Shakti 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with neighbor about to lift Veil from Soumya’s face. Surbhi comes and holds her hand asking the women not to forget humanity. The women identify her as Harman’s second wife. Kareena asks why you are listening to her and asks them to lift the veil. Woman asks what is your relation with her. Kareena is about to say that she is her sister, but Saya comes there and tells that Surbhi is a well wisher of kinnar, and says this kinnar wants to live and become independent, but the people standing here want to make her feel weak. Happy Singh asks them to go. Saya says you shall be ashamed of your thinking and humanity. Raveena asks Kareena to lift her ghunghat and says we will see what happens then. Saya asks them to go home and says I will see you all there. Kareena, Rani and Raveena leave from

there. Preeto and Raavi are standing far. Saya asks others to leave as well, as the dramebaaz have gone. Everyone leave. Raavi says if Saya and Surbhi haven’t come here then Soumya’s respect would have ruined. Preeto says if Saya and Surbhi haven’t come here, then all these people would have been standing outside our house. Happy Singh’s wife asks her to go. Saya tells her that they used to have food made by her with happiness, but now with one revelation, they are taunting her. Happy Singh’s wife refuse to take Soumya on work. Saya asks them to give money to Soumya for the days she worked there.. Happy gives her money. They leave.

Harman performs the stunt. Director praises him. Hero asks spot boy about Harman. Spot boy says he has a quality to become hero, but everyone don’t born with silver spoon. Soumya asks who informed them. Surbhi says Varun. Preeto comes there and asks Soumya to understand the reality of life. Surbhi asks her to leave her alone. Preeto scolds Surbhi and says you have ruined life for Soumya. Saya asks Soumya to come. Raavi says our planning has failed. Preeto says it has just started. I sent Varun to do my work.

Chintu talks to Prince and gets to know that his parents have kicked Servant out. He asks if he knows what is kinnar. Chintu says kinnar is beautiful and talks sweetly. Varun comes to Harman and says he has 3-4 lakhs in account and will manage more, but don’t send bhabhi to work as maid. Harman is shocked and asks what nonsense. Varun says you didn’t know and asks him to call him if he needs anything.

Raavi asks if Soumya came to know that we sent Kareena there. Preeto says I don’t think that they will tell anything to Harman. Chintu comes and says I know you heard me talking to Mami and that’s why did this. Preeto asks him to act as a child. Chintu says I am a kid and don’t want to become like you when grown up. Varun applauds himself for playing with two sides. Soumya returns home. Harman asks where did she go? Saya says we went for outing. Harman asks did you go for outing or to work in someone’s house. He says you have proved today that I couldn’t handle your responsibility and earn for livelihood. Surbhi tries to speak. Harman says it is between husband and wife. Soumya says I wanted to walk with you and says Aditya is our son and asks why only you shall work to bring him back. She says we are support of each other and will also become shakti, but if you think that I am doing wrong then I will not go out of house. Harman says you are saying right, become my shakti and work, but not at someone’s house, but in our house.

Harman says we will make our dream house with our money with Aditya. Saya gets money in Kareena’s wardrobe. Meanwhile Varun seeing Balwinder giving money to Kishan Lal. Kishan Lal says you would have informed me before that you are going there as termites in that house. Balwinder smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Atleast a little faster update… It would be better if it’s done like this everyday, Taking abt today’s episode Vivian rocked in his scenes,he is actually the SHAKTI of the show,Rashmi Sharma correctly selected Vivian to play Harman!

  2. Love you vivian,my hero.

  3. Convo between HAYA seen was actually superbbbbbbb nd fantastic.The way that Harman shut d mouth of chudail surbhi was awesome.I enjoyed that dialogue a lot.Rubina nd Vivian pair r really made for each other.v want more nd more HAYA seems without any interference of side characters. Plssssssssssssss.

  4. I hate balwindar..kitni chalaaki hai……..
    Saya and surbi rocked it…….y tis varum playing double game… if he helps surbi abt preeto’s trap .there s d possibility of gud impression abt him by surbi……..
    Love haya pair………kisika nazar na lage….

  5. is varun is -ve or +ve

  6. beautiful agrument, love their respect and understanding for each other, nice couple … and love to see little boy Chintu in every episode

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