Shakti 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman saying Soumya that his happiness lies in her happiness, asks her to go and get ready, offers to drop her home. Soumya says okay. Harman asks Surbhi to come along and says your mayka is also same naa. Surbhi refuses to go. Harman wonders what is happening, one sister wants to go and other don’t. He thinks I will get mad. Surbhi asks Soumya why she wants to go home. Soumya says she is missing everyone. Surbhi asks if mummy ji asked you. Soumya says no. Preeto comes and says I heard you are going to your mayka and says okay you can go as Surbhi is here. She asks Surbhi to give her mangalsutra to Soumya. She makes her wear it and asks Soumya to take care of their respect, and says I will come and take you home.

Maninder tells groom’s family that they couldn’t give

dowry to Soumya. He says Surbhi loves her sister so much and that’s why staying there. He asks the groom’s father to accept Surbhi’s alliance. The man assures him that he will support him, no matter if Surbhi marries his son or not but he will help him free his daughter from there. Surbhi tells Preeto that she has brought the stuff to be given to Soumya as she is going to her mayka. Preeto says okay and says my bahu is saying this with love…and thinks she has played a big trick than her.

Soumya and Harman are in the car. Harman stops the car near the river and tells her that he wants to make her meet someone. Tera Ishq Ka song plays……………He asks Soumya to meet….Soumya asks whom?? There is nobody here. Harman says I am talking about this sky, river , this land etc…He says now you all might have understood why did I cry for my Soumya. He says when you had cut your wrist? I came here and cries, complained about you. Later when you told me your truth, I came here and took out my pain from my heart. He says whenever I am alone, and when you kick me out of room, I come here and spend time. He says I thought to bring you here and shout saying….I love you Gulabo……Soumya looks on.

Surbhi comes to Preeto and asks did you call me? Preeto says yes. Varun comes there and gives tickets to Preeto. Surbhi wonders why did he come here. Preeto gives tickets to Surbhi. Surbhi asks what is this? Preeto says it is honeymoon tickets, go and spend some time together. Surbhi thinks that’s why Soumya went from here. Varun asks Surbhi If she is not happy? Surbhi says she is happy and thanks Preeto. Varun says you should thank me for getting the best package for you. Surbhi thanks him and goes. Preeto thinks Harman will get angry hearing about honeymoon. Surbhi thinks Preeto is clever and that’s why sent Soumya from here. She calls Harman to inform him, but seeing Preeto coming there, she cuts the call.

Preeto gives clothes for honeymoon. Surbhi sees the net nighty. Preeto says this is the time to wear such stuff and says she will do her packing. Surbhi says she will pack her bags. Preeto insists and thinks I have to stay here until Harman drops Soumya home. Surbhi thinks she is understanding everything, and is quiet because of Soumya else would have given her a strict reply.

Harman buys icecream for Soumya and says love increases when we have icecream together. Soumya asks who told you this? Harman says this river, land, sky etc….Soumya says okay….Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……Preeto tells Surbhi that there is so much kitchen work and goes. Bebe tells Maninder that Surbhi will not agree. Maninder says just I want her betterment seeing Nani standing. Harman brings Soumya there. Nani gets happy seeing her. Maninder and Bebe get upset. Maninder asks if Harak Singh threw you out. Harman says Soumya was missing you, so I brought her here. Maninder and Bebe say okay. Nani asks Soumya to give whatever Preeto gave her before sending her to mayka. Harman smiles. Soumya gives it to Nani.

Maninder tells Harman that he needs to talk to him about Surbhi’s marriage and asks him to come inside. Preeto worries and asks Surbhi why Harman didn’t come till now. Surbhi says Nani and bebe might have stopped him for having food. Preeto thinks how to make you busy so that you don’t call them. She asks her to clean the room after kitchen work.

Harman comes back and sees the stuff. He asks Surbhi what is this? Surbhi says we are going to honeymoon. Harman tells her that he is not going anywhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. End this Preeto and Surbhi useless track…. Even today Shakti trp has also gone down… GLAD THAT STILL ITS THE SLOT LEADER… But the rival show on Star plus has its trp increased a bit, it can be bad for our show… Guys support our show for Vivian and Rubina… Hope Rashmi Sharma listens what audience wants and audience wants only Haya….

