Shakti 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeto takes Soumya back for Harman’s life

Shakti 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Doctor to make his son fine. Doctor says there is nothing in his hand and everything is in God’s hand. Nani asks Soumya to get ready and says we will go to temple. Soumya says I don’t want to go to any temple and tells that she was innocent, but why did God do this with Harman. Chanda asks her to have tea and food. Soumya refuses. Chanda says you shall be punished for trusting Kareena and Raveena. She asks Nani to go and says they will make food.

Guru ji comes to Harak Singh’s house and asks them to remove black cloth from there. Preeto tells him that she called him for her son and tells everything. Guru ji says only Soumya can treat him with puja. Surbhi comes to hospital. Chanda calls her and asks Soumya to see Harman. Soumya sees Harman and gets emotional. Harak Singh gets Harman discharged. Preeto comes to Soumya and tells that Guru ji asked you to do some puja to make Harman fine. She takes her home. Harak Singh says he will not tolerate her here. Guru ji tells strict Puja for Soumya. Surbhi says it is a blind faith, who do this in this century.

Preeto says Harman is in this condition because of Soumya, and she has to do this puja, if she don’t want to do puja then she can refuse. Harak Singh says this kinnar will not go anywhere until my son gets fine. Surbhi says she will take her sister from here. Soumya says she will not go anywhere and will do puja as she loves him a lot. Harak Singh says if Harman don’t get fine in 3 days then take her away from my sight and house. Shanno tells Soumya that she is inauspicious always. Raavi says Pandit ji asked you to do puja else we wouldn’t have let you come. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Soumya is a curse for them. Soumya does Puja and asks God to make Harman fine.

Guru ji asks Soumya to wash Harman’s feet and then drinks the water. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring episode, Harman must get up soon,There is NO charm in the show other than the Dynamic Lead Harman.

  2. Preeto is so selfish, now that she has her husband and house back. Like seriously, she thinks that her DIL dressing up as a widow is the reason why Harman is in a coma. These superstitions can’t get worse. And Harman, I didn’t expect this from him. It’s not like Soumya married another man, she only married a god and that too as a custom. She was innocent and god forgives innocent people. And she didn’t actually remove her sindoor, mangalsutra and colorful clothes herself, it was the other kinnars who did it, so I don’t get why Harman is hurt and thinks Soumya betrayed him. And Malika, I didn’t think that she, who calls herself as herself as her mother, would abandon her when she needs her the most. She says that Soumya disobeyed her and thus she’s won’t protect her anymore… do mothers do that? Do they leave their child when he or she doesn’t listen to them? Besides, no one told Soumya the reason for why she shouldn’t do the Aravan Puja. Why do Harman and Malika expect Soumya to blindly obey them? This just shows that Malika and Preeto can never become Nimmi, especially Preeto. When something happens to her son, she tells her DIL, who was the one who gave her her rights back, to leave the house. Nani and Surbhi are the only ones Soumya has, even Harman left her when she needed him, after being cheated by Kareena and Raveena. Soumya should start speaking up for herself.

  3. ^ NaiveSoumya you expressed what your thinking perfectly even i am thinking the same. soumya didnt do something so bad she wasnt made aware of the puja so hows it her fault. Kinnars came for nek amd said they do puja to nt become kinnars in next life which is why soumya wished to partake it. Everyone is abusive towards soumya and expect too much the only support she has is nani n Surbhi everyone else use her for there own well being and she does everything for everyone and gets nothing in return.

  4. Plse change ur story line n bring some happiness not only to Soumya bt also to Shakti fans. The story is getting ridiculously silly n making Soumya appear more n more gullible to the point of being stupid. Bring some cheer plse like maybe having Soumya hv a s*x change op n making her a mother…some positivity in the series plse. TQ

  5. The thing this show doesnt make sense is soumya was born transgender lol is that even possible??? Makers are just using transgender term stupidly

    Newborn doesnt choose to change gender
    She has disorders of Gender. Back in olden times parents had no education in s*x disorders. Soumyas parent never took her doctors

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