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Shakti 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking his dad why he wants to make him stay at home and says he can’t stay. They challenge each other for wrestling championship. They convey their message through Preeto and starts fighing. Preeto asks them to be careful. Harman falls down. His dad boosts about his strength. Preeto asks her husband to be careful and says he is your blood. Harman gets up and tells Preeto that her husband has become old, and he has become young. He does the wrestling with his dad. Preeto asks her husband to let their son go. He asks her to go. Preeto calls someone and asks him to take her son from there. The people standing there enjoys their wrestling. Harman loses. His dad wins. Police Inspector comes.

Harman’s dad asks him to take his sher to his real home and take care

of him very well, until 6 months atleast. Inspector says about FIR? Harman’s dad asks him to file case against him for entering the house at midnight and also defamation case. Preeto asks her husband to let Harman stay for sometime and have food. She makes him eat food with her hand. Harman says he is handcuffed and couldn’t eat. Preeto says I am making you eat naa. Harman asks Preeto to make her husband understand says he used to send me to jail everytime. Preeto makes him eat sweets. Harman’s dad asks her to stop it and says family members need to eat food too. Harman says you are so jealous of me. Harman asks Preeto to take care of herself and do her bhajan keertan. Preeto laughs. She asks if there is AC in your jail. Harman says yes. He is taken by Police.

Surbhi gets ready and thinks about Harman’s dialogue that first he will talk, meet and then kick. She is bowled over by his charm. Jugni comes to Nimmi’s house, and says Kalsi’s inlaws have sent pethe. Surbhi gets happy. Jugni says they brought it from agra. Surbhi says she wants someone to make Taj Mahal for her. Jugni compliments her beauty. She asks about Maninder and Bebe. Nimmi says she went to market. Jugni tells Nimmi that Soumya is very beautiful and her white complexion is like soaked in milk. Surbhi tells Jugni that her sister is one in crores.

Harman is in jail and talks to Inspector. He says I will give double money and asks him to let him go. Inspector says I can get just mosquito coil for you, and nothing else. Harman asks him to listen and thinks what to do. Surbhi is sitting on the terrace. Soumya comes to take the dried clothes. Surbhi tells about the neighbors who are not good looking, but over confident. She says you are so beautiful but there is no adventure in your life. Soumya thinks about Harman’s words. Surbhi asks her to agree to her suggestion and bring adventure in her life. She asks Soumya to wink her one eye. Soumya winks both of her eyes. Surbhi asks her to blink her one eye. Soumya does. Surbhi appreciates her. Just then someone throw love letter on terrace. Surbhi starts reading. The guy asks her to make him meet Soumya and says she is so beautiful than you.

Harman escapes from jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I loved soumya n surbhi on terrace. . It was awesome. . rubina is so cute I had not seen her before. ..

    I think promos. Story will be interesting

    1. Hi saras i like both the sisters ☺

  2. wow! the last part was awesome,like somebody is throwing a letter at u and asking about ur sister! LOL!
    but its cool

  3. Sriranjani

    Hahaa………. Now Surbhi will save her sister from that Munda and show her skills to protect her sister from bad mens

    1. but may be feel the same complex she felt in her childhood or not how much she loves her di it’s not possible but in case of herman it could be or not

  4. the episode was nice

  5. sowmya and harman got married..saw in sigments.. some poepe surrond him and force him to marry so he fills her mang…at that time his father nd mother is also presnt..later kamya is shouting at both of them get out of my house and stay in sowmyas house wats need to marry and all she is shouting and harman is smiling like an crazy story… thank god atleast they are married now no 3rd prsn in btw ? Nd this surbhi will be dying of jeaously i guess… nd still they dint show the secret…

    1. married soo soon?? What’s this story yaar??harman is really funny. ..

      I found kamya not suitable for vivian’s mother role. .

  6. why does Rubina lookd like a man.she is so ugly n wrinkly n skinny.why they gave nimmi stupid dialogue to describe souyma as beautifl with white complexion.rubina is damn ugly with pale hard skin

    1. Lmaoooo well now a days people think of you pale and look like ill youre beautiful cos of your flaky pale skin

  7. Harman will marry soum forcedly?
    itni jaldi sadi….?

  8. Hii saras even i didnt like kamya as a mother … She is not suitable for it she is more suitable for doing modern type mothers like she dis in doli armanon ki

  9. I didnt find rubina as ugly.. I really liked her

    1. Surbhi is stunning and far from being ugly but Ive never seen her but I used to see Soumya on Choti bahi which ive enjoyed watching

      1. surbhi acted in phir bhi na maane badtameez dil

  10. Mendiusha

    rubina is so cute yaar

  11. Vivian is damn cute..

  12. This story is cheated from kala teeka that too kaali is not allowed to go outside house and whole family except her mom and sister hates her .Every family member differentiate between gauri and Kali when they both grow up they fall in love with the same guy …….cheated story

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