Kinnar?

    1. Their r many women who have external gentials of male. Or male with externals of female. Or those who have both at birth. Or sometimes later after some age doesn’t show normal hormonal changes those are termed kinnar.

  9. an episode without Surbhi is always a treat… but loved Harman!

  10. too much emotions. . I feel embarrassed to watch if people around me. .. As I start crying-:((
    I m yet to watch list two episodes. .

  11. Emotional episode and touching letter

  12. U r 100% Right renuverma..

  13. No one is trying to write a ff for this show. All we can see r swaragini ff and rest 10% r yhm + manmarziya+ tei.
    I challenge if u r that good writer then take this concept and write a ff

  14. I am curious if the writer has a story for at least 2-3 months in mind or changing every week based on situations. ..

    1. Me too thinking same. If its changing weekly than this kinnar issue will b lost and even establishing identity stuff will also b lost. Just another love story will b left for us to watch and suffer

  15. That one year leap thing seems to be fake news. .so many times we get such newses.. Hope this is also fake. .

    As per today’s spoiler harman will go out again in search of soumya


  17. me too. I used to lik it but now it is boring.

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