  2. I love Harman sooooo much today episode superb. I know surbhl have a another trick to against preeto. Preeto’s plans not sucess

  3. Hay Thanvi where are you? Where are our friends ammu,karthika,kopz?

  4. I like surbhis charactore. She is good. I also like the acting of preeto and harman. Soumyas acting is too bad. Why all blame surbhi? Instead of surbhi someone came in harmans life what was soumyas condition????.. surbhis charactore is needed in harmans life. Why all want haya romance? I think only need the caring scenes between haya not romance. Romance needed between surbhi and harman they are the husbend and wife. They protect her. Pls show the scenes like soumya overcome the problems, courage to face society, and do something for the transgenders get respect from society etc.. you the people shows soumyas discourage and disapoinments only. Pls change the track. Saas behu drama is less needed in this serial. Add some good messages. Dont do repetions like kareena take soumya in the kinner world etc. It is a fresh concept. Do good and give courage to transgenders..

    1. Angelk1

      Your forgetting that soumya is harman wife as well. Shes his first wife. What preeto did shouldbt have happend. Matter fact surbhi should have tucked her sister from accepting no matter what. If she had cared like she said she wouldnt have listen to soumya even if she finds it wrong.

      But somewhere her greed accept it. Surbhi had a thing for harman in the begining so that also made her accept soumya proposal without much of a fight. You saying surbhi an harman have every right to be together. What about soumya? It doesnt matter if shes a trans they married under god.

      But one thing i will agree is the social message. They should make soumya stronger and proove that trans are humans too. And can live a normal life without prejudice.

      1. Tottaly agree with the social message the show has to talk about trans rights they are humans and they desrve to be respected and that’s why soumya has to be stronger instead of always being that week.

      2. Tottaly agree with the social message the show has to talk about trans rights they are humans and they desrve to be respected and that’s why soumya has to be stronger instead of always being that week. do u remember the letter soumya left for harman at the beginning of the serius when she talked abt their wedding and how god didn’t differntiate and said wedding for normal women only, it was amazing and that’s how it should be.

  5. Harman and Soumya always rocks. They are made for each other. They are strong couple. They look so cute. Harman love is true. Unconditional. Though Surbhi character is good. But I am afraid she might turn evil. Its dishearting to see both sisters are married to same man. 🙁

  6. Hi guys? I am busy that’s y I can’t comment these days.but,I am happy bcoz tanvi is there naa she never make missed to comment .thank u very much tanvi hope you will continue like this .I love haya very very much. They r d best pair in d altime favourite serial and pair is SHAKTI and HAYA.I hope ammu,karthi,kopz raji,Ashley,uthaya,tanvi all r fine.if I missed anyone pls excuse. TANVI,don’t forget to comment daily v r d world best fans for HAYA and VIVINA (viv -ruby).if I got any free time I will try to comment. I am out of station since for few weeks and in that CLG mobile r not allowed. HAPPY SIVARATRI TO ONE AND ALL. Don’t forget me and our favorite HAYA and SHAKTI.bye frds.

  7. R u mad anamika?hw can u talk about d relation between Harman and surbhi?u want to know that why all r hating surbhi stupid na?she has so many ways to support her sister soumya instead of marrying her sister husband. Why she didn’t provide education to her sis soumya?from childhood onwards she (soumya) didn’t saw the face of school and CLG.After knowing her truth soumya totally got depressed and decided she’s not worthy of anything in her life and decided to see her happiness in other life happiness like Harman,preeto.That’s why only she behaves like a preeto puppet and she did whatever that stupid preeto said.why surbhi didn’t marry abhishek ?he said na after their marriage also he agreed to kept soumya with them na then why surbhi ignores?if soumya agrees Harman love then Harman don’t need anyone support and he don’t want to act as surbhi instructions. If really soumya is selfish ,she don’t have to follow preeto instructions also.she want Harman happiness and she don’t want to snatch Harman from his family. That’s y she is dng like that.if once she get educated she also become strong or Harman needs to find all d problem s which is facing soumya now then Harman can do sthng.surbhi didn’t support her sis only saya is saving soumya but all r praised surbhi. Now in honeymoon trip also Harman won’t accept that’s y she’s taking her sis.HAYA love is unconditional, eternal and unique. They don’t need any support. Once somu realize her love towards Harman then they can fight against society. Pls end that surbhi between HAYA relation and free her and tie knot with some else.reveal soumya that she’s in kinnar and have kids for HAYA live them happy.makers pls do justice for HAYA love make their eternal love won and preeto surbhi defeat.

  8. Amazing episode. ..rockng haya..waitng fr honeymoon romantic scenes. …..
    Hi how r u all???
    Happy shivratri to all…

  9. Anamika you are really mad. I don’t agree your comment. why you want separate our haya Jodi?

  10. Hay bunny I’m chaya. Your comment is superb and I agree it. Do you know about our other friends? I think they are busy by the way Happy Shivarathri to you!

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