Shakti 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking to Saya on phone. Saya says her stomach is full listening to her. She asks her to sleep. Harman comes and asks with whom she was talking to. Soumya says she was missing Saya and tells that she is staying alone now a days, so thought to call her. She says if you don’t like then…I will not call her. Harman says why? He says if you are missing her then we shall go and meet her. He asks her to come.

Bebe worries about Maninder.. Maninder comes home drunk and falls down. Bebe asks him to sit and asks what happened? If Harak Singh said something to you. Maninder says everything is fine, my pain is understandable to all.

Bebe asks Maninder what he is hiding. Maninder cries and feels bad for Surbhi. He says this world is bad, I was kicked out from

there. He says until I have strength, I will think about Surbhi. Nani cries and prays to Mata Rani. Rani and Raveena talk to Kareena. Kareena says we can’t do anything until mallika protects Soumya. Raveena says we will do anything to bring Soumya back here from her luxurious life. Rani says surely. Kareena looks on. Harman and Soumya come to meet Saya. Saya asks if everything is fine. Harman says my Gulabo was missing you so I brought her to meet you. Soumya says I know you must not have food so I brought food. She makes her have food with her hand and gives her water. Saya says she was not destined to become mother, but she felt the feeling of being a mum with a bite of food. She says you are my daughter and Harman is my damad. She says now I know how will be the relation of a mum and a child, it must be beautiful. Harman asks why you are staying here and asks you used to stay in that house now. Saya looks at Soumya. Soumya nods no, signs that she has not informed anything to Harman. Saya says since Kareena became Guru maa, she punished me for showing humanity. Soumya says how you will stay here? Saya says I am fine, don’t worry. I have seen more big troubles than this. Harman asks her to tell them if she needs anything. Even Soumya says the same.

Harman says lets go. Saya asks them to sit for sometime. Saya says she has felt this feeling at the age of 56 years and asks them to go before morning. Harman brings shawl for Soumya and makes her wear it. Saya says I am feeling as if I am sitting in my house with my children. She thanks Harman for bringing Soumya there and for requesting a kinnar (herself) so much. He says you have given me so much in this moment. Harman says you don’t need to thank me, as I have felt that you are also like us and even better than us.

In the morning, Surbhi tells that Soumya speaks like this. Harman acts like her and says she says Harman ji….please eat food else you will feel headache. Soumya says you both are making fun of me, I will not talk to you both. Surbhi says you says just like that. Shanno comes and says friendship is going on here. Harman says if something is kept on stove as burning smell is coming. Shanno says she came to take Soumya to kitchen and asks her to make Pulao. Harman asks her to go and says he will have Pulao made by her.

Preeto sees Harman and Surbhi smiling and talking and thinks once that Kinnar went, they seems to be happy. She thinks once Surbhi gets pregnant, Maninder will calm down. She asks Varun if he has internet. He says yes. She takes him. Maninder tells Kalsi that he wants to talk to her Canada relative regarding Surbhi’s alliance. Preeto comes to kitchen and asks Shanno to go and rest. Shanno asks are you asking me? Preeto asks her to make food then. Shanno says she is going. Preeto asks her not to hear anything and asks Soumya to listen to her carefully.

Kareena asks Rani and Raveena to tell all kinnars of the neighboring villages that Soumya is a kinnar and stays in Harak Singh’s house as Harman’s wife. Rani asks what will happen with it? Kareena says all kinnars will help us bring back Soumya here. Chameli hears and runs to Saya to inform her. Saya is shocked and says Kareena has done it again. She asks her to meet some kinnars and take Soumya’s side. She says someone have to stand with her.

Soumya tells Harman that she is missing her family and thinking to go to her mayka. Harman says I will also come with you. Soumya says why? She says if you come with me then I will not go. Harman says damads also go to their sasural. Soumya refuses. Harman asks her to go and get ready, says my happiness lies in your happiness. I will come to drop you. Surbhi thinks why did she want to go?

Harman takes Soumya near the river and tells that he wanted to show her to river. He says aloud…I love you Gulabo. Soumya looks on touched. Preeto gives honeymoon tickets to Surbhi. Surbhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Well today I liked the scene of Haya with Malika…. She is Soumya’s well wisher after Nimmi and Harman…. Malika scenes are far better than Surbhi’s idiotic drama and preeto drama of kid…Varun plz do something to get Surbhi Back to u and remove her from our Haya ‘s life…

    1. Yes,Tanvi I totally agree with you I like Maeka’s scenes ,I’d like they just finish that nonsense part of Surbhi by Varun or any other solution

  2. Rocking haya…super episode luved it..
    Malika scenes s emotional and lovely. ..
    Sure haya and surbi will go honeymoon and tq surbi fr bringing somu together by ur master plan to hnynoon………
    Precap s wondrful nd mind blowing. .
    Harman never get tired of telling “luv u gulabo” to somu but somu never tells to harman…she thinks and feels in hearts but not expressng…i m waiting somu fr ur confess …
    G n all …

  3. Waiting to see soumya expressing her love to harman and ending karina’s evil

  4. Harman is really romantic, best husband and he love soumu very much. Actually he is real hero in his love. I think his true love is never change. I love Harman sooooooo much than suomya. Our haya Jodi is really nice and perfect. O plz writter stop this preeto and kraeena evil drama and reunit our haya jodi plz plz plz I can’t wait anymore

  5. Remove surbhi presence haya life surbhi again herman become sali not wife

  6. It was so touching when Soumya called Maleka (mother) añd when she gave her the food too by her hand ,but I hope the writer wouldnooo.make Harman progressively accept Surbhi as a wife ..nooo.

  7. It was so touching when Soumya called Maleka (mother) añd when she gave her the food too by her hand ,but I hope the writer wouldnooo.make Harman progressively accept Surbhi as a wife ..nooo.

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